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  1. Can't tell which of the upcoming features makes me more excited!
  2. Shattered Frames Ghost Clan PC Founding Warlord Standard Hall - Featured Image - Your spawning point The character portraited here is loosely based on Classic She-Ra, arguably only a silhouette. Based on a ship from an old Snes Game, Axelay, ship has same name. It was afavorite of mine, both as sidescroller and ship designs, some of the pixel enemy ships are amazing. I still want to give a try at them, some day. Axelay's back. This is actually not the first time I built a ship with interiors, notice that the part used for door/hatch is clip through, and can be walked by as long as you crouch. Axelay's cockpit. This is achieved by a combination of pieces with collision boxes, that restrain the player to a small spot within the ship, and a set of clip-through decorations, which allows the player to get in some real proximity to them. The Tenno Star Fighter but it has wings... - Shuddup. wings are cool, in space too, besides you can fill them with... ... stuff... ... In my imaginary world the wings are part of the Spatial-Displacement-Drive and are in fact needed to warp space around a ship Tenno Star Fighter's back ... and they need huge Thursters with varying sizes too... Tenno Star Fighter's cockpit Because if it can be done... Aya-Tan playing a Ukulele (it was meant to be a guitar but it's too small) - There is actually a protorype on her in my Orbiter, looks pretty much the same. Artificial Habitat, consist mostly of a play with lighting, fog and scales. Cover the skybox. Give fog enough distance to do it's own thing. A figure simply dubbed as Dragon Lady. Quite literaly I couldn't decide whether to do a Dragon or a another female bot. However long ago I had removed a gigantic female figure I had sitting at another Observatory (currently turned into the Artificial Habitat one), it had a very similar pose too. I thought I was somewhat in debt with that figure, it wasn't my best build but it's shear size amazed some people. I like to think I brought it back in an updated visual. A Robot inspired by Gundam aesthetics. Gundam Green Nier (play of words, could be red as Gundam Grineer) Not much to say, it's that simple, and yet it's a davorite. Some more Chill rooms
  3. You guys are never gonna look into balance again, are you...?
  4. Making a single game mode challenging doesn't make the whole game balanced. Only creates further discrepancies. Further scaling problems. If you are not gonna start nerfing (breaking the legs) of meta. You are still walking in circles.
  5. On the fence here. I wish the devs would stop removing transitions for the sake of further speed. And by transitions I mean everything between forced animations/state transitions to the player's requirement to position him/herself for an action.
  6. Can I/we get a Railjack Sneak peek? It's been a while... Looking forward to that Eerie flower (Hips, I mean... Wisp).
  7. First time trying Exploiter after the latest patch. Ran into a Progression stopper kind of bad. During the second phase (open grounds) after the first cinematic the heat wheel vanished. I assumed it was just a visual bug and kept on taking the cans into the remaining fissures and then throwing them at the Exploiter, after clearing the last fissure, took some height with ITzal and started to take down the Coolant Raknoids. Eventually I ran out of ammo and popped a ammo restore (never had to do this before in this fight), not longer after that I was sure of it, the Exploiter wasn't overheating at all. There was nothing left I could do. Aborted.
  8. I can not stress enough how long I've been waiting to hear something about that. Power Fantasy has to go. It never added to anything. It only detracted from the multiplayer experience.
  9. While I did enjoy my time on the event I'd like to bring up that Vallis is by far the most RAM intensive landscape/activity in the game, due to that some players objectively avoid going over there at all. I've met people who said they can't load Vallis since it crashes their game. Now consider that to do the Data hashe hunt you HAVE to keep a browser loaded along with the game, possibly watching a video.
  10. Heads up Tennos. There may be significant changes to a good part of the system. So if something looks wonky at your end. Consider an elaborate bug report instead of a mad post.
  11. That's a terrible example... it happens all the time, everywhere and people don't really quit their jobs over it. Now, people are comparing the new system over how they could just casually do a mission that was easier than the average resource grind for a Catalyst. Since The old system was so easy to get rewards. Perhappes the problem isn't with the new system after all. The old just really had to go.
  12. I just got Nezha's latest alternate helmet blueprint from it. Never managed to get the alert with it before. Will probably save future Wolf Creds for Catalysts since they were so rare before.
  13. Listen, I'm not the elitist guy. But I'm seeing so many posts of "Hey, I should be allowed to get content I don't want to chase". and thinking to myself... What the #*!%? Has the Warframe player grown so entitled? What is next? You want Maiming strike to drop on your inventory when the acolytes event starts without having to go after them? I'm sorry, but if there is an activity or game event you don't want to take part in. THen perhappes you don't Deserve the rewards of it. It's not even that hard. If you do random things through out a week you are very likely to end up doing all of them. And occasionally grind an extra ~2k from capturing the fugitives.
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