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  1. -NR-Zodiac

    Wts Vectis Riven

    +2.7 Punch Through +139,3% CC +88,4 Multishot -42,7% Fire Rate - Polarity 350 ( not a Big Fan of Vectis / Vectis P ) PM / Invite me Ingame
  2. -NR-Zodiac

    Update 23.6.0 -- Where are you?!

    but what are the rewards?
  3. https://scontent-frt3-2.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.15752-9/40224847_298093984112578_2554035214900789248_n.jpg?_nc_cat=0&oh=b11db2864837056dd516f2ea6112aab7&oe=5C00B10F i'm pretty sure it has to do something with it getting Changed with Melee 3.0 to an Less Useless Mod; but now it has even less Use Not Sure if Intended But i'll report this other Bug here aswell Trading has been over the weekend a horror, People are Thrown into Different Instances of the Dojo and don't appear on Trading Post List
  4. -NR-Zodiac

    Invisible trading glitch?

    i mean sure, there is Maroos aswell, but you rather get people not having the MR it needs, or can play , you're forced to stay on Maroos till you sold your stuff, and as someone that needs to do Dojo Stuff ( Researching Weapons Etc ) i'd love to in Solo Run and just Extract if someone Copy Pastas me from Warframe.Market also Maroos is Way Less Efficient
  5. -NR-Zodiac

    Invisible trading glitch?

    anyway Cheers for make a Post about it, didn't know if there was one or Not, checked earlier but didn't saw one
  6. -NR-Zodiac

    Invisible trading glitch?

    Yeah Exactly this Problem, thought i'd sell the Prisma Twin Gremlins, Volt Sets, Nyx Set, Rhino Set and whatever i have laying around atm Yeah No, DE not wanting us to Trade or anything Like i seriously hope this'll get fixed asap
  7. -NR-Zodiac

    You couldn't find anything better?

    their game, their things they do, don't like it? do it better, that's how it always been
  8. -NR-Zodiac

    The Sacrifice: Update 23.2.0

    here we go again, taking a deep dive into the No Content Zone
  9. -NR-Zodiac

    QOL Update 23.2.0 Tomorrow!

    no new content though? noggles are fine i guess.. for people that bother collecting those, but no revenant or anything? ...
  10. -NR-Zodiac

    Masteryrank Grand Master

    iirc theres some kind of thing that unlocks every achievement for every game if you'd play payday 2 chances are that you come across someone that has used it alot OR Test Accounts etc from DE
  11. -NR-Zodiac

    Wts Lato V BP / Braton V BP

    Lato V / Braton V BP 200 Each Peculiar Bloom - 300 Please PM or Offer here, Have Chat suspension atm
  12. -NR-Zodiac

    WTS Braton Vandal Stock

    got it, while you were gone guess really bad timing
  13. -NR-Zodiac

    WTS Braton Vandal Stock

    you on?
  14. -NR-Zodiac

    WTS Braton Vandal Stock

    reserve it for me please, inviting asap im done with elite run
  15. -NR-Zodiac

    Anyone having server problems just now?

    someone make a primed mod Meme -Content +Ddos Attacks