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  1. One would think that players wouldn't need to be told what they had themselves equipped on their own gear wheels...
  2. Maybe. Though I'd point out for context that back then the only selectable emotes in Destiny were paid exclusives, whereas the majority of the ones in Warframe (including several dances) are free to obtain. Perhaps this is the start of a downward slide into overly aggressive monetisation, but I'm willing to wait and see what comes next rather than instantly assume the worst. Slippery Slope fallacy is a fallacy for a reason.
  3. It's mostly altering the way they're presented to players vs roamers. Sentinels right now can be configured to be support pods (which is what I've done with most of mine, by the way), but they also fulfil an offensive role (albeit a weak one). This proposal simply shifts the emphasis on their gameplay role further toward the former. Bear in mind that my original idea was that Sentinels couldn't use weapons at all, but I have since relaxed that restriction (mainly because it would make acquiring a Sentinel Weapon alongside its corresponding Sentinel a tad confusing). I'm not sure how it
  4. I've been thinking for a while now that players should be able to take up to 2 companions into a mission (A Sentinel and a Roaming companion, though the player can opt to only take one or neither for whatever reasons). Rework the Sentinels so that they're (aside from the occasional precept like Vaporise) entirely focused on utility functions, with the various Roamers being your main source of damage/CC/buffs/whatever. Sentinels would be invincible in this system while Roamers would need revival upon running out of health. Sentinel weapons would default to being equipped on MOAs if yo
  5. Cheers! I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the game. Bear in mind that I'm not saying that "Push Forward Gameplay" (the term I have heard used to describe this sort of combat loop) is bad, it's just not the kind of thing I enjoy. Either way, I'm hoping the game is good for those who do enjoy it.
  6. A shame. It's never a good thing when a game comes out awful, but it seems to be a distressing norm for games trying to break into the "Live Service" market to launch incomplete with the devs/publishers claiming that they'll "finish it later" (Warframe's initial release gets a pass on this front in my eyes, considering that DE was on the verge of closing down when it came out. Can't really expect a finished product under those conditions). Bioware's extremely poor management of the project certainly didn't do Anthem's development any favours. As for Outriders, the fact that it's apparentl
  7. They've had gating for almost a year now. That said, their shields still recharge slower than ours (both in terms of rate and delay), so it's not nearly as useful.
  8. Having looked through this proposal, I have to say it's probably the best I've seen so far for a mod rework. Having hard limitations on how many mods of a given type can go on your gear seems like the perfect way to have the player actually make choices with their build. Definitely going to be giving this a more thorough examination later.
  9. *nonchalant Or was the typo part of the bit? I have trouble telling, sometimes.
  10. As someone who went to the trouble of grinding for that mask, I have to say I'm glad nobody else is going to have to endure the same ordeal.
  11. Short term, Infestation wins. They're more virulent and have tougher units available from the get-go. Once the Flood hits the Keymind stage however, they rapidly become a Cosmic scale threat. Basically, Infestation has a higher low end, but Flood have a much higher high end.
  12. As someone with asthma (and is thus high-risk) who knows several people with weakened immune systems, kindly [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] off with this. Especially since a more lethal strain has begun spreading.
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