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  1. There one more, currently if we bind heavy attack to other key than doesnt bind to anything, if we not in melee state, pressing the key will not trigger heavy attack
  2. Since fashion is one of the endgame, we need 1 loudout slot per frame, and 1 articula for 1 frame. Me, myself who played for a long time and has all frame in the game and fashioned them all, we would like to showcase them on our orbiter. 100 capacity is a lot, 10 would be ok
  3. New decoration is nice, but i need more decoration spacesssss...
  4. Current placement is ok. What they need to fix is the new parazon mod. They need to show up their name. Yes, its logo is different and we can remember them but not in their correct name. (you know what i mean). Just like potato. Parazon slot also need to be a little bit difference between normal mod. Currently, its look the same.
  5. 1 questions. It's about the light source. Is it static? I don't seem to notice they are any change on the light angle. + Could be have light source at the arsenal back?
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