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  1. We've had news: It's on hold until at least after the New War comes out.
  2. Speak for yourself. Capital ship/infantry gameplay is literally what I got into the hobby for.
  3. Hey, like I said, the coincidence made it amusing. My entire style of humour is built on serendipity, and it was clear that you didn't mean it with hostility. I like to believe it's ultimately a matter of people thinking that they're the first person to make a given joke, and it doesn't occur to them just how tiresome it can be on the other end if they aren't. Regardless, this is off topic, so I think I'll leave it at that.
  4. Apparently there's been a bottleneck at some stage in production (either Animation or Sound), and they've been too focused on other, more pressing projects to complete what is ultimately a fairly low-impact rework. Also, as a side note, it's an amusing coincidence that you referred to the amendment to your other post as a "Corvid-19 injection", since at the time you were typing that I was having my second jab. Normally that joke annoys me (as I've had this name since 2013), but I'll let it slide just this once.
  5. They're the rework of Sprag and Venkra Tel, the minibosses you fight in Void/Derelict Sabotage missions, in case you were wondering.
  6. As the title indicates, I would personally prefer if the Verv Ephemera's hexagons were set to always match the Warframe (IE: if the hexagon has one of its sides go up the front of the frame, it would do so regardless of which direction the player turned to face, with the same applying to the arm hexagons). Example screenshots of current behaviour within Spoiler box.
  7. Tried it, pacing wasn't to my liking. It (among others) was what I was referring to with my second sentence.
  8. You do realise that when the game first came out, DE were on the verge of bankruptcy, right? The first publically available release was basically just a proof of concept that they'd scrabbled together in a year. If the game had been subscription based back then, it likely wouldn't exist today, and if it switched to such a model while people were playing, it would likely have resulted in a mass-exodus of players. Also, "Free to play" doesn't mean that the devs don't want to be paid for their work, and the fact that you think it does reeks of either entitlement or naivety (I shall let you decide which you prefer).
  9. Anyone who thinks that "Magical Girl" automatically means "Bright and Happy" has clearly never played Princess: The Hopeful. Or watched actual MG series, for that matter.
  10. That's... actually a really good suggestion. If unconfirmed plat is untradeable, it can still be used for market items with the caveat that if a chargeback occurs, whatever items were bought would be taken away.
  11. Ultimately, DE are the ones who decide what fits and what doesn't, and the Eros wings evidently made the cut, since they stayed after their respective event ended. Since it allows me to turn into a literal angel of death, I have to say I agree.
  12. Even if we don't get a manual material picker, it would be nice if they could at least make it so that things like helmets would take on the materials of the body skin you select. Same for Spoiler Mode stuff. Most of the armour sets are pretty much incompatible with each other (which is annoying, but understandable), and there are some that don't even match up within their own set (which is less so). Koppra hood and body, I'm looking at you.
  13. You're forgetting the health orb drops, which as far as I'm aware is exclusive to Desecrate (and with Despoil, it becomes the only loot power to be guaranteed to be both self-sustaining and constantly active regardless of energy drain effects). Not saying I wouldn't love to see changes made to his kit. Altering Shadows of the Dead to work more like his Prime trailer (a passive aura that infects and reanimates corpses as zombies) would be pretty cool, and could be pretty powerful if the resulting horde's melee attacks scaled off of your melee mods.
  14. Well, our main advantage is that we are beings of the Void, and thus anathema to them.
  15. For the record, I took my Bleeder Epitaph into an anomaly yesterday. Without any application of Viral (since I loathe what that particular proc has done to the game's balance, pretty much none of my general use builds feature it), it was killing Symbilysts in 3-4 hits (assuming that the shot both didn't hit an arm and did cause a proc), and those procs still did full damage on every tick even after the enemy adapted.
  16. Seconded. When fighting Sentients before, my main thought wasn't "oh how scary", it was "oh, I can't wait for this thing to kill my Sentinel in 5 seconds and invalidate a lot of my favourite weapons". There are more advanced Sentients (both in development and in the game already) that can serve the purpose of intimidation, what the faction was sorely needing was fodder.
  17. Technically, it's actually the other way around. Tenno are effectively a hard counter to Sentients.
  18. Ah yes, the typical "pro-gamer" glib dismissal, which assumes that a dislike of a given enemy type is automatically symptomatic of an inability to defeat them. However shall I recover? I can beat them just fine, it's just not enjoyable to lose your source of radar/vacuum within a few seconds of the fight starting because they got caught in the blast radius of a shot that you dodged. There's also the fact that AOE makes blocking pointless, since the blast will damage you (and your Sentinel) even if the projectile gets blocked. Hell, if they stripped away the AOE from most of the Sentients' units and replaced it with homing so the shots were harder to dodge in compensation, I'd be cool with that.
  19. While we're at it, if we're changing the Sentients to make fighting them en-masse more reasonable, could the team possibly do something about their AOE spam? Every projectile but the Brachiolyst's has a blast radius, and having your sentinel die because a Symbilist started pelting you with the equivalent of an automatic rocket launcher isn't much fun (I avoided the remastered Corpus tileset for almost a year for the exact same reason).
  20. Same here. The thing just keeps spitting toxin clouds at me with no spawn pods. If it helps narrow things down for the devs, I entered the stage's AOE in my Necramech. Edit: According to Redtext a fix has been deployed.
  21. A penalty for failure? Because that's all it is. If you end up in a reset zone, you messed up. Most games that feature parkour/platforming will have a penalty for falling out of bounds. Warframe's is one of the most lenient ones I've encountered.
  22. The irony in my case is that the one time I played the game while stoned (something that happened unintentionally due to a mix-up with a shared fridge), my in-game performance was on-par with normal, and even better in some instances (such as having a much more keen awareness of my environment and how best to move through it. My overall accuracy was also improved, to the point where I went from spraying and praying to constantly getting headshots). Not sure what that says about me, if anything, but it was certainly an interesting experience (albeit not one I intend to repeat).
  23. Not really been something people react to, now that you can remove it as soon as it's visible. It was having to wait so long with the ugly, colour-mismatched spot on your frame that was the point of contention.
  24. Slight correction: That's not Nakak, it's just a random Ostron kid. Nakak wears a Trinity mask, and also looks different beneath it.
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