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  1. Actually, we only killed the higher ups. The rest were killed by either the Infestation or the Grineer rebellion. This is why I said the Orokin had it coming. If we hadn't done it, something else would have. Ever notice how (with the possible exception of the infestation) every single thing that factored into the Empire's downfall was one of their own creations?
  2. Anything that lets the player (or characters in general) effect change on the world is by definition not grimdark. There are two axes that come into play when defining a work in these terms: Bright vs Dark, and Grim vs Noble. The former refers to the overall state of the setting (not the tone, contrary to popular belief. Some of the books in the 40K setting are outright comedic in places, such as the Ciaphus Cain novels). The latter refers to whether or not the actions of a few ordinary people can effect meaningful change. 40K is grimdark not because of its tone, but because any attempt to better the galaxy is ultimately doomed to failure. Since the player's choices can cause wildly differing endings in the Dishonored games, the setting would be more appropriately categorised as Nobledark to start off, with the good ending marking a transition toward Noblebright. With these standards, Warframe would probably be placed in the middle on both axes, with a slight leaning toward Grim (since while the Tenno do often keep the situation from getting worse, we haven't really accomplished much when it comes to removing the current powers that be from their positions) and Dark (Despite its presentation, since outside of a few isolated spaces which are all under threat anyway, there isn't really a place in the Origin system that would be pleasant to live in). See above.
  3. Except it's clear from even a cursory glance that the game is buckling under the weight of its own power creep. Players complaining about having nothing to do, only caring about what rewards an activity gives, angry at the developers for not making enough content to satisfy them, while simultaneously burning through months of development work in mere days. All of this is symptomatic of the fact that the current gameplay isn't satisfying enough on its own merits (and before you argue that this isn't the case, the developers have explicitly acknowledged that this is an issue they need to overcome). Evidently not to you, given how much you seem determined to rail against it. There's no such thing as a "point of no return" in development. And what type of balance is that? Because all I've seen from the anti-balance crowd are strawman arguments saying that the pro-balance crowd wants to be a soulslike when pretty much nobody is actually asking for that. This just tells me you have no idea what is actually causing the imbalances we want to resolve. Given that the result of a game-wide balancing pass would be a game that is actually enjoyable for more than just rewards, I disagree strongly. As previously explained, that's impossible. Again, how do you make a challenge for a player who can disable (or outright kill) every enemy with a single button press from the next room over? Defeatist rhetoric like this exposes that you don't actually care about balance. The problem is not unsolvable (hell, one player has even come up with a set of modding restrictions that would fix most of the issues in one go if paired with a tweak to enemy stat scaling. The solution isn't just possible, you can test it for yourself in the current game). And to me that's the exact wrong way to solve the issue. Reducing the concept of "challenge" to a gear check, while throttling the number of viable options to a fraction of what could be used.
  4. And this is why balance is needed. You can't be engaged with a game if you've switched it off, which is what excessive power lets you do.
  5. Sounds bad, until you remember that the Orokin really had it coming. Even the Entrati explicitly state that the Empire needed to fall.
  6. Congratulations, you've just removed what is supposed to be one of the game's strengths: The diversity and customisation of weapons, warframes and mods. And I would have to wonder exactly what this content would entail, given that there's pretty much no way to make an enemy that's threatening to us.
  7. And I don't suppose the fact that even in 2019 they said it would be a while before we got it would change your beliefs? Honestly, I have to wonder why people are so quick to assume that if something isn't the developers' main focus it's been scrapped. Projects can be placed on the backburner, y'know, and the New War kinda takes priority given that it was promised first.
  8. We've had news: It's on hold until at least after the New War comes out.
  9. Speak for yourself. Capital ship/infantry gameplay is literally what I got into the hobby for.
  10. Hey, like I said, the coincidence made it amusing. My entire style of humour is built on serendipity, and it was clear that you didn't mean it with hostility. I like to believe it's ultimately a matter of people thinking that they're the first person to make a given joke, and it doesn't occur to them just how tiresome it can be on the other end if they aren't. Regardless, this is off topic, so I think I'll leave it at that.
