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  1. so Basically a Less Usefull version of the Destiny 2 Extension that is out for Longer?
  2. nice to see an Answer though. it could be Implemented over Conclave as People iirc are Hosting Servers or something Similar, haven't Touched Conclave in a While. Also, you could make a Precursor Quest between a Choice that you have to make You Either go Teshin or Simaris; Both Different Vendors for said Gamemode. Choice made, Determines what Team you get on, and what Vendor you're with, and what type of rewards you can choose from. i'd Say, to make it more Fair of an Gamemode, Mods should be Deactivated by Default.
  3. Hear me Out; An Gambit from Destiny Inspired Gamemode in Warframe Short Form; PVEVP. 2 Teams at each up to 4 Player compete against each other in Seperate Maps ( Could use Sentient Ship Anomaly as Example, Or Earth's Iron Wake or an Jupiter Tileset ) Each Team has to kill Enemies and Bank them at a Certain Point. Points could be Either Sentient Cores for Sentients, Crowns for Corpus OR Something i have yet to think about for Grineer. after Reaching Certain Milestones/Progress( 25,50,75,100 and then each 90 Seconds ), Each Time can Invade the Other Team and Kill Players halting their Progress and Set them Back. First Team to Reach 100 Points does Spawn in an Boss with Increased HP + Armor But has to Figure out how to get to the DPS Phase ( Obviously Not going to be a 1 Phase Boss as it would only be a Question of, who can get to 100 Score First ) as to Rewards, i'd go with what depends said Faction has, for Grineer i'd go with Kuva, 1 or 2 New Grineer Themed Weapons For Sentients id probably would go with Teralyst, Hydrolyst (and that other thicc boi's ) Arcanes, 1 or 2 New Sentient Themed Weapons For Corpus; still not sure as to what i would go with. But 1 or 2 New Weapons. Might would cater to fashion frame aswell and Include an New Faction Themed Skin for Frames that are Fitting the Most Depending on Faction. Maybe give the Gamemode some New Currency and a Vendor ( Like Arbiter of Hexis' for Arbitration ) And Rotate Vendor Pool Each Reset; ( Incl Gamemode Themed Skins, Gamemode Themed Consumables eg you Can Carry More Points or Alike ) Open for Suggestions as to what i could Change / Add
  4. Surely didn't saw this one Coming Something Makes fun? Better Nerf DE nowadays really doesn't know what they want
  5. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  6. whatever happens i don't wanna see AGGP to be in whatever new partner programm is.
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