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  1. Sweet! Now do this AGAIN! but Toggle Sprint for: Tenno, Warframe, Archwing, K-Drive and Railjack! :D
  2. Please Fix the Collision Hit Boxes in Railjack, you'll know what I mean if you play it. Please for the Love of God, add a Seperate Boost Toggle for Archwing and Railjack separate from Sprint Toggle. I like to toggle Sprint but making Boost almost unusable is not fun. Please let us Waypoint in Railjack, from Any Seat, maybe make each seat have a Seperate Waypoint Icon? (Trust me, we'll love you if you just let us Waypoint in RJ, it feels like it's missing something without it.) Please Let us Remove the base RJ Weapons in RJ. I don't need two Weapons I'm NEVER going to use, just c
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