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  1. So let me get this straight- A new big open world New mechanics (K-Drive) and enemies Detailed interior buildings Caves The best the DE team can come up with was - All four members stay together at fractures All four members defend fractures Similar to mobile defense/excavation All players huddle inside Frost's globe All payers fall asleep inside Limbo's cataclysm Why not make the event have something to do with the Vent Kids? We have skateboarding in the game and nothing of this is touched to shake up the game play. Why not have teams of two? One team defends the fracture while the other two has to go hack something inside one of the very detailed buildings? I suggest hiring a small team who exclusively works on events because this is a snore fest.
  2. I have to admit, this was the most fun I have had in Warframe in a long time. It reminded me of the days of u16/u17. Back then you had to get in chat, get a crew together, coordinate with your team and execute it. And that is what happened tonight. Four random people all sent friend requests and all accepted it. We ran with a slow Nova, Octavia, Nekros and Inaros. We had a few close calls with it dropping below 20% but we kept it going. We did not give up. That is what Warframe was to me back then and I felt with the new star chart and void prime farming rework, it changed. u19 was needed, but it took organized teamwork out of Warframe. If this is the introduction back into a more polished team work objectives game play, then I want more of it! (Not the best for solo players but it is a co-op game so, I don't know solo only players. Work with others from time to time.)
  3. Moas can be found in the inventory for mastery. It's awkward but it's there. KDrives are not...nor did I know they had mastery tied to them till I read your post...
  4. Do something about Nyx! I stil don't want to play her as she stands.
  5. Toroids drop rate Make them better.
  6. Best year for Warframe thus far. You guys have made the game much more polished!
  7. Did not expect all of this to drop today VERY good job DE!
  8. Ok, perhaps I will try Onslaught again...Good job DE.
  9. I'm going to leave you with very important instructions - Take out Stranlgedome Replace with Exalted Whip
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