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  1. Clan name: Doubtful DEciples Clan tier: Shadow Clan platform: PC Clan role: Architect Featured image: Video: Album with image descriptions: https://imgur.com/a/ncN9tNY We might not be impressive statuebuilders like many of the winners, but we put a lot of love into making the dojo feel lived-in, and we hope that many of our ideas are nevertheless interesting!
  2. TL;DR: The solo-extraction timer has issues with operator (among other things), making me wish I could use a [x] prompt to extract instead of the timer. Leaving arbitration missions after death forfeits all rewards. I think you should be able to keep the main rotation rewards, as this is at least consistent with failure. Anecdote time: I am in a survival arbitration. I'm trying to leave the mission, because my squadmates keep splitting up and one of them has died. It's 12 minutes in, we're hovering around 44% and I frankly don't think we can go to 20, because nobody's near any of the life support pods. I get to extraction. The timer starts: Extracting in 30 seconds. It is at this point that all of the spawns decide to target me, so I'm standing there trying to not die. This involves moving. Even swapping to operator interrupts the timer. I spend 3 minutes trying to get a 30-second timer to tick down to 0, and for some reason it won't. I either get dragged or CCed outside of the extraction zone, or otherwise have to swap to operator to prevent myself from dying. There are a few times where the timer just disappears, and I have no idea why. In the end, I get killed anyways. I click [Leave Mission] and get 0 rewards, even though I qualify for at least Rotation A's rewards. If our entire squad had failed, I'd at least be able to keep the rewards for the rotations that I did complete. I understand that in the future, my squad might be able to revive me with the upcoming Resurgence mechanics, but suppose they don't even try. Am I expected to just sit there until they die? Even if they make it to the next round, my understanding is that I won't get the rewards due to the AFK timer kicking in. There are probably like 5 bugs going on here that led to this perfect storm of frustration, but two things concern me: 1) the ability to leave on demand, and 2) being able to keep rewards (just rotation rewards) in the event that you die and leave the mission. Technically a forfeit, but I think that if you have earned those rewards, you should be able to keep them.
  3. I've just finished farming for Hildryn and have completed the Exploiter fight 6 times, 4 of them solo. What I liked: Deck 12 makes for a really fun arena. I like that you basically already know its layout because it shares much of Fortuna's. Those animations for ripping off Exploiter's body parts and exposing her weak points are extra as heck and I love them. Very nice touch, hope to see more! The fight is not reliant on operators, amps, or archguns. While I don't mind them, I see the value in this fight being accessible to people who have not invested in those systems. What I think could be improved: The deployed Thermia canisters are quite easy to accidentally break with Warframe abilities, including defensive ones. The aboveground phase of the fight does not offer enough obvious feedback. I get the gist- keep the raknoids away, throw Thermia-infused canisters at Exploiter. However, I'm still not entirely sure how much the Thermia helps towards filling up the heat meter. It seems to accelerate the rate of heat increase, but I found most of the obvious losses and gains to be related to Exploiter's attacks. These feel strongly outside of player control. It would really help if the Thermia canisters added a discrete, visible chunk to the bar, instead of or in addition to what they currently do. The arena for the aboveground fight has a few issues. Exploiter likes to hang out near the dark, rocky mountain, and Coolant Raknoids can very easily sneak up from behind the rocks. Even when you do see them, destroying them quickly can be frustrating because they can hide behind terrain. I'm aware that Archwing helps for taking them out, but you still need to use the canisters they drop- not a viable solo tactic. Several of the fractures can spawn on the road where Corpus units can patrol. Are they meant to be part of the fight? If so, they are conspicuously absent from the rest of the arena. Tweaking Exploiter's AI so that she stays closer to the white hillside would alleviate these things considerably There is no way to queue for the fight. Plenty of people on free roam in the Vallis are still looking to do their Fractures or complete other tasks. While not technically a heist, I think adding matchmaking for it to Eudico's backroom would help. To my knowledge, the footholds that you shoot to make Exploiter fall only exist at the very start of the fight. Adding these to the other side of the arena would be a good way to get Exploiter to stay still enough to bomb her vents with Thermia. It wouldn't necessarily speed up the fight, but would make aiming the canisters while under fire more manageable. Maybe she could reposition afterwards to make the fight a little more dynamic. The device that you insert the diluted Thermia into to begin the fight could stand to be a little more conspicuous. I believe there is an identical asset elsewhere in the arena or in Fortuna. Personally, my eye was drawn to the flat area in the center because of how it was lit. All in all, I quite liked it. A few adjustments and I'd say it's one of the best in the game!
