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  1. Titania is still struggling slightly, even with her QoL updates (which were good). I think if she was just buffed to have Saryn like stats in terms of HP and armor, it would put her in a very good place. She has decent abilities but they don't allow her to survive in higher tier content.
  2. Titania's 4 is actually one of the better exalted weapons in the game, with only really Mesa's peacemakers able to compete because of the ability itself having LoS auto-aim. If it weren't for that, Dex Pixia might actually be able to pull ahead. Add the mobility, razorwing blitz, and the refilling ammo, and they're incredibly strong. I'm sorry of you haven't modded them right.
  3. So, just to jump into the meat and potatoes, I think that Titania shouldn't be rooted in the animation for her 1,2, and 3. Admittedly, unlocking all 3 might be unnecessary, but she is an extremely squishy frame and can get blown up with mere moments of locked animations without a way to self sustain. A small thing I also think could be a small inclusion is a sustain in the 2, seeing as she is devouring the souls of her enemies. This could also stack to provide a small amount of temp HP (similar to rhino 2 or Frost augmented 4, just not to the same scale) to help give her slight sustain and ability to survive in higher content through her kit. Just some small ideas to toss out.
  4. How about we all slow down here? I'm seeing a bunch of toxicity being thrown around about number adjustments, difficulty adjustments, and a bunch of stuff that isn't at all what is up for discussion here. For those talking about anything being adjusted beyond times, No. The Eidolons as is are fine as is in terms of difficulty for the actual fights. You should have your arsenal prepared for challenges that are meant to be challenging. While I am trying to discuss accessibility on merit of time management, that does not equate to accessibility in terms of actual content challenge rating. The time that something is available does not inherently impact it's actual challenge within warframe, and as such, is not the point of discussion here. To put the point to rest, I am not asking for the difficulty to be lowered or other such none sense, and I'm not a low rank without equipment and means to challenge the Eidolons. I am MR27, have every frame built and forma'd to allow a maximized build that can fit all but the most pigeonholed build that doesn't allowed for a few builds if there are several options for that frame. I have over 1k forma across 150+ weapons with Eidolon meta weapons such as Rubico Prime, Lanka, etc and rivens for them, and various amp configurations with -27. Admittedly I am lower on the grind side of focus, which is a limitation to the big boi club of 5x3's and such forth, but I accept that they have better loadouts for such matters and not asking for the wall to be lowered for my own regard. This is not me boasting, this is me trying to address the concerns and claims that I am a mewling newbie with absolutely no ability to challenge the content. To bring the issue back to the main topic originally posted, the times that the content is available does not change the challenge of the content itself. It merely opens the content up for those who have differing play times and play schedules. There would be some shift in the systems dependent on it, such as arcane gathering and the like, but these things are already subject to demand shifts and the like. The trade market is not some immovable object that would be destroyed by a singular item having it's price shift slightly, or even entirely. Speaking of which, I highly doubt it would for arcanes, seeing as how those who wanted those arcanes and are willing to grind will do so regardless of the times available, and those who wont wont put the effort forth but will still buy anyways. Supply would increase by a small margin, so indeed the price would be driven down, but there aren't a whole lot of traders who deal solely in arcanes anyways. Even if they were, the ability to freely farm them would put less per set but more sets in their pockets, meaning they would have more supply and more diversity IN supply. It's a trade off, sure, but it's not all negative.
