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  1. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: If a Fishing spear fails to return to the thrower, they will become locked in place and unable to act or swap out of the fishing spear. VISUAL: N/A REPRODUCTION: Difficult to reproduce, but mostly happens when using fishing spears on the Cambion Drift. I think something causes them to bounce sometimes. EXPECTED RESULT: Fishing spear should return to player after throwing OBSERVED RESULT: Sometimes the fishing spear bounces off of something and fails to return to the player. I have clearly observed the bounce itself twice, but cou
  2. Spawn pads! That's very exciting! I'm absolutely THRILLED to hear that the rotation bug has been taken care of. You should add that to the patch notes. People will care. There's not a whole lot else that I would want at this point. If possible, converting the props in the dry docks and crimson branch rooms from geometry into room decorations (as well as providing them as options for buildable dojo decorations in general) would be swell. I know the dojo team puts work into decorating those rooms, but we'd like to make use of those spaces ourselves! Being able to enable/disab
  3. I believe the Polyp-Hog Juggernaut has sniffed out the polyp but its pathing got stuck inside of this planter. The waypoint for what I suspect would be the polyp is in the red room just beyond. Not much to add, except: please figure out a way for your AI-pathing-dependent missions to detect whether the objective has been stuck in the same area for longer than 30 seconds. Please make sure those checks account for NPCs running around in circles. Please think of some kind of sanity checks, before we lose ours. P.S. While trying everything I could think of to get it to move,
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