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  1. Gonna give this a try. Day 1: - Mother - (it's Rebb, just in case) Day 2 - Orokin - Nihil Day 3 - Void - DEs Danielle and Megan's credit balance as of Home Time #26 - For a good cause. Day 4 - Flight - Railjack Day 5 - Corpus - Moa Day 6 - Stealth Day 7 - Warrior Day 8 - Deimos
  2. Basic Volt. Actually still mess around with him before making major changes to my main pal. I actually think shock is my favorite 1st ability around. But I'd rather build a third volt if I ever want to subsuming it.
  3. Are you going to submit a ticket when Wisp gets inevitably primed...?
  4. It's really no simple task. Community managers must speak in behalf of the game's directors/direction. You can't have a head of community management that comes to devstreams to question the decisions taken by the higher ups "hey, I disagree with what you guys are doing to the game's balance". And yet, to bring statistics to the devstreams and say "this frame is being used the most" or "abilities X and Y are the major picks of the Helminth system, what does that tell us?" is still trying to say something. You people don't understand how delicate this is. There is a sea of things you c
  5. Will the Helminth "mouth" replace the little medical capsule at the far back of the room?
  6. EDIT: Ignore this post. Just reaiterating how it can't be balanced yada-yada, it's been said enough times already.
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