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  1. That was the most transparency I saw from any developer in many months. Lookiing forward to all them things. And it has plenty for all play styles.
  2. Great Stream, truly. The most transparency I've seen devs do in many months accross gaming. Fair and just.
  3. A Friend to all Tenno. A different take on Lotus By me. Duduminador
  4. I don't know... expanding the Railjack missions is a plus but I'm salty about seeing the third speed boost since release, and this time followed by removel of stamina... Parkur 2.0... anyone? But I guess this is more like sprinting with the Railjack rather than what Parkur 2 did... Still I was happy with the idea that the Railjack was a Dropship rather than a fighter... Since it's release we've seen it one-shot Grineer crew ships and become as nimble as a fighter. This is that kind of q.o.l. update that rules out the possibility of introducing actual fighter jets in the future... bec
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