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  1. 30 minutes ago, kanzu said:

    So, will we get some more story and lore on this guy? He's pretty cool and should be a mainstay, perhaps even some help after some story.

    As far as low, I think he's done in the limelight for the time being. As a mainstay, I know they said he would be sticking around, possibly in the Gas city rework. 

  2. While I'm not trying to down play the steps forward with openworld content, the core of warframe maps has been tilesets. It was kinda somewhat believed each planet would be getting it's own tileset at some point. So, the question becomes, will new tilesets ever be seen in warframe, or are these open world environs the way of warframe's future?

  3. 1 hour ago, Eberlort said:

    has anyone read this line? It says DEFENSE weapon.

    My suggestion a slow hammer or long sword you can ram in to the ground to create a defensive bubble which rebel projectile based on his status chance and the range based on the range

    This is a play on words, referring to the old saying 'the best defense is a good offense'. They're not actually looking for 'defensive' weapons, they're just trying to have fun with the event name. 

  4. 26 minutes ago, osuman said:

    Making Tennogen items obtainable by platinum was The Only Way DE could introduce it to consoles. Get over it.

    Kinda surprised DE's managed to find ANY way to make it so that PC steam generators get something from a different company on a different console. Color me impressed.

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  5. 6 minutes ago, Banedain said:

    So if I made a picture does it matter if its 8 bit RGB or can I go higher than that? Also whats the preffered Image file (PNG or Jpeg?) (I barely understand this stuff as is so please dont get "too" technical

    Not to get too technical, but you make a pic. Doesn't matter what all it is.

  6. 3 hours ago, Diaemus said:

    Sad to admit it, but your “alterations” usually do not delight me in the slightest. Most of them are poorly thought of and show complete lack of knowledge about your own game. Like the recent Trinity “alterations” with lowering the strength of Bless with the number of players. Anyone who has at least 100 hours in Warframe knows that Trinity is mostly used on Raids. And that is the only place you have even more players than usual.

    Volt after the late rework became more broken than ever. His Ult affects enemies randomly and does not affect any mechanical defenses at all. So you can Ult in the crowded Corpus room and have 0 effect on the defenses and close to a 0 (it is random, so pray to RNGsus) effect on the enemies.

    The point is: You better really really really think about those changes. Because each one costs players real money (on formas/cores etc) and time (leveling the frame).

    So each time you brake something we put tons of our time (and some money) on, you do damage that is hard to repair. Especially with increasing rarity of updates (U18was 6 months ago and IMO was horrible), a year without new weapons from Barro Ki, and general decline in quality (the “Long Lag Epic”, game breaking bugs on Raids, Void towers, God-awful conclave with teleporting Tenno 600ms lags and 4 vs 1 fights, slightly less awful Archwing, constant nerfs, cosmetics that clip few feet away and so on) Warframe suffers nowadays.

    As a player with short of 3000 hours in Warframe, the last year burned me out far to much. Far more than any other. Far more than I would have forgiven to any other game. Same with my clan. Not a single person in it farmed for Vauban Prime (and we have lots of the first days plat-hounds). That was the firs time in our little history. A very sad time in our little history.

    So if you are diverting your people on some other project, stop please, before it is too late. And get back to creating new stuff for Warframe and not breaking the one that you got (especially if it works).

    I think you're putting your own perspective of what you're used to versus what WF is trying to become. It's currently in a transitional period as it tries to re-balance things in line with a greater transformation coming soon, and to be completely honest, some of the steps taken are heading in a very bright direction. Now, some of the content lately feels rushed or off, but that's because U19 is demanding so much manpower. Even if DE was full steam on every little detail, somethings need to be thrown through the public players hands to find the best feedback. What could take 50+ years of testing can be seen with about 30-45 minutes from the playerbase at large. Sometimes, things will break. Sometimes, what seems like a small glitch is actually the symptom of something That is very very very complex, like the Jordas Raid. Do you honestly think that if things were simple fixes, De wouldn't just patch it and roll out a hotfix? 

