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  1. Thank you again for going about these changes in this open manner. Even though I don't share the same gripes about hold-to-confirm prompts, I can see that you are listening and appreciate it. Concerning the things mentioned in this segment of the workshop, I don't really have any additional feedback. These changes seem good. I hope to see a similar discussion take place when it comes time to redesign some other core menus, like the arsenal, mod screen, or foundry. Since you're already editing the generic [chat-linkable] menu for weapons, might I suggest revising these menus for other manners of linkable items? I know this has been an ongoing process. Some quick suggestions: [Riven Mods] could benefit from some of the features on the Cycle Riven screen: the ability to swap their stats display by weapon variant, and preview them when ranked. [Mods] in general are looking pretty bare right now, and the codex has a feature that lists their drop locations. Maybe you could find a way to get these to mesh? [Warframe parts] could display the build costs of their blueprints. Alt helmets and buildable skins too.
  2. The Revenge of Cephalon Cy Ahead the sky is blackened by A ragged fleet of steel We'll breach the hail of missile fire and make their captains kneel! White whale! Sentient worm! Our light will defy you! A Turaga will burn! White whale! Sentient worm! Our blades will deny you! A Turaga will burn! All red across the board, I see We’ve optimists inbound They’re amateurs against our blades So quickly cut them down! White whale! Sentient worm! Our light will defy you! A Turaga will burn! White whale! Sentient worm! Our blades will deny you! A Turaga will burn! These Grineer ships are papercraft And withered are their crew But far beyond our star, a foe Now seeks an end to you! White whale! Sentient worm! Our light will defy you! A Turaga will burn! White whale! Sentient worm! Our blades will deny you! A Turaga will burn! Their vanquished kin, I sunk in droves Yet many more still wait So sharpen now your battle wits Or sooner meet your fate! White whale! Sentient worm! Our light will defy you! A Turaga will burn! White whale! Sentient worm! Our blades will deny you! A Turaga will burn! And out there in the dark there lurks A beast that I despise Until I crush its beatless heart This ship can never die! White whale! Sentient worm! Our light will defy you! A Turaga will burn! White whale! Sentient worm! Our blades will deny you! A Turaga will burn! I could go into what inspired this subject, but I think it speaks for itself. If you paid attention during Rising Tide, you'll know. I thought a proper shanty should have a "call and response" format- the shanty leader sings the verses solo and the crew joins in for the bolded chorus. And who better to lead the shanty than Cy himself? Hopefully I was careful enough with the meter that this is a very shoutable shanty even if one does not know the melody. Because there isn't one.
  3. First, I want to express how refreshing it is to see that this discussion is taking place, and how you are addressing it. While normally I would suggest that UI be focus-tested separately from gameplay, the type of users you would need for focus testing probably can't be grabbed off of the street- I'll elaborate below. In lieu of that, the collaborative nature of this workshop is really appreciated. When you consider the timescales of how your players experience the game, I think it's reasonable to suggest that almost everybody you are designing new content for (post-TWW players, let's say) is essentially a power user. This viewpoint that there is a dichotomy of players for whom things need to be kept simple versus players for whom information needs to be readily available paints both priorities as equal, a notion that I strongly disagree with. A confused player will stop being confused once an explanation is given to them. A player who has to click two extra times to find out what they want- wait, that's everybody- will be perpetually frustrated. Keeping things clean, simple and clear are definitely pillars of modern interface design. I have a multimedia degree, I know how important it is. However, these are principles aimed at the general public for general interfaces. They are emphasized so that people can understand and use a menu within seconds of first encountering it, for menus they will have to see less than a dozen times. In Warframe, a massive chunk of time spent in the game is doing menuing-related activities. Of the at minimum dozens of hours it takes a player to get through all of the quest content in this game, a sizable amount of that is spent specifically looking for information and interacting with information. It's kind of important that this obfuscation doesn't add extra steps in between for actions that need to be repeated frequently by power users- and I reiterate, when I say power users, I basically mean everybody. Here is a thought: keep track of how many times players hit escape to go from one menu in the orbiter to another. For a lot of us, that number is probably far greater than the number of screens that we even see on the way back out of the menus. The diegetic UI and the animations in between look and feel nice, but fights a player actually trying to use it. And we have to navigate these menus tens of thousands of times. The takeaway here is that actions that need to be repeated should definitely be streamlined, and I think that priority