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  1. JVargo

    Steam gift question

    Unless the plat amount or cost varies by region or something I think you're mistaken. The one that's on sale for $19.99 is 500 plat. The one that is 1500 is $49.99.
  2. JVargo

    Steam gift question

    I've never had any issues. That doesn't mean no one has though, I can't speak to that. I have bought a couple of those if I needed quick plat without a discount. Never had the game running when I did so that isn't going to be an issue.
  3. JVargo


    I just racked up $7000 in medical expenses, with more tests and possibly surgery to go and no insurance. BUT I'M STILL HYPED AS HELL FOR MESA PRIME! WHOOOOOOOOO! Maybe I should reevaluate my life choices. Screw it... MESA PRIME!
  4. JVargo

    TennoBaum WishList repository

    Normally I'd feel a little awkward asking strangers for things, but since it's an event for charity I'll join in. Had a bit of bad luck in the health department this year. Spent about 2 weeks thinking I might have cancer but it turns out it's a blockage of my bile duct that will need to be corrected surgically. Despite the pain I've been in I still help my elderly father with repairs around the house so I guess that's good. Mostly just trying to keep everyone in the family happy because I know those medical bills are coming and then it's all my fault for getting sick. As much as I love Warframe I haven't been able to spend much time on it lately so I'm a little behind. Thus Garuda would be amazing so I can use her before I do the work to get the materials. Battacor looks interesting to me, no idea how it'll pan out but I'd like to try it. Had my eye on the Nekros and Octavia deluxe skins for awhile. And of course on the smaller side boosters and weapon slots are always useful. Whatever happens I'd like to wish you all happy holidays and may RNGesus bless your rolls next year.
  5. Hitsu San I'd just like to say thank you for your work. I already had your Nova skin and enjoy it quite a bit, but I've been playing a lot of Ivara lately. Sadly I just didn't like the look of Ivara and dressing up my characters is pretty important to me. I was playing around with colors and then checking the skins and your's jumped right out at me. I'm so happy with how Ivara looks now that I don't even put armor on her. I also noticed your Zephyr skin comes out really nice with similar colors to my Ivara so I'll be picking that one up when I get a chance. Keep up the good work.
  6. JVargo

    Who Uses Immortal Skins?

    I use them if it corrects an issue I have with the frame, such as allowing me to color a large area that can't be colored without it. I'm not a fan of having all these color options and then having some clashing color sticking out ruining my look.
  7. JVargo

    Please Stop Putting Frames Behind Archwing Content

    Honestly I'm going to have to agree with the OP. I was surprised when it turned out this boss they had been working so hard on was for farming Atlas, I assumed it would just be more raid content I'd never have to worry about anyway. So I tried it once with a maxed Itzal and Imperator and got thoroughly owned. I did some reading, knew I already hated Velocitous because my hand always moves when I let go off the button and I miss, so I farmed out Oxium for a Grattler. So far the thing is only 12 and honestly I don't have it in me to keep working on it. The fact is as much as leveling is a slow process on foot, Archwing feels at least 4 times slower. And the new mission types don't even seem doable. I succeeded in the earliest mobile defense once, then for some reason the second time I went in the enemies were just everywhere and I was overwhelmed. I see some posts where people say everything is easy with an Elytron, but I can't imagine I'll be able to do that mission to the C either. Having every frame (at least the defaults) until now Atlas is the first frame I'm putting my hands up and saying nope, I'm not doing this. I hope from now on anything Archwing related will just give more Archwing stuff, and all our Warframe stuff will remain in missions on foot.
  8. JVargo

    Gaming Mice

    The past couple years I had been buying Death Adders and they kept developing a multi click issue in less than 8 months. So I replaced my last Razer with the cheapest 5 button mouse I could find on Newegg, figuring if I need to keep buying mice why pay so much for them. Jokes on me though, this $20 Perixx mouse has held up for almost 10 months now with no sign of multi clicking.
  9. JVargo

    Devstream 58 Overview

    If it does, and it should because it makes sense, I can already predict the future. Zephyr: "Guys! Halp! I'm stuck on the ceiling!" Frost: /facepalm Trinity: /sigh Excalibur: "Damn noobs, Zephyrs can't parkour on the moon."
  10. JVargo

    Some Kind Of Auction House? [Megathread]

    No idea why so many people think an auction house would be the end of the world. I've actually played several MMOs over the past decade and always made a decent in game living grinding and selling mats plus the occasional rare drop. Spending a few hours in Warframe's trade channel, at least in NAEast, I see nothing more than the same 20 guys all spamming the same stuff for an hour or more. When the odd WTB message gets posted it is almost always for some mod or weapon that is no longer attainable. Under cutting doesn't even seem to get things sold anymore. At the very least we need some way of selling this stuff without having to be personally present so nobody has to sit around spamming and we can just get on with playing the game. And frankly if an auction house or a market stall drops the prices of things I'd still rather sell the numerous sets I have for a pittance than hang out in trade for 5 hours trying to out spam people.
  11. JVargo

    Baro Bringing Prime Access Accessories.

    I would actually like to see a prisma Tagris armor set since I've seen many screenshots using the Tagris Prime armor and it looks really nice. The problem is video games over the past few years have slipped into the realm of exploiting people's negative emotions for profit. As the internet became the churning cesspool that it is now, game makers realized that timed limited content (otherwise known as "Nananana I have it and you don't") can encourage people to pay large amounts of money. This is either due to people anticipating the joy of other people's disappointment when they learn they can't obtain whatever it is they're flaunting, or out of fear of being that disappointed person. In any case I feel that the armor should have a cosmetically different version such as prisma because the human race needs to begin discouraging negative emotions not encouraging them.