  11. Apparently there's been a bottleneck at some stage in production (either Animation or Sound), and they've been too focused on other, more pressing projects to complete what is ultimately a fairly low-impact rework. Also, as a side note, it's an amusing coincidence that you referred to the amendment to your other post as a "Corvid-19 injection", since at the time you were typing that I was having my second jab. Normally that joke annoys me (as I've had this name since 2013), but I'll let it slide just this once.
  12. They're the rework of Sprag and Venkra Tel, the minibosses you fight in Void/Derelict Sabotage missions, in case you were wondering.
  13. As the title indicates, I would personally prefer if the Verv Ephemera's hexagons were set to always match the Warframe (IE: if the hexagon has one of its sides go up the front of the frame, it would do so regardless of which direction the player turned to face, with the same applying to the arm hexagons). Example screenshots of current behaviour within Spoiler box.
  14. Tried it, pacing wasn't to my liking. It (among others) was what I was referring to with my second sentence.
  15. You do realise that when the game first came out, DE were on the verge of bankruptcy, right? The first publically available release was basically just a proof of concept that they'd scrabbled together in a year. If the game had been subscription based back then, it likely wouldn't exist today, and if it switched to such a model while people were playing, it would likely have resulted in a mass-exodus of players. Also, "Free to play" doesn't mean that the devs don't want to be paid for their work, and the fact that you think it does reeks of either entitlement or naivety (I shall let you decide which you prefer).
  16. Anyone who thinks that "Magical Girl" automatically means "Bright and Happy" has clearly never played Princess: The Hopeful. Or watched actual MG series, for that matter.
  17. That's... actually a really good suggestion. If unconfirmed plat is untradeable, it can still be used for market items with the caveat that if a chargeback occurs, whatever items were bought would be taken away.
  18. Ultimately, DE are the ones who decide what fits and what doesn't, and the Eros wings evidently made the cut, since they stayed after their respective event ended. Since it allows me to turn into a literal angel of death, I have to say I agree.
  19. Even if we don't get a manual material picker, it would be nice if they could at least make it so that things like helmets would take on the materials of the body skin you select. Same for Spoiler Mode stuff. Most of the armour sets are pretty much incompatible with each other (which is annoying, but understandable), and there are some that don't even match up within their own set (which is less so). Koppra hood and body, I'm looking at you.
  20. You're forgetting the health orb drops, which as far as I'm aware is exclusive to Desecrate (and with Despoil, it becomes the only loot power to be guaranteed to be both self-sustaining and constantly active regardless of energy drain effects). Not saying I wouldn't love to see changes made to his kit. Altering Shadows of the Dead to work more like his Prime trailer (a passive aura that infects and reanimates corpses as zombies) would be pretty cool, and could be pretty powerful if the resulting horde's melee attacks scaled off of your melee mods.
  21. Well, our main advantage is that we are beings of the Void, and thus anathema to them.
  22. For the record, I took my Bleeder Epitaph into an anomaly yesterday. Without any application of Viral (since I loathe what that particular proc has done to the game's balance, pretty much none of my general use builds feature it), it was killing Symbilysts in 3-4 hits (assuming that the shot both didn't hit an arm and did cause a proc), and those procs still did full damage on every tick even after the enemy adapted.
  23. Seconded. When fighting Sentients before, my main thought wasn't "oh how scary", it was "oh, I can't wait for this thing to kill my Sentinel in 5 seconds and invalidate a lot of my favourite weapons". There are more advanced Sentients (both in development and in the game already) that can serve the purpose of intimidation, what the faction was sorely needing was fodder.
  24. Technically, it's actually the other way around. Tenno are effectively a hard counter to Sentients.
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