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  1. It's a meme answer. Anytime you ask a question that could have a numerical answer, at least one of the responses is guaranteed to be 42.
  2. Orokin stuff tends to reserve gold for accents. Making the bulk of it gold would skew the balance a bit too far.
  3. Yeah, I could see that. Colour the body ivory white and make those "ribs" gold and you're onto something.
  4. For myself, the closer the intermission starts to the end of the week, the better.
  5. It wasn't until recently. It was the online ratings boards attempt to placate the people calling for regulation of things like lootboxes. Needless to say, it didn't work, because "Digital purchases" is such a generic tag it can be applied to almost every major game from the last 15 years.
  6. If I were to hazard a guess, either giving certain enemies innate resistance to certain abilities, or add in a mechanic that prevents the current degree of power spam.
  7. People complained that they could kill you at range, now they have to get you inside the bubble to deal damage.
  8. That which is brought up without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. You made the claim, it's on you to back it up.
  9. I still maintain that we should be given the chance to fight hostile Warframe Spectres in regular missions. The PvE Dark Sector invasion missions were so much fun because of them.
  10. General consensus is that a Warframe is a fair bit more powerful than a Space Marine, factoring in both their powers and their effective immortality. However, there's quite a lot in Warhammer that outclasses us. Of course, if you really want to go OP, go with Strike Legion. The only game in which you can equip an under-barrel grenade launcher capable of destroying a planet.
  11. Exactly which information is missing?
  12. I got to the highest level that is expected of a player without needing a DPS-enhancing warframe. Anything beyond that is superfluous, and the game is not balanced around it.
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