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  1. tfw she drops the frozen turkey into the deep fryer and is ready for thanksgiving and chill
  2. Celestial Twin, with Echos of umbra, Fever Strain and a 10' infested dogo, and Wukong Specter. Now give us content worthy of being a one man raid.
  3. The real question is can they have a Grendel Deluxe skin in time for Tennobaun. Apart from being a jolly fat frame, he appears pretty useless and everything he does other frames do better and in a way that is more meaningful. The Meatball will be fun for about two uses then no one will touch it again. DE would do well to learn that we have a primary, secondary and a melee that people want to use, turning into a dung ball and rolling around is not engaging game play. If his ability was to launch said dung balls and have them knock down enemies with speed tied to power strength and the number of mobs you ate buffing power strength, then you could play the game and have your ultimate be beneficial to you and your team.
  4. Sounds like all of the Tribute/reflect damage feedback has been ignored. 25% reflect damage on 100 damage to a mob that has 30,000 HP is nothing. Useless, Tribute is a nice to have ability but is more like a "Why would I use this?" ability.
  5. My feedback: Titania is a frame that is not tanky and does not hold up well to being shot in the face. I have two suggestions; make Tribute a rotational self-target AOE buff (like Ivara's bow) that you can fire and forget, and have fun in fairy form without wasting energy that you need to stay in flight. The second suggestion; make the damage reflect not a percentage of damage done, but a percentage of the enemies health, this way it will scale with enemy hp and not enemy weapon damage which has terrible scaling compared to enemy HP.
  6. So, day one on Nintendo switch I'll be MR25? That's pretty awesome. I was not looking forward to starting from scratch.
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