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  1. Hi, I want to get back, was in the clan till a few days ago, my ign is Heliopata on PC Cheers!
  2. You can leave a post or message me on the forum, have a good day. Prices on descriptions. Also wanting to buy a top vasto riven, looking for Damage/Multi/manageable negative or Dam/Multi/CritChance/Maneageable negative. https://imgur.com/a/wyFQk Tags: Strun, Panthera, Akvasto, Dera, Ignis
  3. If you don´t kill them in 2 seconds they actually use abilities, all of them. The nova specter was putting portals and walking side ways and teleporting. They are quite a challenge at the start if you are new, they even had to nerf rhino specter because it was too tough. After all you need to beat them to unlock the other planets. I think they should put other type of enemy or change the scaling so they have time to use abilities on later levels.
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