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  1. Might look into it, but I'm honestly not overly fussed about the matter. DE's devstreams are the only thing I watched on the platform, and I generally get a smoother experience watching them on Youtube anyway.
  2. Could do that, but it's a pain to set up and keep track of an entire second email address just for this. The fact that I straight up don't have a phone capable of receiving texts (my last one's sim card timed out due to inactivity, meaning I sent no texts and made no calls from it for over 6 months, to give an idea of how little I use them) also makes me somewhat reticent to use any platform that requires a mobile number. Funnily enough, unlinking and relinking my Warframe account to Twitch was actually the direct cause of the lockout. It happened when the last Prime with Prime pack came
  3. The phone I used for it died, and support was utterly unwilling to let me either change to a new one or disable 2FA. They just told me to install a security app which, considering that I've never owned a smartphone, isn't exactly an option.
  4. So long as it's nothing exclusive, I can deal with it. 2FA permanently locked me out of my own twitch account, so getting these drops is effectively impossible for me.
  5. Worth noting that her augment cuts down on a lot of the faff, making her much less cumbersome in such missions.
  6. Funnily enough, Stalker used to be able to invade Archwing missions. The results were... Interesting...
  7. Or at the very least occupied nodes shouldn't disappear after a single use. I'd be more willing to engage with the system if it didn't constantly force me into modes I don't enjoy.
  8. Perhaps because Tenno are described as "Masters of gun and blade", so it kinda follows that both would be equally useful. Also, if you think ninjas only used melee weapons you really need to do more research.
  9. Or alternatively, you can drop kick them in the face and unload on them while they're on the ground.
  10. I'm fairly certain that they stated there will be normal versions of the briefcase weapons.
  11. There's a lever above the magazine (it attaches at the stock) that kicks up when you fire.
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