    Now, DE has goofed up sometimes, and we shouldn't fan boy and lose our objective judgment. WF has reached it's level of success because of how active the playerbase is in feedback, but sometimes we acted spoiled. We expect DE to cave to our demands with every nerf, or for them to release something way before it can have a proper entrance cough cough Excal Umbra cough cough. At the end of the day, DE is the one coding and creating the game, bringing to life their vision that so many of use love to enjoy and play. Not every game is for everyone, and if WF is headed in a direction that you don't like, maybe it isn't for you any longer. You may have the most valid input in the world, but if DE wants to do something with their game and you don't like it, tough luck. 

    For my own personal opinion, I think the direction WF is heading is great. Sure, it's in a rough spot now as it churns and roils like an angry sea, ready to billow forth with the rage of a storm, but many of these smaller changes upsetting people are just things that can be done quickly, so they can devote more energy to guiding the metamorphosis to it's true goal. 

    Fact is, DE is hesitant to touch Volt atm because armor and enemies in general are getting updated in u19. They could toil over trying to fix him to a system that will be outdated in a month and delay these major updates even more, or they can leave him in the rather decent location he's in now. For Conclave lag, we have a system coming for that in u19, for Void fatigue, we have the void rework, for Archwing, DE is adding some new content, including a healer/support archwing and new mission types, Cosmetics are always gunna have some issues, as with how physics based WF is, and how violently those are thrown around, what drapes softly is gunna have an occasional issue firing through the air like a missile. New content layered on old content isn't devoid of bugs, so 'creating new stuff for Warframe and not breaking the one that you got' is still liable to break things. It's just part of coding and gaming. With DE's fairly constant stream of content, they simply aren't going to have the YEARS that pay to buy games have as part of their development process. 

    Is every thing fine as it sits? No, but it isn't like DE is simply letting things flop on the floor and leaving it that way. It's just that their so close to a utterly massive update that we're seeing slight cracks form in quality assurance. Once DE pushes u19 out, and gets it running right, you can bet your bottom that they'll jump back to fixing things as best they can. For now, I'm content with the few minor bugs we have waiting for u19 to drop. 

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  7. 5 minutes ago, yual said:

    De say Umbra will get a personnal Quest and News powers.

    Can you source that? DE has only confirmed that umbra will exist at some point in the future. 
    In every devstream it's brought up in, the DE team replies the same 2 or 3 things; Don't ask about Umbra, there's alot of lore that would be spoiled, so we're not saying squat on Umbra frames, and you'll learn about umbra frames when they come out. 

    They have confirmed they will be attached to a quest, and with DE pushing cinematics now, we can expect something good. However, there isn't a whole lot outside of that we know. They may or may not have new powers.

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  8. 14 minutes ago, vinx909 said:

    if we want to disarm we pick loki, if we want to control the enemie we pick nyx. this hurts all people who love nyx.

    This passive actually gives her some synergy. When chaos expires and there are a good numerous of melee units running at you just absorb and bomb. With Nyx being squishy af, I'm very happy to take away some guns from enemies lol. 

  9. 4 hours ago, TheMagicalSharpie said:

    1. Like I've said you need to work on balancing issues AT THE SAME TIME.  If you rebalance the frames before you rework the enemies then its a NERF not a rebalance.   The end game players are suffering from this, so unless U19 is coming TOMORROW, the time between now and then those frames are all but useless for endgame.   THAT is the point I was making.  I'm pissed because they didnt have the foresight to see this.  If they wanted the abilities to be more restricted for the new update then SAY SO.  Don't just hoist it on us and expect us not to call bull,  that doesn't work.  "We're reworking enemy scaling, bringing it down to the bedrock then working from there, as such we're retooling warframe abilities and making them fit this new paradigm.  Expect U19 Soon "  Thats ALL they'd have to say to appease people.  But no.   "We're rebalancing these frames. /end"    That's all they've said and that's exactly the wrong thing to say if you don't want to piss off your community by making broad range changes to the game meta with almost no warning.


