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  1. You see, that's where you're both right and wrong on the second one. Eidolon Shard, we should be getting a whole and intact version of whatever that is originally. So a big Sentient Something. But I think the issue is that DE hasn't come up with that yet.
  2. Actually it should drop Shards or at least cores, it not being an Eidolon makes no sense, because guess what, Eidolons are Sentients, they're a Type of Sentient. This is not the Halo Covenant where each thing is a Different Alien/Creature, they're all the same makeup just different iterations. It doesn't go Eidolons to Sentients, it goes Sentients to Eidolons in the scheme of things, it should have shards and cores if the thing after drops it, the previous thing should drop the same thing if not better. For example, The ProtoStalker doesn't have cores or anything because he's only been augmented by the Sentients. Everything that is a Sentient to begin with though Should have these things.
  3. As simple as the topic goes, I don't need a blueprint of it if I already have it, and I don't want to hover my mouse over Every Single Item just to check if I've crafted it or not.
  4. That's the way DE, and don't you dare take back any change on Any Weapon no matter who's crying about it. Put your Foot Down and make this change. The meta was never meant to always be the meta, things must change.
  5. @AIAS-5 Tell your Squad mates... to GTFO away from the Door! That's the bug. If anyone in the party is standing in the elevator door or close enough to it, the entire Squad can't deploy Archwing or K-Drive when they try to unless they're already in it. Same goes if Pets are close to the door.
  6. You're right, it was the only good thing about it. There's no gun or pair of guns that can normally benefit from this mod. Just glad I didn't break my Mesa build for it, back on goes Constitution.
  7. Why the Vigorous Swap Nerf for Warframe powers?
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