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  1. Thanks Please fix fetch not working while on merulina Also the achievement "k-driven" doesn't work with merulina even though "stay frosty" works
  2. This is the only one that annoys me. Can't enjoy a survival when I have to go picking up capsules. And its been like so since release. I've reported it in the bug thread a couple of times. DE please fix this.
  3. According to friend of mine, vacuum is more consistent. So I'd say vacuum works 70% of the time while fetch only works 30% of the time
  4. Please fix fetch not working while on merulina
  5. Please fix fetch/vacuum bugging out while Yareli is on merulina. These mods don't work around 80% of the time. Thanks and take care.
  6. Please fix fetch/vacuum not working while yareli is on merulina
  7. Hi, hope y'all are doing well. The Fetch/Vacuum mods do not work most of the time while Yareli is riding Merulina Please look into it. Thanks.
  8. Thanks Please fix "Fetch" mod not working while on Merulina
  9. Thanks Please fix "fetch" not working on merulina Also, anyone know how to upload images here? tried BBcodes from imgur and ImgBB. Do I need to use a specific sharing site?
  10. Still no fix for vacuum/fetch mods not working for Yareli while on merulina huh 😥 other than that, great update
  11. Love this the most, one of my complaints was the jump height being too high making it easy to miss short ledges. Overall some nice changes, can't wait to try them out PS. please remember to fix vacuum/fetch not working while on merulina https://imgur.com/IDXtnpj Thanks
  12. https://imgur.com/IDXtnpj Just reminding the devs that vacuum/fetch still doesn't work on while on merulina Thanks and take care
  13. It pretty much clips into most warframe's left shoulder especially hydroid whom the skin was made for
  14. Yea the slam part was definitely bugged, sometimes I'd one-shot the enemies, most times I'd do just 1 damage
  15. Is there a way to read the comic after finishing the quest? I want to but can't find any
  16. Yup I loved it, it was short and sweet the comicbook was good and I enjoyed Boon's reading of it also learnt some new kdrive tricks which I didn't know existed so that was fun and I especially liked the reveal of the buyer, was a nice way to merge the race factions. Anyways, thanks DE. enjoying the update so far 👍
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