    2.  It doesn't matter what changing up roles do, in this game especially the end game content, if it isn't instant it won't work.  Which is why Oberon's "reworked" heals doesn't scale.  Enemies one shot you at a high enough level and have so much armor and health that you need to have an extremely overpowered weapon and ability combo to kill them fast enough that they don't one shot you.  That is the meta, kill them before they kill you, preferably as quickly as possible, most preferably instantly.   We've found ways to do this and if it wasn't for that most frames if not all of them wouldn't be able to do anything over level 100.  Hell the Rathuum event would have been impossible without Valkyr, loki and Ash.  Every other frame died so quickly that it was impossible to finish even for a well stocked team, even invincible trin got one shot, I know I tried to use her, didn't work out for me.  Hell that event straight up pushed home exactly how this game operates.  With Ash being the contender for killing them as quickly, instantly, as possible while Valkyr was tanky enough to deal with it.  And even then after enough scaling even Valkyr's damage fell off and she get's one shot because the enemies damage overpowers her mitigation.

    Not sure what you'really complaining about in that event. Got plenty of kills with 14 different weapons, like secure penta and boar prime, while still getting 14 kills in a 4 man team on tier 3. Did this with frames like zephyr, equinox, rhino, frost, and banshee. You got 25 deaths in rathuum, of which, I averaged 2-3 per match. As for balancing, is it easier to balance 3-4 frames, or every enemy mechanic across 100+ levels and 100+ units? As for that higher tier garbage, there are PLENTY of ways to deal with each one. Can't one shot enemies at range with eb? Geez, if only we had guns or feet... Need to cc a map? Booben, Ember blind, Nyx, loki, banshee to a mild degree, and load of others I'm not gunna bother mentioning. Valkyr has simply turned from sustain to burst dps. Sorry you can't just sit in hysteria for 60 minutes anymor (not really)...

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  10. For all those wondering what mag access at now? She's an all around error who punishes all with her magnetic prowess. As for valk, she simply ganlined a ramp up. She will now gain attack potency and according energy drain with it. As for all this 'salt', when u19 drops and scaling is fixed all around, people will be like, oh, maybe it wasn't that big a deal after all. 

  11. 2 minutes ago, Corognar said:

    1. Ash dind't need a buff, now he's to op in my opinion

    2. Saryn either didn't need a buff, she was already a strong frame (WHY DE???)

    3. Oberons passive is useless and doesnt fit the theme at all. (better passive would be: energy regeneration upon healing an ally of your team)

    4. Oberon still needs a buff or rework (more reach/more damage)


    Ash got bleed proc boost. It barely augments his dps. Oberon is fine, while slightly under right now, he'said being watched until the scaling rework in u19. Saryn didn't get touched O.o

  12. 13 minutes ago, Demon.King said:

    " and Exalted Blade’s built-in Radial Blind on spin will now cost ½ the Energy of a regular Radial Blind. "

    Just remove the damn blind and make it an augment already. I already hated blinding myself every slide attack, now I can't slide attack without spending energy...GG...



    "Nyx: Enemies affected by any of Nyx's powers have a chance to lay down their weapon ( become disarmed ). "

    So, you made NYX useless? Mind control can now backfire and become useless, and chaos now has much reduced chance of getting enemies to kill each-other. Totally counterproductive passive...

    Mind control doesn't proc disarm until after it expires, and because it'seems a lower percentage chance, many enemies will still shoot each other. 

  13. 3 hours ago, DaReaper95 said:

    You raise some valid points, but I don't believe these frames should have been nerfed. At least for right now, the solution would have been to increase the power of the middling frames. In fact, i've though Oberon deserved a power increase since... basically his release. 

    Warframe is very grindy. You say it is supposed to be active, but if that's true, the drop tables should not be so padded. They have more than enough content for a proper drop table that guarantees SOMETHING besides forma and cores for a long survival run. So why don't they? 

