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  1. as said, Index Host Migrations are still a massive Problem, if People have a few Points stacked up / and / or want to Continue but Host does not want to Continue, the Game Simply says No. im talking about i can't move, chat disappears, nothing yet Enemys still can Kill me and Eventually Score Points. How is this Months Old Bug still in the Game?
  2. cuz DE literally told us double credit weekend + something to cool off to. or last night Prime Time. they literally can't give us any Info as to are we going to get it? yes? no? When? Trivago?
  3. rewards that make sense. 10k up to 25k Kuva, it's a Intermission we shouldn't be Punished with 1/5 of what a Nightwave Season Gives, in this case Intermission is Nightwave Season 1.5 bridging to 2.0. 3 Orokin Cells , this is just flat out a Joke from DE. but ofc, it's for newer Players right. Rift Sigil, well whoever does not own it yet, is going to be stoked for this one as its besides Verlorum P Sigil probably the Best one Out there. Aura Forma was a great Idea, no sarcasm, i really mean it. 3x Forma Bundle is great too But now we come to the I hate to see it part Orokin Reactor / Catalyst. i have 70 Each, and none bought, new Players love to see that appearing but what about old players though that literally have tons on tons of those 2? it's just gonna be 1 more in the keep on expanding List. Nora Cred Rewards / Gamma Color Picker are in best Case for people that care about Fashion Frame or need even more Reactors / Catalysts or forgot a Weapon like Plasma sword alike or need a Aura they don't have, in that case Veterans get Cucked once again, too bad i simply don't care about Fashion Frame at all, i would rather want an Endgame for once, you can't deny it as there is none, fashionframe does not count and is at best a poor excuse. Endo? Why Endo? Arbitration is already flooded with Endo, Everyother game mode has Endo as Reward. again a Veteran does not need Endo alot as they have a crap ton either. in this case, it is a if the Shoe Fits Scenario. what do you mean, " what do you even need bigger rewards for if you already have everything " you made this one up mate, never have i said that i already have everything. Bruh you gotta learn how to read properly
  4. that's about it then. if we get a Intermission which is fine , never complained about it nor will. but id rather see half of the rewards that Season 1 was. Aura Forma can stay, but make 25k Kuva instead of 10k. about orokin cells - well Yeah we know that DE rather caters towards newer players instead of Old Ones. which is still sad to see. but can't Change DE's Mindset.
  5. oh well, another slap to people that are not new.
  6. can we just get Nightwave Season 2? players that have Vauban P or alike to Level are atm Limited behind a "we gotta wait cuz we wanted to sync All Platforms" Wall. this is just simply not it Chief. not sure if 1 month if not longer inbetween seasons seem the right thing to do, id argue that it's never the best thing to do. Also, can we get some more transperity as to what rewards we can expect? atleast let us know anything about Season 2.
  7. ayy i waited for our Lord and Savior, too bad he didn't get first comment this time, can he redeem himself next time? is he Thanos for DE? Can he Destroy half DE's Popularity with one Finger Snap? Find out in the Next Episode of Hotfix / Update / Mainline #*!%-A-Roo
  8. im not disappointed seeing Lord and Savior Voltage this high up, really makes my day
  9. don't mind me, casually looking after a Comment of Our Beloved Senpai Voltage
  10. so, @[DE]Rebecca any news regarding a status update?
  11. ayyy there is my senpai Voltage with the QoL "demands"
  12. are we atleast getting Events this Month?
  13. Still no Added K-Drive in Equipment so we finally know what to go for? Still no Kitgun tab Either? Also, when can we finally expect a Nightwatch Grineer Event back as i still need those Scans OR Event as in General.
  14. can we expect soon to see what kitgun part gives us MR? What About different K-Drive Parts that actually Change up the Stats? Or what K-Drive Parts give MR if even Any K-Drive Part gives MR, we still have to get Mod Capacity either so why not let us get MR by Ranking it up. What MOA Parts give MR? When can we Expect People able to take down the Exploiter Orb's / Profit Taker orb? Any Unique Orb Only Rewards, Please don't cluster with old Event mods as they just push down certain Prices even more. ( eg Fanged Fussilade etc ) Can we this time expect more than 2 repetetive Landscape Events? ( Looking at ghouls and Plague Star ) Any Plans on Opening up the Orokin Dig Site as it would've been alot of potential to include Sentients at this Location ( Inner Vault ) ?
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