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  1. -NR-Zodiac

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.8

    can we expect soon to see what kitgun part gives us MR? What About different K-Drive Parts that actually Change up the Stats? Or what K-Drive Parts give MR if even Any K-Drive Part gives MR, we still have to get Mod Capacity either so why not let us get MR by Ranking it up. What MOA Parts give MR? When can we Expect People able to take down the Exploiter Orb's / Profit Taker orb? Any Unique Orb Only Rewards, Please don't cluster with old Event mods as they just push down certain Prices even more. ( eg Fanged Fussilade etc ) Can we this time expect more than 2 repetetive Landscape Events? ( Looking at ghouls and Plague Star ) Any Plans on Opening up the Orokin Dig Site as it would've been alot of potential to include Sentients at this Location ( Inner Vault ) ?
  2. -NR-Zodiac

    Fortuna: Live Now on PC!

    bad mood? Sorry? where was i hostile towards you in any way? im not. simple as that i don't have the need to compare games that couldn't be any differently.
  3. -NR-Zodiac

    Fortuna: Live Now on PC!

    2nd. only because you brought up this dumb comparison again take the energy you apparently use to compare games and make forum posts on how to improve the game.
  4. -NR-Zodiac

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.2

    No changes to the new Sword and it taking 4 Formas ( up to Level 40, to max it out ), to release the true potentcial of it? i mean afterall as of Right now it's not usefull as Lua / Sentients are only a Thing if we decide to do a Survival there.
  5. -NR-Zodiac

    - impact on rubico?

    with lets say 100% impact you get other Damage Types to proc more often i have a CC MS -Impact Rubico riven and it procs slash quite often level 120 Bombards are one hits right away, Heavy Gunners ill just shoot and watch them get drained by an massive 17k Slash Proc
  6. yeah not sure in the first place if i would've ever bothered to farm that standing LOL 180's a bit extreme but as i know relic pack luck of mine, i'd probably end up with 3 or maybe 4 of the new ones
  7. exactly, probably only reason im bringing this up because it really doesn't make sense how it is dealt with; and only reason im buying syndicate relic packs is because of either a new Prime Access or Prime Unvault. although Chances are i don't even get 1 relic eventhough i did syndicate missions for 2 weeks straight ( which i'm doing atm )
  8. the Main Prob i see here is, if we'd buy over market with Platinum, it quite makes sense, We get 5 Relics for 50 Plat; that's 10P Each Relic But Syndicate Relics doesn't make a whole lot sense; and yeah i took Ingame Premium Currency ( Plat ) And Farmable ingame Standing in Consideration, and yes Premium ingame Currency, should give somewhat of an Advantage. Also i took in consideration that one of the Relics is Guaranteed Rare, but that counts in both ways Market aswell as Syndicate Relic Packs But wouldn't it make more sense to Adjust the Syndicate relics a bit? to Either Lower down the Standing cost of Syndicate Relic Packs down to 15k to adjust the Standing Price / Relic Amount. Or Simply add 1 more Relic to each Relic Pack to even the Cost / Amount out again.
  9. -NR-Zodiac

    Wts Vectis Riven

    +2.7 Punch Through +139,3% CC +88,4 Multishot -42,7% Fire Rate - Polarity 350 ( not a Big Fan of Vectis / Vectis P ) 28 Re-Rolls PM / Invite me Ingame
  10. -NR-Zodiac

    Update 23.6.0 -- Where are you?!

    but what are the rewards?
  11. -NR-Zodiac

    The Sacrifice: Update 23.2.0

    here we go again, taking a deep dive into the No Content Zone
  12. -NR-Zodiac

    QOL Update 23.2.0 Tomorrow!

    saw it but the content lately was, well sadly disappointing for MR 25's or people that own Nyx P / Rhino P Already
  13. -NR-Zodiac

    QOL Update 23.2.0 Tomorrow!

    no new content though? noggles are fine i guess.. for people that bother collecting those, but no revenant or anything? ...
  14. -NR-Zodiac

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.17.3

    no news on when khora is going to be released or finally some content ( talking about weapons or a Frame ) no news about the 2x Hok strikes? What about the really urgently needed Eidolon Fixes? or News Adressing the Abyssal Kuva Survival?
  15. -NR-Zodiac

    Server Troubles Part 2

    Yes, hello?