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  1. Wait a few seconds before firing. It locks on just like our ordinance.
  2. Their primary cannon is a homing repeater (though it doesn't lock on to archwings), and the secondary armaments are a pair of proximity-detonated explosive launchers (which IMO were always the more dangerous of the two for Archwings, even when the main gun could lock on to them). You're overselling the AI's competence here, methinks.
  3. I'd hope so. Veil is probably the least enjoyable part of the game for me.
  4. Pardon me for wanting a source that isn't just fan speculation.
  5. And without a citation, that statement is nothing more than fanon.
  6. Could you give a citation for this, please? Been trying to find where that idea stemmed from for ages to no avail.
  7. Yep, saw these when they came out. DE even advertised them.
  8. Ah yes, because dying to a slot machine was so enthralling.
  9. It gives the appearance of legitimacy. If you have more rep than posts it makes it seem like you say things that a large number of players agree with. At least, that's how I imagine the thought process is.
  10. I'd just like to point out that this is pretty much the opposite of what conventional logic would dictate. You don't assume that something is the case when faced with a lack of supporting evidence. The only Warframes that we can say with confidence are derived from Gen1 models are Excalibur (Both due to his Codex entry indicating he was the first Warframe and the background images of the Vitruvian) and Rhino (Due to his Codex entry).
  11. Every time they have focused on it, it hasn't been worth it. You'd have an argument if they had just released PvP and abandoned it, but they didn't. They tried to get PvP off the ground no less than three separate times, each taking up successively larger portions of dev resources, and none of them resulted in a significant increase in lasting player counts for the mode. At this point, it's clear to anyone who's actually looking at the data that any dev time put into PvP is essentially wasted, no matter what an incredibly vocal minority would like to claim.
  12. Citation needed for this specifically. We know that the first generation of what would become the Warframe project went berserk, but to my knowledge there isn't anything that states that every current frame is based on a version from said first generation, and definitely nothing indicating that Revenant was among them.
  13. This is literally the first I've heard of such a thing.
  14. This has been happening since Old Blood came out, if not before. There are several threads on the subject already for your perusal.
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