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  1. What pay walls, perchance, are you referring to?
  2. I imagine it's going to be the Infested equivalent of a Fomorian/Razorback.
  3. Not to sound callous, but the fact that it's been a year hurts your chances more than anything.
  4. I'd say the thread has run its course. Let it die.
  5. Eh, looks like it would give me a migraine if it were implemented. I do agree that charge attacks lack impact though. Perhaps some kind of forced stagger/knockdown on hit? Props to you for actually making a mockup though.
  6. Different room. The one OP is referring to is much larger, and mainly consists of gantries hanging over a massive pit.
  7. I'd say the reason it's under-represented is because it's an active effect. Most players seem to like getting as many passive boosts as possible.
  8. Not innately, though Exilus Adapters indicate that there is some degree of cross-compatibility there.
  9. An excellent illustration of how vehement the opposition to PvP is in this game. If it were to pass, I would request a copy of said script for my own use, as I also have a strong dislike of PvP.
  10. Depending on how it's programmed, yes you can. It's called aimdodging.
  11. Strange, I've fought her in all of her spawns, and I've never had trouble finding shelter. Often you don't even need it. The only way I can imagine someone dying during the equip anim is if they are literally sitting under her when they start it.
  12. Rocks, giant mushrooms and the occasional artificial barrier apparently don't count as cover. You'd have a point here if the vallis was an entirely flat plane, but in pretty much all of Profit Taker's fight locations there is some degree of terrain variation.
  13. They also go into any thread that even mentions D2 to crow about how much better it is.
  14. That mission is set in an Orokin tower designed to conceal Lua, not Lua itself. They are coming, they are hungry... How in the world does it look "Duviri-like"?
  15. Ideally enemy oneshotting would also be minimal. Enemies would deal enough damage that getting caught in a bad position would feel dangerous, but not so much that players wouldn't be able to manoeuvre their way to safety if they reacted quick enough. I've recently started playing Vanquish again with the aim of staying in cover as little as possible (instead using evasion and boosting to get out of the way of enemy fire), and I'd say that general level of difficulty would be a good balance for Warframe. While the relative number of enemies in Vanquish is generally lower, a similar effect could be achieved by restricting how many enemies can attack a player at a given moment (IIRC, DOOM 2016 actually uses a system like this, so it is possible). This would preserve the feeling of tearing through hordes of enemies, but allow DE to tune enemy damage output around smaller numbers. Such a system could also be scaled to make a difficulty curve. The stronger your gear is, the more enemies can attack you at once. A mechanic that I was considering suggesting would be the addition of something akin to SAO Fatal Bullet's prediction lines to hitscan attacks. That way you get a split second of warning before the damage hits that allows you to react (Projectile and melee attacks wouldn't need this, as they are inherently telegraphed). No more out of nowhere health loss. Forgive my little ramble, this was a bit of a stream of consciousness.
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