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  1. Nitain_Prime

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.8

    mesa fix is 10/10
  2. Nitain_Prime

    Mesa Prime Access is Live!

    YEEEESSSSS wallet ready!
  3. Nitain_Prime

    Captura the Battle Contest [Winners Announced!]

    i guess clipping is fine, right DE?
  4. Nitain_Prime

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop!

    Casualising the login rewards but will there ever be something that locked behind a time wall that shows how long you played?
  5. Nitain_Prime

    Coming Soon: Devstream #112!

    could there be a ingame render option that rendersthe userselected frame and weapons to the cutscenes from the 2nd dream, tww and the future cinematic quests? like the one from mhw?
  6. Nitain_Prime

    Forum Game (Ban The User Above You)

    banned for being Mythical, non existent, thus bad at his/her job
  7. Nitain_Prime

    Last Post Wins

  8. Nitain_Prime

    Last Post Wins

    can i win now?
  9. Nitain_Prime

    Plains of Eidolon: Mirage Prime 22.7.0

    where is hydroid prime's video!!!!
  10. Nitain_Prime

    Coming Soon: Devstream #99!

    no update today then...
  11. Nitain_Prime

    Rising Tide Contest is Live!

    fight fire with..... water @Schwalbe0628
  12. Nitain_Prime

    Update 21 Deployment Status Thread[LIVE]

    so can we have the hype site updated daily next time? and how about complete 99% of the stuff then post the hype site and deployment status? relatable: Duncan principle
  13. Nitain_Prime

    Riven Reward for "Chains of Harrow"

    will I still receive harrow blueprint after completing the quest if I purchase the warframe/bundle before the quest?