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  1. I have the Hate too, that's not the point of this thread. I'm aware you have to be lucky, but this system has not been touched for a very long time, and it's just frustrating a lot of people, hence this thread. And apparently most people would like to see those blueprints to become tradeable, which would be a good idea in my opinion.
  2. This. :,) Unfortunately that turned out to be an urban legend, and the devs stated somewhere that it has nothing to do with his appearance. ;_;
  3. I feel you, in my years I only got a singular blueprint from him. To be honest, that system is fine right now, but it should stack. As in, the more bosses you kill, the higher the chance of him chasing you down. Hang on, gonna make a new poll...
  4. Thank you for your meaningful contribution to this discussion, I really appreciate it. Truly is a powerful weapon, but unfortunately its power cannot be boosted by pumping its own blueprints into it, otherwise I wouldn't be here.
  5. Stalker/Shadow Stalker drop table. Anyone else notice something odd? Like why one of his weapons has an insanely high drop chance where the other 3 are barely obtainable? If he appeared more often, or with a bigger chance to appear on a low level equipment/solo player, this wouldn't even be that big of an issue.(inb4 "he appears every x missions for me" comments) Or if his blueprints could be traded with other people. But personally, I'm slightly getting sick of my 60+ Dread blueprints and no Despair drops after 4+ years of playing. Could this be revisited, balanced out, something?
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