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  1. I am okay with the conceptual changes, but I would be much happier if they added the nightmare multipliers to these missions randomly. Since death is no longer permanent, a major component of control has been given back into the hands of players. Howl all you want, we won't bring you back.
  2. Since theres a Geneforge under Venus, I can see there being a very large interest from research heads, such as Tyl and Tengus. I would like to think that the Corpus would be hard pressed to maintain airspace dominance against the Grineer with how sparsely defended the zone is. Maybe the Corpus have a forcefield or gate system of some kind in space, but without further evidence I think that Grineer interest will be hitting OV hard and fast once they learn of the Geneforge.
  3. Well Hug, came back to the forums after a long hiatus and color me impressed. The amount of content you've added to thread is spectacular as the first time. Hope life is treating you well and keep the good ideas coming. They're awesome. What do you think could be done with obsolete pieces of content like the tethra ciphers that we have in our inventories, or the informants that assumedly still lurk around the system. What if we could hack into the informant network to find out info on Grineer VIPs and resource caches? What if we used the scanner to learn about Grineer Blockades and operations? What if the Tethra cipher could be used to access a Grineer Shipyard specific Raid mission, like the one on the Kuva Fortress? Food for your thoughts.
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