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  1. (I'm reposting this for the 3rd time, stop deleting my post i really need answers from the judges. ) I would sincerely like to know how you judged the dojos that won ? They are all the same: - No creativity, originality. - There are giants everywhere without '' no life around '' - Rooms outside the Dojo (using glitches) - bad rooms finish (no colors, far too much fog, setting change request to be in immersion) - too small for most - Map still not finished for the most part. None have tried to make rooms other than '' Nature '', '' Orokin '' or '' Lua ''. Can be a little corpus but total absence of grineer There was more beautiful dojo than that. In my opinion, the votes were sloppy, as we could see in the PrimeTime, none of the participants who had made a video were retained only nice Screenshot. (and most have affinity with [DE]) As you said Winners will be selected based on creativity and quality of their Clan Dojo design!
  2. Clan name : Farming Simulor Clan tier : Ghost Clan platform : PC Clan role : Warlord With the participation of Phooze and Tagadabiiatch.
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