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  1. Never said he was innovative. Just expressing my distaste for that "make everything super easy and noob-friendly" trend. In fact I'd agree, Wolf was a very lackluster enemy who should have been far more engaging to fight.
  2. Really sad that the majority of the community seems to want to turn the game into Participation Trophy Simulator 2019. "Everybody is a winner!" To quote Syndrome from Incredibles: "When everyone is super, no one will be." Challenge exists for a reason, to differentiate between the weak and the strong. Warframe continually getting easier and easier with no true endgame content is making the game devoid of true purpose to grind anymore and try to get stronger, because that strength is never truly needed.
  3. Literally the only thing I'm desperately wanting to hear DE discuss right now is endgame, endgame, and some more endgame. Veterans are bored, with nothing of real purpose left to do. We're stupidly overpowered for the difficulty level the game offers, and the recent arbitration changes did nothing to make the mode a more satisfying endgame challenge. They only made the mode easier, and with more grind. I realize the casual community is a thing, but they have plenty to appease them already. Give the vets something worth our time. Some real challenge that the average play just can't hop into and steamroll it, with real rewards that a veteran can actually use (hint hint: KUVA) Sincerely, a burnt out veteran
  4. YES. DE please add this to the game as part of the Corpus aesthetic revamp coming with fortuna. The top look is amazing and feels far more like an electric rail gun than the current outdated model.
  5. In my opinion this proposed rework is perfect except for one thing. Blazing Chakram needs to scale off of equipped melee mods, in exactly the same fashion as Khora's whipclaw ability and Atlas' landslide ability. It would be really awesome to have a built in glaive weapon ability that can actually do real damage, as we already have whip and fists. I for one enjoy that these weapons aren't full on exalted weapons, but built in abilities. The proposed change allowing Blazing Chakram to be charged and thrown straight feels like it's already halfway there to the ability functioning like this, so please DE just let it be affected by equipped melee mods akin to the other abilities I mentioned. Such a change would also give the augment Reaping Chakram more purpose as well.
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