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    Eidolon Hunts

    That is a good idea! Thank you!
  2. _Nobody_

    Eidolon Hunts

    Can people who are not prepared for anything 3x3 and higher stop joining these sessions? And can hosts take it upon themselves to check peoples profiles before they join? They are clearly not ready and waist valuable time in game and real life. I am not a pro, I only have 100 cap of each but, Example - I played with a chroma who had 200 Terry caps. And about 25-40 each of Garry and Harry. He said in confidence that of those 200 caps, 195 of them was from solo. Uhhh congrats? That literally tells me you have no idea how to work with a team. He was getting mad at me for a lure not being charged for Garry. Mind you, I am playing Trin. Which I took the first two shields of Terry, dropped off 2 lures, then picked up 5. How is this on Trin players? I dropped a Lure for him to get to fast charge and he couldn't understand why. Please, I don't like being toxic but joining something you are not ready for is unfair for real life people like yourselves and ourselves. Start with Tridolon and work your way up.
  3. There wasn't even bullet jumping, exilus or syndicates mods. Only Boltor and Soma. Used. By. Everyone. And I mean, EVERYONE.
  4. So. Take a break from playing for a bit. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. The community as a whole takes breaks from this game.
  5. I don’t understand. Take a max range Mag with you to ESO VS a Saryn. You will get more focus than the Saryn using her 1 and 3. It is obviously situational dependent like all things in this game is but Saryn is not, by any means, OP. The mods people build her with is what make her OP. But that takes work and effort.
  6. Stop. Pablo did great with Saryn. Don’t ruin it. It went in chronological order - Saryn is a God, Saryn is now terrible, and now Saryn is great.
  7. I like this. Though her passive, perhaps when she revives she gives a boost to shields or health to the player she revived?
  8. I remember a time, a long time in the past, that this game was considered the hardest free to play title on the market. And the community, well at least the beginner and mid game player experience, complained about how hard it was. Now it’s too easy? Hmmm how times change.
  9. That will probably make the game run like garbage on low end machines. Now if it were an option in the settings menu...sure!
  10. I thought that MR was suppose to give an idea to other players how much of the games content they have experienced?
  11. This. This. This. We need this.
  12. Aren’t you suppose to prestige after rank 30? And each level gives you 15 credits? Am I missing something?
  13. The reverted the loot frames! Happy day!
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