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  1. yeah I think there's a specific section for lost loot, and yeah, submit screenshots
  2. that's some clickbaiting youtuber title right there lmao
  3. 其实这种活动你们自己组织不就好啦,捐了多少就直接跟族长汇报,然后直接拉个excel最后一看就知道谁多谁少了 还有就是这论坛主要还是英语的帖子多一些,有国人但是中文的帖子尽量还是得翻译成英语的,这样DE看得懂,别的玩家也看得懂,是啵 机翻一下楼主的原文: Hello, I'm a loyal gamer. I've been in touch with warframe for about three years, and I've been building a clan for more than a year. Now I'm facing a problem! People in many clans are becoming less and less active, so I would like to ask the developer producer to make a production about clan activities. Maybe the clan deputy chief clan chief can publish an activity time in the clan, and the clan deputy chief leader can set the time to publish the
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