  4. For perspective on my opinions, I am a MR26 (1 weapon away from 27) player. I will be able to complete most, if not all of the nightwave challenges with little to no issue. I have the gear, time, and patience. Regarding acts What I like: They get you to do a large variety of things you might have forgotten about As always, multitasking your next objectives in Warframe is refreshing every week There is some leeway for daily challenges, allowing you to catch up if you miss a day What I do not like: The same leeway for daily challenges does not apply for weeklies. I would like to be able to catch up on the last week or two. I realize this fudges some of the scaling of the challenges intended to be done within 7 days- I think you could make challenges from past weeks count for less standing before they expire. Basically, I'd take something over nothing. In week 2, the two 60-minute survival acts overlapped. While industrious players could get this done in one go, for everyone who couldn't, that was an instant rank of Nightwave they missed out on. I don't expect that felt good. I would like better logic ensuring that the goals for Elite weeklies are different enough so that if a player can't/won't do one type, they won't automatically write off similar challenges. Many of the challenges require acts on an individual basis; ally kills do not count towards your kills for eximus units, etc. I don't think there is currently a problem, but I don't want this precedent to be pushed too far. Regarding other aspects of Nightwave Creds: I am concerned that Creds are backloaded. New players need them way more than vets. Compared to alerts, I feel there is much more effort involved to achieve the same number of rewards. For the above two reasons, I think it would make sense to have fugitives drop a few creds. The Wolf: The Wolf is clearly intended to be targeted towards higher ranking players. I understand that the plan is to increase his spawn rate as episodes release. However, this solution doesn't take into account that players might want to avoid him. I think you should take a slight note out of the Acolytes. Keep a panel in the navigation pane that outlines a planet he has been spotted on, where his spawn rates drastically increase on each node. Change up that planet after a little while.
  5. Thank you for the workshop post. There are some things I would still like some clarification on: How does this affect current melee combos? Some of them require things like RMB+E, but RMB will now always be weapon aim. How will this affect the future of melee 3.0? Previous demonstrations showed new attacks that used button combos or otherwise still relied on dedicated melee mode. I realize this is a very broad question, but in short, I don't understand how combos can exist going forward without, say, a heavy melee button-- and I see no room for that with the fusion of gun and blade gameplay. I was under the impression that one of melee 3.0's goals at the outset was to reduce the complexity of things like hold and pause combos (additionally, melee attack speed can severely affect the functionality of said combos).
  6. Scrolling through 10 pages of replies, there seem to be concerns with his augments. I will echo these concerns: Pyroclastic Flow: Now that Fire Walker is duration based, will we still be able to cancel it and trigger Pyroclastic Flow on demand? Low-duration builds will limit the amount of damage we can accumulate, but leaving the actual cast trigger to the timer makes this ability significantly more difficult to use. Reaping Chakram: How will this work? There is no longer a healing pulse. Enemies marked take extra damage anyway. Charged Chakram will now fly through enemies even without this augment. Please offer some clarification. Safeguard: What will "50% effectiveness" mean in the new context of the ability? Will allies receive 50% of the damage reduction from the Warding Halo, or will they receive the same damage reduction as Nezha with 50% of the Warding Halo's health value?
  7. These changes are very welcome and I'm glad to hear about them. While I myself am not really in any need of a catch-up mechanic, I still think the idea is worth discussing openly. Due to the frankly massively long-term commitment that the login system presents, I know of many players and clanmates who simply don't bother to log in because they know it's impossible to catch up. It is intimidating to step into a game and think about what you're going to be doing there in two years, but it can also be upsetting to think that when you get there, everyone else will still be two years ahead. Have you considered the idea of rewarding consecutive logins with accelerating your progress along the timeline? Of course, this would have to be capped at whatever the "global" timer is at, counting from the inception of the daily tribute system. Even something as simple as an extra day for each one you log in past a consecutive week could slash the wait from three years in half. Cutting it down even more than that would be ideal in my eyes-- I strongly believe that there is a lot to gain from players committed enough to keep up that consecutive streak, and there is reason to incentivize them to want to keep it going. If that's not enough, maybe presenting players with the option to skip their reward to skip a day might also address concerns of less-than-stellar resource/credit/endo drops. To call to an anecdote, I have a friend who's barely past 300 on his logins, but he's a vet overflowing with resources. There won't be anything he needs from his daily tribute, and he just doesn't see the point in committing to the logins when he knows he can't ever catch up in a system where everybody advances at the same pace, but he started far behind due to hiatus. In a semi-related note, burnout is real and it affects a lot of people playing this game after a while. Presenting returning players with the notion that they can (with vigilance) work their way back in to the top encourages them to stay longer, and it bolsters the community and players immediately surrounding them. For example, I am certain that old clans where warlords seldom log on are not uncommon. I don't suppose anybody would disagree if I posit that having more active clans would be good for Warframe. Committed veterans with a lot to show for it might be upset that they don't get to show off their new shiny exclusive armor, but under the new system, a player could select those after 200 days if I'm not mistaken. Even under the alternatively proposed tradeable rewards, there would be far less exclusivity to the 1% that can, will, and has logged in every day. Instead, enjoying the breadth of all rewards, especially the newly-introduced ones just as soon as they come out, should be satisfying enough. Not to mention a catch-up mechanic would serve the die-hards just as well. Life has got to eventually get in the way of keeping that up, and working your schedule around something like that cannot be healthy. Were I in their shoes, I'd much prefer the peace of mind of being able to take a vacation or do other stuff than have to set a daily reminder-- or otherwise looking for more out-of-the-way and dubious solutions like automating logins. This hasn't been the most well-organized comment, but I do think that there are many reasons for why a catch-up mechanic would make benefiting from the system more accessible and appealing to more players-- reasons that would be good for the community and Warframe in the long term. I hope you consider some of these, but I am glad regardless that the system is being officially addressed.
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