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  1. Kind of agree? I mean, exaggeration of "well fed behemoths" aside, the only thing I'd disagree with here is that lithe = non-threatening. We are supposed to be space-ninjas, after all, and I have lots of reason to believe that ninjas weren't exactly "thicc". Their size should obviously be adherent to their design, but the problem I've discovered, which is why I went about making this thread, is that, while all the male frames have sizes to match their theme, the female frames don't. Mag, for example, is incredibly limber. She's a mage-frame based around magnetism. Mages, typically, in all
  2. Rehashed one of my ancient concepts way back from 2015 or so. No image yet; unfortunately, I'm not the best artist, but I hope that the lore I've written makes up for it. If it gets traction, I might see about commissioning an artist to draw it with some references I have in mind. Note, I do realize there is already a Gaia concept. I'd use a different name, but honestly I can't think of a better fit. (Also the formatting in this embed is totally off; I promise it's actually neat in the post itself)
  3. Thank you for your contribution; the world must know this incredibly important act of deception. We must all help each other wake up. You've set an example for the rest of us.
  4. Even in his average size, he's still just a smidgen bigger than Nyx and Nova in the stomach department. His legs are noticeably smaller, though; overall, he's smaller than Nyx if you consider strictly their stomach and legs, I'll give you that. Still, even if Lavos is out of the count, there are 10 male frames outdoing everyone below just 1 Hildryn in size; not that it really matters, this is a S#&$post, but I'm gonna stick to my guns regardless :^)
  5. Okay, this post was a joke, but Lavos is bulky as hell, I dunno what to tell ya. Also, the point I was making still stands even with that claim; it's not that there aren't any male frames as small as the female frames, but that there's a disproportionate amount of large male frames to large, or even medium-sized female frames. Spoiler talk about how Warframes are made: I'm surprised I'm the first to do this, I thought this kind of S#&$posting would've been a bored topic, honestly. Also, it might look thicker when you focus on the thighs, but the stomach i
  6. [LORE] This is gonna be rough because I don't actually know Warframe lore 100% so please, if you feel like it, feel free to correct me/offer suggestions! (Lore is up to DE obviously, I just wanted to use this as a way to give Gaia an image. I'm unskilled in drawing but okay at writing, so I'm compensating until (if ever) Gaia gets an actual picture. If the mental image doesn't really matter to you, I recommend skipping the lore entirely and just checking her abilities) [LORE DISCUSSION] [ABILITIES] All stats listed are subject to change; please do
  7. Apologies if this is the wrong place to put this, but I feel like none of the options actually fit, so I chose the closest match. The issue is as the title reads. I'll occasionally have fish constantly spawning in a cave hotspot, but a majority of the time, no matter which hotspot I'm fishing at, fish will never spawn aside from the initial visit. Then, even if I fly away hundreds of meters with Zephyr's Tail Wind, my Archwing, etc. then return, at most one fish will spawn, and the spawning will continue to remain broken. I've lost a Processed Vome and a Processed Fass because of thi
  8. We were all gaslighted. We were all tricked, deceived, and lied to. They got away, time and time again, with the same charade; over, and over, and over again. But I noticed. I, alone, will shine a light on this treachery, this crime. I spent many scorching days and many chilling nights doing the math. "Who am I?" At times, I even lost the answer to this question. I would frequently starve, eating nothing for days on end, simply out of the sheer determination I demonstrated to get through the trials presented to me; for the second I discovered this great lie, I realized I would have t
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