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  1. I don't like many of the frames but this one sounds right up my street.
  2. Despite that though I did enjoy the event and the rewards were spot on.
  3. Due to the I think newish bug whereby it sometimes doesn't tell you how far you are through a defence mission, two of my idiot teammates quit three waves away from completing the final defence on Europa. One of them did message to say it wasn't counting down but apparently they couldn't wait for a reply and him and his mate left before I could finish typing that it was just a visual bug. Which does need sorting btw. Whatever, me and the other player managed to finish it off by spamming CC and energy pizzas but I didn't appreciate nearly having 15 waves wasted because someone couldn't wait for an answer.
  4. I'm pretty much used it now. Just needs tweaking and small issues ironing out, chiefly the unreliability of being able to rotate your frame, ship etc at will.
  5. Damned if I know where I'd put a keyboard and mouse while playing a console game. On one arm of my chair there's a strong chance I'd knock it into my dog's bed, on the other I'd knock my drink over. Are hovering keyboards still just £5 because that's about the only way it would work for me. Seems to me that improving the UI to suit controllers would be a wiser option than expecting all console gamers to start messing around with keyboards.
  6. As much as I don't like it if I concentrate really hard I can sort of see why DE might want to move towards a cursor based UI, but for the life of me I can't fathom what they were thinking when they decided to require you to click on each relic to view it. It's absolutely inexplicable.
  7. Reintroducing some hot keys was a step in the right direction and I appreciate that. Continue along those lines and restore console controls to something like it was while keeping the cursor (if you must) and very nearly all is forgiven.
  8. Don't know about anyone else but personally I never had any issues with having to wait for updates. If anything I considered it a good thing because any problems seemed to be ironed out by the time it hit consoles. Reading between the lines that's a cover for the real reason that it was more work for the devs. Which isn't irrelevant by any means but is it more important than customer satisfaction...not for me.
  9. I think you've made these same points several times now and while your intentions seem good there's really no point in you showing up here to repeat yourself over and over, especially if some people are getting annoyed by it. If people want to provide constructive feedback they will and if they want to let off some steam they're more than entitled to. It's not your place to try and shut them down.
  10. Worth bearing in mind that was said before the universal outpouring of strong dislike for it. DE would be foolish not to listen to feedback when it's as adamant and unanimous as this is, regardless of what they have said in the past.
  11. Well this has been about as popular as a fart in a lift.
  12. Great idea about a way to toggle between them on the fly. Just because it's not an appropriate control system for consoles doesn't mean it has no uses whatsoever, a good one is choosing linked items in the chat as you say.
  13. Early impressions are it's awkward, slow and not at all suited to console use. Why mess with something that worked fine? Strange decision.
  14. How does using a cursor improve navigating the interface in your opinion?
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