    Ever hear of Greedy Milk?

    I disagree with you saying Excalibur is still strong and viable. While Trinity and Valkyr are simply hurt by these changes, Excal was already barely used for endgame. (I dont' think I've ever seen him on a raid) and now he's being hurt even more.

    I know! Maybe we should all play conclave instead! Conclave still works!

    OOO! NO! Lets do Solar Rail matches again!
    So balance! Much good!

    You do realize they want to release u19 within the next month or so, right? You say they should raise the middle ground frames, but that just reinforces the power creep, which is supposed to be countered by the scaling changes coming in u19. Why change values to match a system they wish not only not to keep, but go in the opposite direction of? You say that Excalibur is no longer valid, but how many people run him with a nikana or single handed sword? If you can run Excalibro perfectly fine with a 1h sword, you can do the same with a more powerful version, which is what EB is. People whined and moaned when Sayrn got reworked, but look at how good she is now? The formulas in game at the moment are from closed beta, when endgame content was level 20-30. These values are pushed to an extreme above level 100, to a degree that is broken in DE's eyes, and that is some thing they are going to change. Instead of creating more work afterward, they are looking to balance things to a degree before u19. If scaling wasn't changing, I might agree with you, but instead, you'really whining that an originally close range intended power got merged at long range. His base power didn't even get nerfed, his waves simply have fall off like shotguns. 


    As for conclave, have you actually played it lately? It's fairly balanced, only seeming op when someone is simply used to using theit kit better than you. Getting 1hko'd with a bow seems op, until you grab one yourself and miss every shot. It takes skill to crush at conclave, and that is more along the lines of what DE wants across the board, to a degree. They want frames to be near a rough base line out of the gate, and truly come to life and be op in the hands of someone who truly knows how to maximize their load out. 

    As for the grind, bringing things in line with one another is also a solution to this. With everything closer together, you don't need to 'rush' to certain items, and you can still do content of a higher tier if you have the skill to make up for the much smaller, after the updates, difficulty difference in gear. Warframe is moving closer to a game where meta has less of an impact, and becomes more reliant on player skill, instead how well you minmax.


    As for loot tables, what's wrong with things being hard to obtain? It makes things special and unique. I'd everyone could get prime gear, or highly coveted mods, there would be no meaning behind them being behind more difficult missions, and there would be no reason to increase in rank/level. Many of the systems you revile are the reason why warframe is successful to this day. Because items are elusive, warframe has a very alive and profitable trade system, allowing free 2 play players to obtain items that take larges amounts of time to obtain, and allow wallet warriors to cut out a little of the middle man to make up for the time they can't devote as hard core because they have jobs and other responsibilities. 


    While we should remain objective and scrutinize something because we love it, don't whine about changes to come when they may very well be the changes needed to keep warframe Alice and kicking, and further expand in the future. Honestly, I kolind of wish energy waves only lashed out on EB when you channel, so be thankful that you still have regular ranged attack potential on EB lool.

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  14. To all you whiny little cheeky squirrels, keep in mind that enemy armor, hp, and damage scaling is getting an overhaul in u19. While several frames are seeing a drop in their overall potency alone, this will prevent them from being stupidly broken. Mirage had a large issue of locking down entire maps. While this was helpful for endless grinding, warframe is meant to be active, not let the meta do the work for you. 


    A good example of decreasing the distance between frame roles is trinity vs. Equinox. A max heal on Equinox only takes several kills to heal All members to full from low, and that's within her radius, meaning allies can contribute to an already fast process. Many also have asked the question of even bothering with Oberon's healing when trinity exists. Trinity, Excalibur, and Valkyr are still very strong, viable frames. There is simply less distance between these top performing frames and many viable frames. I feel this is a great step towards equal frames, and once enemies scale better according to current standards, all frames will be better viable for it.

