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  1. This thread did not need a necro.
  2. Except for the fact that it takes a lot less time to go through a Disruption round than an Isolation Vault, and it is far less elaborate a process.
  3. That's still a minimum of two consecutive missions before you can even start to grind the new infested weapons (three for the sniper) every time you want to start a grinding session. As far as I can tell there is no other mission structure in the game that follows this logic. I'd much rather it be like the Profit Taker setup, where once you've done it one time you don't need to do the preamble again (while still having the previous missions be accessible). Now that there's no longer a time pressure aspect to the triple vault runs they might as well make the farm more convenient.
  4. I can't even swing the bloody thing. I can equip it just fine, but pressing melee does nothing and clicking makes the Ironbride vanish (as in the sword disappears but the ability is still ongoing, so my gun doesn't get reequipped). Safe to say the ability is probably a bit borked at the moment.
  5. Pilotable ships were explicitly mentioned by the devs at the time in interviews surrounding the project.
  6. My entire point is that there is a middle ground where posts can exist where they are neither toxic nor nice (I'm not even sure to which "slim definition" you are referring). That you apparently fail to grasp that concept even after I provide an example says more about you than about me. No attack, honest concern. Black and white thinking is one of the symptoms of narcissism (among other conditions), after all. Whenever a post of mine gets removed, it's usually because it's a direct response to someone else being extremely toxic, and as a result when that post gets moderated, m
  7. Seems like this has also applied to Mouse/Keyboard. On the one hand, it lines up with Aimgliding, on the other I'd kinda gotten used to holding space to hover.
  8. On the off chance that it is not, and that OP simply didn't grasp the etiquette of the forum. We've been over this.
  9. I was simply mentioning it as a possibility. Not really sure what the point would be. I doubt my opinion matters all that much to them, what with me being yet another faceless voice on the internet. Bold of you to assume that I'm a pessimist. I actually, as previously mentioned, prefer to see the best in people (though the most compelling evidence of this has unfortunately been lost to thread deletions, when I strived to remain civil even when being outright insulted by forumgoers). The fact that I tend to be terse when typing does not indicate that I am "shifting blame". It is
  10. In the absence of information, especially when OP's original post was a near exact match for a clickbait thread, I'm going to assume it's a clickbait thread. Cruelty has nothing to do with it. Normally, I give people the benefit of the doubt. That's why the worst I do when confronted with what appears to be clickbait is act a little snarky. There's always the possibility that somebody simply didn't grasp the forum etiquette of not just posting a video on its own with next to no context. Simple fact is, if you want to express a point somewhere, it is on you to do so in the format t
  11. I'd say pretty much any post by @Loza03 where they critique the game. They don't mince words when they see flaws, but they also don't attack the devs. Therefore, I consider them to be neither salty nor strictly nice. Seriously, if your worldview is that black and white I have genuine concern for your mental state. Humans can't really be boiled down to binary states.
  12. I mean, tastes are subjective and all but Warframe already fits into this category for me and quite a few others.
  13. And then there are the people like me, who just say "Ha Ha Mech go stomp." To me, anything fits in Warframe as long as it's cool. Mechs are cool, spaceships are cool, so as far as I'm concerned, I have no issues with DE working on both. I always have the base gameplay to fall back on if an experiment comes out of the oven a bit rougher than I'd like.
  14. Short version is it checks what's on your computer vs what's on DE's servers, and deletes any game files that don't match. It basically just purges anything that isn't used by the game any more (such as map data for old tilesets).
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