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  1. Wouldn't be surprised if the ~1% chance spawn is shared across the entire match, and it could possibly end up in a grineer cache on a Crew Ship, Derelict or on the missile launching station... ...however... there is also a possibility that the rare drop doesn't make a distinction between whether the cache is grineer or sentient and applies to the entirety of the match instead. Like how ground units on Uranus can also drop Tellurium... But this is all just stretch and speculation.
  2. *Cross arms* ...gosh... You people actually know that we saw a Corpus capital ship assault on the very first time ever that Railjack was announced. We saw a Void storm approaching the battlefield. a Lich with his own Crew Ship. These are not plans, NEITHER CONCEPTS. These assets exist, There is actual f****** footage of it. DE is just being further careful with implementation.
  3. I personally think it's a very balanced system. The worse thing that could happen imo, is to see an ability that cheeses Veil Proxima. For as long as that's not a thing, I'm ok with the system. While there are overwhelming avionics that straight forward outclass the weaker variants.. these op avionics are also VERY expensive capacity wise. You may find yourself having to sacrifice an OP one in favor of a smaller varient which is also less costly... Sure, I just got my hands recently on a Vidar MKIII reactors with whopping +89 capacity (119 total) which should cover all my needs... But I still want to give it a try at those +49 reactors with a chance to close breaches or put out fires (sounds worth a shot)
  4. I was seriously loving the #(&% out of Railjack, untill I learned that, high lvl missions drop Umbral mods... I thought you were trying to address the imbalance, that, rising the lvl missions with Kuva Liches was meant to bring a more common level to the frames. Even Ash can kick ass against Liches now. But instead you supply unlimited source of the very mods that make Mesa, Equinox, Saryn, Discharge Volt gamebreaking? Sure, we already had Umbral mods before, but not everyone was using them, because it was a limited supply and they seemed mandatory for the inevitable confrontation against the Sentients... I'm, heartbroken actually. The reason I play the average matches solo, is because I don't want to have to deal with MESA, SARYN, EQUINOX, or whatever nukeframe you REFUSE to NERF. Now, you are reassuring there WILL BE Umbra moded Mesas, Saryns, Equinoxes and Discharge Volts... Sure, Railjack is awesome, its fun to me, like no other game mode before, but that's not what this game is about, it's about Warframes, and I'm asking myself what is the point of all of this, only to have my favorites frames, outperformed by these walking nukes.
  5. Pretty much EVERYTHING you get to research or build is one time only. The grid to some of future weapons may sound overwhelming, but still, it's a ONE TIME ONLY. Once players are done with that, the only thing left to do with those resources will be the payload. Don't change a single thing.
  6. Please don't give in to the inevitable upcoming requests to make Empyrian easier. The game mode appears to be in a perfect balance between Challenge and a replacement for Trials. The later had to go mostly because of the immutable nature Trials had, It was not difficulty, trials were just about following a step-by-step recipe, that's why it had to go. Empyrian however has potential to fit that challenge gap while simultaneously introducing a chaotic factor that will change the scenery on the fly while keeping meta at reduced, and most important, won't be limited to 2 scenarios. That said, I have concerns over the RailJacks' controls... it felt far too mechanic, with fixed speeds and bursts, almost no momentum. My concern is that, that doesn't allow enough room for interesting maneuvers, it's varying speeds, constantly drifting and having to manually counter your own speed bursts that make flight gameplays interesting, otherwise you are just walking in space, and there is no skill to be developed there. Which takes me back to Archwing, sorry but the current iteration of Archwing controls is... really not... flying at all... it literaly feels like walking in air. Now, I never agreed that letting players have momentum on foot should be a thing (really, it's outdated... people stoped using it along with quake3 engine when devs realised players could abuse side jumps to move faster jumping than running... ). But now we have a system where a player on foot has momentum, but an Archwing/ship does not.
  7. The people who complain on lack of challenge and bad scalling are the same that complain over when a game breaking Warframe/Itzal/whatever gets nerfed... wat...? Fine, I agree that difficulty must allways remain at a minimum. I want it to be hard, because that also makes it rewarding when it works. But personally, when I see the same people bringing up how they rather use catchmoon on Orb mother fight because it was "efficient" (gimme a f break)... I just disregard the entirety of the argument as having any relevance whatsoever. On a last note. It's not reasonable to have a gimmick to skip the entirety of a world map. It kills the point of having the world map in the first place. It's not the lack of 'things to do' in the map, because for a time DE ALREADY TRIED THAT. Then players complained that they were being joined by people with different objectives both of tileset maps and on worldmaps, and this is why we ended up having nodes with multiple missions and worldmaps with a bounty set up just to hunt Eidolons. "More things to do" is also the main reason why people keep getting told to play solo if they don't want to rush extraction.
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