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  1. This is Baro who can bring out: 1: New Primed Mods 2: Any New Mod really. 3: New Quests/New Frames via Proxy of Quest: Inaros for example 4: Any New Weapon from the Categories; Regular Weapons (Zylok) Wraith, Vandal, Mara, Prisma and Primes via Proxy of Limited Relics. So, for those four points alone. Yes, a Veteran can be excited for Baro. This is coming from someone with 3252 hours.
  2. If you're one of those people who Always changes Warframe, then goes through all weapons equipped hitting 'Copy Warframe Colors' then this Idea will help you! Basically, since the appearance Tab on Weapons and the Parazon are at the very bottom of the 3 tabs that come out, it'd be nice if DE added a small switch to toggle, that made it so that when you change your Warframe or colors on the same Warframe, all your Weapons just copy automatically from your Warframe saving overall, minutes of your life when/if you're doing that Every time you switch Warframes or colors. I propose it's done like this crude mock up, it should be very space efficient, plus having it outside of appearance saves an extra click per toggle, having the feature itself able to be toggled off in the Options under Interface would be nice for those people who rather do it the old frame fashioned way or for those who don't bother with the sort. If anyone agrees with me, upvote and comment below. If you don't agree, that's okay, tell me why you think it's a waste of time in the comments below.
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