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  1. The funny thing about this is that if people actually played the game, as in go through the solar system, you would've had most of the parts already from going through the mission previously. All i needed was one of the pieces to craft those pods. I got it in my second mission through.




    If you are not playing in the solar system you probably are in the void. . . which means you should have a couple of these things always decay.




    What a twist!

    Come on, that was cool.

    I applaud DE for doing one quest where all the running around actually leads to nothing because, you know, we are talking to a mad cephalon.




    I heard soloing him was easier than in a team. Which is why i ended up doing all of the J3 missions alone. It took me 4 tries to get all the parts. My gun only has a catalyst and it's not forma. Just scan him 3 times and see what he is weak to then equip the mods that would do damage. Oh..... that requires that you had played Archwing missions and gotten those mods.


    Really, the length of this quest line is really on how much of the game the player actually played.

    I played some Eris missions killing the Jug and got most of the parts before, i played some A-wing missions and gotten a good amount of mods before. So this quest was a cakewalk. I did hate having to wait to craft the pods, but since the boss fight was easy this doesnt bother me much now.

    Since I'm in college, I rarely have time to actively play WF. Which is unfortunate. The reason for me not having Argon Crystals is the approximate week between my visits to the Void.

    My Archwing weapons are still the starters because I didn't want to put myself through the ginormous grindwall to get even one of them. Gave up after the +-60th run for a Velocitus receiver. Yes, I was on the right node, before you ask.

    Also my Archwing arsenal is a joke in general, because I rarely play it, and getting XP takes way too long, as it's been said by the community numerous times. I believe they buffed the affinity gain in 17.5, could anyone confirm that?

  2. Should've just straight out asked for help instead of pointlessly raging on here. Still having trouble getting argon crystals, could someone point me in the right direction about them? 
    Also update on the quest, my clan leader helped me and I got the 3 blueprints in 3 runs of 5 minutes each. 

    Was using Imperator with Itzal.

  3. Okay, I have never seen this amount of grinding required to get a frame before. This is just obnoxious.

    First off, the players are required to find Juggernauts by getting high amounts of kills. Then, when the Juggernaut actually screams, they have to step up their game and get another massive amount of kills on the Infested.


    When this succeeds, they have to kill the Juggernaut, then pray to Jesus to get the right one of the 5(FIVE!) parts needed to even start the quest. This alone took some of us +-50 Juggernaut kills because of the outrageous RNG on the Juggernaut drops.


    Afterwards, we get to hear that the pods we crafted are obsolete, and need calibration with Argon Crystals. Those things are a pain in the rear to get in the first place. Fine, whatever. Players get the pods, then equip them in their inventory.


    In the following mission we get reminded that the whole grindfest was for nothing, because the Golem won't even bother with that amount of pods. We aren't even required to use them. All that farming was for NOTHING.


    Fine, we get into the actual assassination, only to realize that the Jordas Golem takes a whopping 30 minutes of continuous fire to take down, because bullets seem to do almost no damage to him. When we kill him, we get the Atlas blueprint, and an unlocked boss fight.


    Now we are required to keep killing this thing, without any players actually on the node? There are literally NO players doing that mission. NONE! This is just outrageous, I'm deeply disappointed in DE's decisions for this frame.


    We get it, you need the money. But this? This is not okay.

  4. Yay Nova prime, a new frame getting primed. Good job DE, seems fair for the old vets right.....psh


    Also Soma&Vasto Prime...just why? I hope the Rhino scrubs will shut up and DE can get back to designing important Primes that don't look like total S#&$.

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