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  1. No, it wouldn't. We've literally had glitches that give a good idea of how this would work, so it's not something that needs a massive amount of dev effort. Hiding the helmet model and moving the camera to where it was would be enough to start off with. Which is exactly what we're asking for. I don't recall a single person saying they wanted the game to become exclusively first-person.
  2. Take it up with the devs. Various articles based on interviews with them have stated that players will be able to access them prior to Spoiler Mode. Quoting from Destructoid: "They'll also be able to explore it in a Necramech, or what we called it during the presentation, a "Corpse Gundam." These are powerful mechs developed by the Entrati family on Deimos in their fight against the Infested. Digital Extremes says it plans on having the mechs usable on the two other open-world areas as well. Players can access these mechs at any time if they have completed The Second Dream quest. For players who haven't got that far in the questline yet, there will be missions on Deimos that give them temporary access to these mechs. Necramechs are customizable, but they're not on the planet just for your use. Some are still activated and will try to kill you should you cross their path."
  3. Wouldn't the Nunchaku stance work?
  4. We already have something like this in the Jat Kusar, with the added bonus of the flail part being a grenade.
  5. The resources needed would literally just be "Hide Helmet Viewmodel", and relocating the camera to where said helmet would be. The most complicated bit of coding would be making the camera dip a bit to match sprinting. We're not asking for custom first-person animations, it's literally just a camera shift.
  6. Cover? No. It can already be emulated well enough since crouching and aiming lets you peak over objects to shoot. No need to complicate things with more button inputs to do the same job. Vaulting over objects? Sure, I'd like to see that brought back. There was a brief period where pressing jump while pushing toward a chest-high object would vault you over it with a brief momentum boost. It'd be nice to get that back considering how cluttered some of the maps are.
  7. Funny, it was never an issue when the camera glitch was a thing. Seriously, it's not like we've not had an experience of how this would handle.
  8. They've already confirmed that we'll have personal Necramechs that we can customise and deploy ourselves. The ones found in the map will be either for those who haven't progressed far enough in the game to unlock their own, or for simple variety. From what I've pieced together from various articles, it seems like the personal Necramechs will be locked behind having Spoiler Mode unlocked, while field-repaired ones will be available to all players. At the very least, DE mentioned that there would be a way to use them in a limited fashion without Spoiler Mode.
  9. So many people failing to grasp the term "Optional" in this thread. If you don't like the idea, that's fine. Nobody is saying you'd have to use it. We'd just like to have the option ourselves, since glitches and such have shown that an FPS mode would work perfectly fine.
  10. Oh I know. Which is why the material-scientist in me is also in a state of despair.
  11. Then it's a good thing this mode wouldn't be causing any that you wouldn't already get from the normal camera. Works well enough in Titanfall. Besides, we're only asking for an option. You don't have to use it.
  12. IIRC the issue was that it literally had every language's uncompressed audio saved at the same time.
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