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  1. oh boy this sounds like a really bad copy of Destiny's Gambit.
  2. so, we getting next Dev-Stream news about New War / Railjack or is that from Autumn 2019 -> Q1-Q2 2020? no mention of Kuva Seer getting a Increase in Max Ammo as 4 mags is quite mediocre?
  3. Not Sure, if i wanted to be it the way you guys do, i'd Rather have the read on this Post ( Yes it's mine. )
  4. should be like that, that we don't get duplicates until we have EVERY weapon atleast once.
  5. Stockpiled Kuva Weapons: Receiving a better duplicate Kuva weapon after you’ve put work/Forma into an existing one can feel rather disappointing. With that in mind, we’re working on a “duplicate consumption” mechanic where you can combine 2 of the same Kuva weapons, thus transferring its buffs while preserving your Forma and Exilus investment, ergo relieving you of your inner turmoil. is this some kind out of season Joke? Duplicate Kuva Weapons shouldn't be a thing in the First Place.
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