  15. 4 hours ago, NaharaEriclea said:

    Inaros, with his sarcophagus and health restore on finishers, would disagree with you, and Atlas, Excalibur, and Wukong might have something to say as well. Passives right now may not make-or-break a frame (and honestly they shouldn't), but they can be incredibly helpful and beneficial to a frame, and be used regardless of the situation they're placed in.

    As a lot of people have already said better than I could, this new passive for Oberon is pretty garbage. It's limited in which tilesets and factions it works in, something that no other frame has to deal with, and does something that Smite and Retribution already allow him to do through radiation procs. I wasn't expecting a passive that would suddenly make Oberon outrageously overpowered, but I was hoping it would be something more useful than a 20 second charm on pets...

    All of those passives, while nice, if taken away, wouldn't break the frame at all. In arose would still have his 4 and high cc, Excalibur still does high dmg, Wukong could easily just be allowed to have body count without his, and Atlas...really? I mean, no knock down is pretty nice, but I feel like being able to rocket punch and build trumps wall wouldn't be terribly hampered by the occasional knock down 

    As for broberon, there may be potential still. As I, myself, said in my op, as it sits, it is indeed lackluster, but there may be potential, depending on what can be recruited per faction. 

    Read a post all the way through before trying to counter with a point already made by the person you're looking to counter.....

  16. So, jazzed about all the passives, but a few quirks come to mind. First off, because it's the easiest, Booben. His passive feels more like a 'Lol, sorry this squishy frame is squishy." He has low base armor and hp, as he should, as he is VERY powerful with his abilities. It feels odd, that on an engineerish frame, the passive is to augment an already low armor value. You need everyone within your squad to be within 30ft to proc the maximum effect, and only in defense/MD do you see squad cluster up that tightly. I would much rather see something like the ability to pick up 'burnt out' orbs for a small energy regen for recycling them. Something like 5-7 energy refunded on pick up wouldn't majorly change the power of his kit, but it keep a small trickle coming in. However, we come to a place like Loki. Vauban was king of CC before his update, and he is only better for it afterwards (With Mirage taking queen role, you salty seadogs ;), so even a small passive would augment his kit very nicely....except armor. A small amount of armor on a frame with low base armor AND HP just doesn't make sense. 

    Moving on, Oberon. Now, I think most people complaining about Oberon's passive are mistaking something. Passives aren't supposed to make a frame. People feel Oberon underperforms at the moment, and were looking for the passive to 'fix' this perception. However, Passives shouldn't be strong, they should be compliments. I feel that before we judge Oberon's passive, we need to know exactly what will be under sway of this passive. As it sits, there are 3 tilesets that offer wildlife: desert settlement, earth, and OD. With the inclusion of enemy wildlife, we start to see some potential with the grineer, as we could control Drahk and Hyekka. However, this leaves corpus. orokin haunts, and infested relatively untouched. However, I would hope DE would make some allowances for other factions on what exactly is defined as 'wildlife' for the sake of consistency. Niche passives can be a nice quirk, but when EVERY other passive is fairly complimentary to a kit, Oberon's, as is, will struggle to sway those who are more naturally talented in regards of passives. 

    Finally, Limbo. Limbo is in an odd place. His kit itself is very solid on paper, and even to a degree in game. However, as the sole occupant and master of his own pocket dimension, Limbo feels....lackluster in his own realm. For the master over his own alternate reality, Limbo certainly doesn't perform as one would expect. You would expect Limbo to have some sort of home turf advantage, but pop cataclysm across an area with a larger group of enemies, and watch the gentleframe get deleted in a hail of bullets. People, once again, expected this to be solved with the passive. I feel that Limbo's passive is a nice compliment, and makes sense. As for how Limbo should be tweaked? I feel Rift surge should be scrapped, and Cataclysm made his 3rd, leaving room for a new ultimate. This final ability should be a toggle, granting Limbo a set of buffs worthy of a master of his own dimension. While he shouldn't become godlike, Limbo should still feel superior in his own realm, and should be able to harness the nature of his realm, whatever DE may feel that to be, for a duration of time. 

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