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  1. As a person who has been expecting ANYTHING in regards of balance, and nerfs for over a year now. I've lost all hope.
  2. Come back, be active again. Altho Vauban and Ember's rework makes me think DE wants to go all out on the power fantasy.
  3. I don't know where to begin... I no longer dedicate to being concerned about Warframe's balance anymore... So, I'll cut this short. Players complain a lot for 'bad rewards, lackluster, nothing to do, etc etc...' This is caused by a discrepancy of viability between overpowered weapons and the average stuff. You fix that by bringing the whole to a level, nerf, no other word around it. You give value to lower assets by decreasing the gap between them and the overpowered broken stuff running around the game. Introducing more ways to multiply damage, like the new Arcanes with further damage multipliers doesn't make weak weapons competitive, it makes stuff that's already off the chart further overpowered ridiculous. More Armor doesn't make low armor frames viable, it makes Chroma, Inaros, Rhino's tankiness further broken OP. It only makes the whole of it, worse. Now... why someone thought the game needed to introduce new Arcanes with further everything-multipliers, is beyond comprehension...
  4. Power "freedom" Fantasy and one shotting mobs needs to go for good. And never be a thing in this game, ever again.
  5. Stop watching streamers that call anything content draught. yet DE has never shipped as many updates as it did in 2019 this far. We've entirely new tilesets and map reworks along with frames and weapons, Mogamu at this point is just firing at any direction. Warframe has one main problem. Balance. If there is a meta going on that makes every frame or build look underwhelming, that feeling will apply to every future content the devs try to introduce into the game. I literaly gave up trying to address this subject but it's this simple: Balance keeps people entertained, trying out different things because they are all worth the time, a player ultimately enters a quest to find him/herself, to find a build he/she is confortable with, not to overpower one, this can be virtually a endless experience. People enjoy that a lot of times without being aware of it. Any new update is a possibility of expanding those options. Meta does precisely the opposite. Meta is a hype of overkilling stuff, every new content only provides entertainment long enough untill proven underpowered or dismissable. And then they call it 'content draught'. The power fantasy addiction shoved so deep in that place that they don't want to admit it to be the problem.
  6. Thanks for the pick DE, been looking for a oportunity to show these statues live. Congratz to the winners. And to the not-winners as well, pretty sure you put enough effort into your own dojos. For who shows up at the dojo by then. I did intend for some eye candies to require some exploring. (Particulary not a fan of an overpopulation of transporters). The Dragon for instance does not have a transporter that leads directly to it, tho the things you'll find on the way there will be worth your time. All ships (4), can be entered, either from the back or bellow, you have to crouch to reach their cockpits, and make sure you have the sit emote equiped (I'm sorry I tried to make it not sound lewd). Wish you the best vacations Rebb.
  7. Meta was rare. And could be overlooked or just avoided entirely by aborting 1 mission per day. You could achieve your goal with any frame or gun through struggle. As opposite to relying on meta frames or guns.
  8. Better to shard right away them keep it. Dat laugh is allways worth it.
  9. There is also a S#&$ ton of people (raises hand) who simply got sick tired of stating how much new content will get washed off by the meta, and... we simply stopped doing it. Doesn't mean that we changed our oppinions at all, we just got sick of trying to voice it. I used to say this long before PoE even droped: "People are just gonna run ahead of the team with the biggest aoe they can, like they do everywhere else" and it got so much worse since then... Key problem imo is scaling. Buffing other weapons aint gonna solve anything, nor buffing mobs. It's literaly ONLY GOING TO MAKE IT WORSE. Because, well, scaling. I don't understand how can people look at frames that can do over 10x the damage of another and think that's ok. Meanwhile on other games a character with 30% dmg above the others is considered a dps or carry. Also, buffing older mods/abilities/mobs has been done long enough to prove it's not helping.
  10. It's a lot simpler really. Resumes to "don't change the formula". The public's reception is as simple as "I can relate to this". Change it and buckle up for some backlash. Contrary to what the industry and what devs like to say: nobody really has to accept change. This skin would have been perfect for some other frames. I'd be all over it if it were Volt's deluxe skin. But my girl Ivara is supposed to be the most adorable frame with a big dangly head with large hips which that somehow look like a bunny (Hitsusan got it). And I'm not agreeing with big variations of that concept (that's why we have other frames to begin with). Just as I'm not agreeing with the full non balanced power fantasy direction the game has taken. Changes are bad all around. It's not a matter of what is good or bad, it's a matter of relying on a concept that you already presented to the public, and why would you change it after the public has decided it likes it.
  11. It's been done already. It's called Ivara Youkai Skin There is also Rekkou's skin which is ok too.
  12. If there are two lines of development, A and B. and A is succesful, it doesn't immediatly means that B couldn't have turned out even better. When parkour got reworked the devs introduced the stamina bar, then removed it almost immediatly at player demand. We never tried it long enough to see how it'd fit in the game. Now, there is a pretty big number of adventure games out there from Minecraft to Monster Hunter that rely on a stamina gimmick to keep the abuse of a few mechanics checked. They seem to do it succesfully enough.
  13. All frames nerfed/balanced across the board... is... the... ideal scenery tho...
  14. Endgame was never the issue with Warframe. There are different levels of challenge all across the board. Problem is, devs can't help but keep popping out uber unecessary way to scale player damage, nukes, etc... In the game's current state, introducing a challenge mod with +150 lvl mobs will only escalate the power abuse and further increasing the difference between the frames because some of them are so #*!%ing powerfull still. ANY FURTHER CHALLENGE regardless of what you can achieve, WILL NOT HAVE A DIFFERENT RESULT. It'd only make the difference between Meta and non-meta all the more expressive. Wanna know the ONLY solution? it's NERF. All across the board. Player damage. player Nuke range, mob armor/helath. Dare I say even player mobility needs to be reconsidered. Break everyoby's legs And to STOP introducing ways to multiply damage into immesurable numbers. It's actually silly to think that damage scaling into ridiculous unpredictable values is allowed to happen.
  15. So, balancing is just not a subject anymore...
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