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  1. uh oh spaghettio baruuk can somehow glitch so he can keep using his 4th without triggering restraint charge or losing use of his weapons, idk how it triggers but it happened when I was playing.
  2. I am still getting pretty catastrophic frame drops when in fortuna and orb vallis, I understand this may take some time to help fix for most people I would just like to know if it is being worked on and or if it's a priority? As always, Thank you -Resolvedimp
  3. photoshop is the way, photoshop is your friend, photoshop will make it all easier.
  4. This is "The Corrupt Void" a play off of "The Evil Dead" a favorite of my friends that he want's to show me, starring lotus as the face and ballas getting in some revenge tag. -Platform: PC -Art poster: Drawn in Photoshop -hope you all enjoy and upvote it so space mom can see it!
  5. Already drew up one for The Evil Dead but can't upload it yet
  6. Uploaded it to imgur but cant post it through the "insert other media" button, is there a wait time on imgur or something? cause it says it has been posted already.
  7. any specifications on where to post it or just here on the forum?
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