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  1. I'll get right to the point: To get effective weapon balancing, you need to consider what you want Archguns to be doing in comparison to Railjack Armaments. Right now, most of the damage is being done by Battle Avionics with scaling effects (Munitions Vortex), or Particle (slash) status Archguns. Particle proc needs to be dialed back because only 2 or 3 Archguns can reliably use it, and it will overpower almost any other damage source in a matter of seconds. Balance everything else *after* that change. Consider which investment should be rewarded more for this gamemode: crafting Archguns and using rivens/forma, or crafting Railjack armaments and using avionics to boost their power. I personally think the Railjack armaments should sail past Archguns by at least a factor of 2 at the highest end of things. Most of those weapons are much harder to hit targets with, side turrets don't have the control of where the ship is going, and Archwings have some abilities that shut down enemies or make them easier to hit (Amesha's Warding Grace, Odonata's Repel, Itzal's Cold Snap). I think Archwings should be flying out there as support right now, but they are doing the heavy lifting. One last suggestion: Multiply all enemy health values and outgoing player damage numbers in space combat by 1000. This shouldn't interfere with the time to kill in the damage formula whatsoever. Even armor scaling only factors in base armor and enemy levels. This will do two things: Lets you get rid of the ugly, apparent 95% damage reduction on Archguns, giving you leeway to better balance damage numbers without dipping the Imperator into single digit damage values. We need to know the actual numbers on our weapons when modding. Cutting that down to one twentieth is gross. By the way, even considering that this damage reduction doesn't apply to railjack guns, this is probably why you're getting half the complaints about armor scaling. Soothes the lizard brain: see "imperator does single digit damage values". If you had done this at the outset of Archwing, you would have been able to maintain control of mod scaling like you wanted. Folks could have forgiven that the main damage mod only gave +60% damage if they were doing 10,000 base damage per shot. If you want the system to feel like an escalation from Warframe's usual combat, we should not be doing the same damage values as kicking a Lancer in the head. Honestly, most of us are not that smart. Give us big numbers and we'll feel good. I am glad you guys are addressing this while Empyrean is in its early stages. Best wishes, I know you'll get it right eventually.
  2. Any chance we could get an increase to maximum number of rooms in the dojo, to help facilitate this new room and the Railjack dock? I was able to shift some things around in advance, but it's getting kinda tight.
  3. I don't mind that you need to take your time on this. I like the concept of the Lich system and I want it to have staying power in Warframe. What would make that impossible is if you glossed over the more in-depth feedback that deals with problems with the system at its core, opting to instead treat surface issues. Frankly, up until now it feels like that's all we've gotten. It's all been about addressing rates and chances, instead of looking at things like how little agency we have in the system (read: all we do, when you boil it down, is farm murmur), and why that makes the Lich neither a personal or persistent foe. I think you guys can pull it off, but I really do think it will take a lot of work and I hope that you're willing to put in the effort. P.S. Please expand the dojo room capacity before adding the War Room.
  4. This is an interesting change. I like that it gives us reasons to hold onto our older weapons when their primes come out. My immediate concern is how the Riven's stats will be displayed when viewed in a system that is agnostic to the weapon it is going on. the modding menu linking a Riven in chat perhaps most importantly, viewing a Riven in trade If you can find an elegant way to address this, I have no further concerns.
  5. Wow, there are so many changes all at once that it's kinda hard to tell how this will actually play! This is certainly the hammer to the melee system that 2.9999 was sounding like it would be. While I'm not the only one eager to get my hands on it and to provide feedback, I hope we all give the new system a fair shake and take time to develop critical feedback. Likewise, I hope there are no knee-jerk reactions to the inevitable immediate, negative response. Some people absolutely hate change. From the limited amount that I have seen, I am worried that the pursuit of single-target "flow"-based combat will leave us less flexible across the broader battlefield than we were before, even taking into account the new gap closing attacks and range buffs. Frankly, quick melee and slide attacks were popular not only because of their strength, but because they came out exactly when you wanted them, where you wanted them. You moved yourself from target to target and just relied on the attack button to do its job. With quick melee gone and the slide meta removed, I wonder whether slide attacks will still be popular in the new system. Hopefully my fears are unfounded and this proves to be just as fun as it looks!
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