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  1. I wouldn't put too much stock in this particular part. There is obviously a group of people on the boards who are against it but then there are often people who come in and want it. And that's just the forums which is in no way representative of the playerbase far and wide. But overall I do not think that it's likely to be put in simply because DE would prefer it not be. I look forward to hearing more about it if and whenever you get around to putting up a full explanation of the concept. :)
  2. In the context of level geometry, I disagree entirely. There are plenty of areas/objects that could function for it...just not everywhere and at all times. In the context of what kind of coding it would require, I would have to see what they are working with to answer that. I disagree again. Linear levels with too obvious of entry points for enemies actually just breeds boredom in cover games. A good game with cover should be a require commonly having to switch vectors to avoid getting flanked. Warframes non-linear levels would just make things more interesting... and remind peopl
  3. You're not making an actual argument as to "why", you're just making un-explained statements. As if it's just so obvious that anyone who sees the game would know and those who don't are just unable to see what is in front of them. To which I'd say-as someone who have real working knowledge of the subject matter I disagree. But whatever. I don't get the sense you actually want to discuss it in detail. Which is fine because it's rather unlikely that DE is going to do it or not do it based on our discussing in this thread. lol That's an interesting idea. I'd be willing to explore it.
  4. So you're saying that sticky cover is inherently incompatible with Warframes other movement aspects? I don't agree. That sounds like a matter of preference more than anything else. Which is fine to have preferences of course...I just don't view it as something that is incompatible by its very nature. Personally I'm open to all kinds of options depending on how well they are done. I've played Dark Sector. I've played mos of DE's games and I've played tons of games with and without a sticky cover system. At any rate-my opinion remains the same.
  5. It means exactly what I said it means-it's a matter of good and bad situations in which to use it. Which applies to the discussion because of some folks misconception that sticky cover "makes the game easier". Its a good or bad idea based on how the developers create the specific encounter. <-that only helps prove my whole point. Sticky cover being notorious for poor interaction with movement is the problems that SOME people have. In fact, that is one of my primary concerns as well. But it's not an issue of whether it would "mesh" well or not. It's a question of could DE i
  6. Actually you're on the right track to understanding something I was explaining earlier. Sticky cover is a tool=used at the right time it helps you. Used at the wrong time it hurts you. So If DE were to add a sticky cover system there are plenty of situations where it would actually just put you in a bad spot. Players would have to use it with wisdom and tactical understanding.
  7. Not really how that works. A sticky cover doesn't automatically make an encounter easier. Depending on the encounter it may actually be a bad idea. As I said before-
  8. It's not black and white like that...not by a long shot. It's not about "harder" and "easier" so much as it is about what kinds of counter disrupt what kinds of attack. For example: Cover based gameplay is easy countered buy multi-directional advancement patters and unilateral attacks... but a player who is moving around a lot has no problem dealing with those tactics because they aren't easy to surround and converge on. So, depending on what the AI is doing, cover will often be more detrimental to surviving that moving around is.
  9. I know what they said, and honestly I don't bother digging into whether they will ever change their mind. That's their business. It's just that they ALSO said they will be integrating stealth aspects into the game over time until real stealth gameplay is a truly viable and compelling way to approach a map. So a cover system is one of many mechanics that could, potentially, help with that goal. And since I know that the option to use it isn't going to stop me from blazing through levels at high speed like a scythe strapped to a rocket anyway I have no real reason to be against it. But Li
  10. Oh this thread. So here is the thing- Is a cover system NEEDED for warframe? Nope. At least not for the way the game currently plays. Would a cover system slow down Warframe? Nope. Because rushers are going to keep on rushing and just not use it. Reality check-you try to use a cover system while I'm charging ahead killing everything in sight, hitting nodes, clearing maps,..etc... you'll be left behind. So whether its there or not wont change how the game is usually played because most of the game's reward systems promote rushing. However, one has to acknowledge that if Warframe i
  11. I find a lot of different hidden areas in most tilesets but there isn't usually anything worth getting in them. Am I missing something?
  12. Overlord Mcgeek. Calling someone slow is out of line and rude. If you're going to keep doing that I won't be responding. I come here to communicate with fellow warframe players, not endure or sling insults. So please nip that in the bud. On topic-My points stand. Yes, I agree that it sucks that we don't have a proper way to get rid of them. But basing the decay rate on those who want to get rid of a kubrow doesn't make any sense. It would be not solving one problem (too costly to keep) in the attempt to keep our current quick fix for a separate problem (need a way to get rid of t
  13. That's why I said just KEEP asking....
  14. Decay rates need to be build around the people who actually want to use the Kubrow in question. Obviously the problem s that there is no way to get rid of them. Still, worrying about this makeshift way to get rid of them (letting them die) is the wrong focus for threads and post. Just keep asking for a REAL way to get rid of them.
  15. Wouldn't it be good if there was a warframe ability that revealed invisible enemy warframes in Dark Sectors....
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