  5. I think he thinks Operators aren't fleshed out cause he doesn't have trees unlocked and way bound.
  6. So, I'll address several issues at once You raise several points at once, so I'll try to address them in order of presentation. Ignoring the completely ignorant statements rather than trying to see the logic, your first 'prod' raises something resembling a point. No, I do not watch the navigation menu for the exact time I should start farming the night cycle. I work a full time job, run a fledging clan with lower ranks that require aid frequently, play games other than Warframe frequently, volunteer at a few locations, and generally have a life away from the computer. There is plenty of content in Warframe that isn't Eidolon hunting, and I choose to enjoy it in the wide breadth it comes in. As for the 40ish minutes to night time, the majority of experienced Eidolon hunters have either found a group previously, or chosen to skip the current rotation in favor of finding a group next time. This leaves a very small pool of players who have decent experience to run a single 1x3 group. As for the arcane position, you require 10 to get an r3, and you don't get that in a single run. The rest I have chosen to passover because there are other points similar or entirely the same to adress. Admittedly there would be an influx in the market, but the obtainability of rare arcanes would spike dramatically to the point every newbie would be sporting r3 rare arcanes. However, the supply of arcanes is already a steady flow, so the price drop would not be to the extreme you make it out to be. At worst, I see those that sell for like, 300p dropping to 200. That's still a decent pay in considering the demand isn't high enough to drive prices up, and those willing to farm r3 sets to sell usually set prices because they're rarer themselves. Many players dont even play with arcanes, much less r3's, which is why the market isn't exactly on fire. They do sell well for certain sets on occasion, but the market crash you imply isn't likely based on current trends and already available supply. You seem to have little to no experience on the lower end of Eidolon hunts. Either you don't hunt often or you're part of the group that hunts with Madarai maxed out already. While both of those are perfectly fine, the parties in particular are the newbies that haven't hunted and those who can't simply wait idle for every window that comes about. You raise the point of clans, but not every clan has a community that is large enough to have multiple groups at various stages of experience to run the hunt religiously. As for the difficulty, there is literally nothing that changes difficulty wise in the fights if they become more available, and it sounds incredibly ignorant to raise this as a point in general. The points that newer players have plenty to do before the fight is moot; the very purpose of restriction lift is to allow those ready to fight to do so more often. The timegating also makes it more difficult to find a reliable group at a leisurely pace to teach them so they can join groups that aren't teaching, because everyone tries to get the most out of the window its available. As for the point on Elitists and meta players, I don't raise a point against them existing, I say that those who fall into those group do not welcome newer players to teach, and if they allow them in the group, its usually as a carry where they learn nothing. I'm not saying that they should have to stop and help every newbie or that it's bad to have elitist players in certain content, I'm saying that it hurts breaking into the content as a whole. Going further on my own thoughts, I have to say that the benefits far outweigh what little in negatives there are for the restrictions being lifted. The ease of access makes the task of breaking into hunts for newer players, or even simply players newer to the content, much easier, as it relieves the pressure to maximize what time you have and would allow people to 'get ahead' faster, allowing those willing to properly teach newer players the content. While the Eidolons shouldn't be opened up to every player regardless of progress, it should be available to all players who have progressed to the point of accessing it. Furthermore, on the topic of the arcane market, this is not something that makes up the backbone of the trade economy, and has a fairly stable demand that hasn't altered much without something else being introduced to influence it (think Hildryn's release for the shield arcanes). The only significant alteration there has been to the Arcane market was the move from Raids to Eidolon hunts, and that was ages ago. Hell, even if the Arcane market does take a hit or DE wants to maintain current supply levels, you can copy Raids within the respect of putting a cooldown on the arcane payouts.
  7. So, Eidolon hunting has a few issues that make it really irksome to get into and continue grinding in. Because of the night/day time gating, this puts a limit on the amount of time that a player can access the content. Because of the limitation, there is a moderate amount of toxicity that has grown around it, and an elitist group that does not welcome newcomers, making it difficult for the less experienced players to reliably find groups to be inundated into the whole hunting process. Eidolon hunts are a fairly unique experience in the game, and to be able to run them requires already being fairly deep into the game to have the right equipment to tackle them. Because of the want of the playerbase to maximize gains from the hunts, many of the players already stacked will not allow a lower player to join them. The 5x3 meta has strangled out the leisure to allow lesser experienced players to tag along and grow. Because of the time gate and the perceived need to maximize gains, there is also the common view that if you don't start within a certain time frame at the very beginning, then hunting as a whole for that night cycle isn't even worth the effort. This means playing the game or being distracted for the initial 5-10 minutes drastically reduces one's ability to get into a group that night cycle as well. I want to say that there being a 'natural' night day cycle isn't a bad thing for the bounty or free roam modes and the eidolons should still spawn on them, but I do believe that there should still be a separate bounty ALWAYS available for eidolons, making it so that the previously mentioned issues can be alleviated. There aren't any real down sides to having it open separately as far as I can see.
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