trumps cleaning things up. If a player is looking up information on the [Pennant], they shouldn't have to tab through or mouse over anything to get to its statistical information. They are almost certainly looking for it. I would also like to take a step back to address the feedback that a screen might be overwhelming- let's take the old Abilities screen from the original post as an example. Yes, that screen is informationally dense and could be seen as overwhelming. Because about half of it is not being used. "Overwhelming" in design can mean a lot of things, and be caused by a large number of issues in information organization. Here, some of that could be because the information conveyed is, ironically, not enough to give a full picture. That lack of understanding paired with the informational density leads from "I am confused" to "I must be confused because there is a lot of information here that I don't know how to process." For instance, Elemental Ward: Which offensive and defensive effects does it provide per Element? Why does it have a status chance? What does health mean there? Or Effigy: How does this ability strengthen nearby allies? (spoilers: it doesn't) Where did this credit multiplier come from? What is this speed increase and armor reduction? Whose armor is being reduced? Does the effigy reduce enemy armor? I know it's a butt-ton of work to ask that you add wiki-levels of information on abilities and mechanics that are constantly undergoing revision, I'm merely pointing out that there is a dissonance between the information being displayed that an experienced player needs to see, and the information that is inadequate that is causing new players to be confused and maybe overwhelmed. P.S. Please give us back cursor and chat controls in the end-of-mission screen, especially if you're going to add scroll bars to it.
  4. I'll get right to the point: To get effective weapon balancing, you need to consider what you want Archguns to be doing in comparison to Railjack Armaments. Right now, most of the damage is being done by Battle Avionics with scaling effects (Munitions Vortex), or Particle (slash) status Archguns. Particle proc needs to be dialed back because only 2 or 3 Archguns can reliably use it, and it will overpower almost any other damage source in a matter of seconds. Balance everything else *after* that change. Consider which investment should be rewarded more for this gamemode: crafting Archguns and using rivens/forma, or crafting Railjack armaments and using avionics to boost their power. I personally think the Railjack armaments should sail past Archguns by at least a factor of 2 at the highest end of things. Most of those weapons are much harder to hit targets with, side turrets don't have the control of where the ship is going, and Archwings have some abilities that shut down enemies or make them easier to hit (Amesha's Warding Grace, Odonata's Repel, Itzal's Cold Snap). I think Archwings should be flying out there as support right now, but they are doing the heavy lifting. One last suggestion: Multiply all enemy health values and outgoing player damage numbers in space combat by 1000. This shouldn't interfere with the time to kill in the damage formula whatsoever. Even armor scaling only factors in base armor and enemy levels. This will do two things: Lets you get rid of the ugly, apparent 95% damage reduction on Archguns, giving you leeway to better balance damage numbers without dipping the Imperator into single digit damage values. We need to know the actual numbers on our weapons when modding. Cutting that down to one twentieth is gross. By the way, even considering that this damage reduction doesn't apply to railjack guns, this is probably why you're getting half the complaints about armor scaling. Soothes the lizard brain: see "imperator does single digit damage values". If you had done this at the outset of Archwing, you would have been able to maintain control of mod scaling like you wanted. Folks could have forgiven that the main damage mod only gave +60% damage if they were doing 10,000 base damage per shot. If you want the system to feel like an escalation from Warframe's usual combat, we should not be doing the same damage values as kicking a Lancer in the head. Honestly, most of us are not that smart. Give us big numbers and we'll feel good. I am glad you guys are addressing this while Empyrean is in its early stages. Best wishes, I know you'll get it right eventually.
  5. Any chance we could get an increase to maximum number of rooms in the dojo, to help facilitate this new room and the Railjack dock? I was able to shift some things around in advance, but it's getting kinda tight.
  6. I don't mind that you need to take your time on this. I like the concept of the Lich system and I want it to have staying power in Warframe. What would make that impossible is if you glossed over the more in-depth feedback that deals with problems with the system at its core, opting to instead treat surface issues. Frankly, up until now it feels like that's all we've gotten. It's all been about addressing rates and chances, instead of looking at things like how little agency we have in the system (read: all we do, when you boil it down, is farm murmur), and why that makes the Lich neither a personal or persistent foe. I think you guys can pull it off, but I really do think it will take a lot of work and I hope that you're willing to put in the effort. P.S. Please expand the dojo room capacity before adding the War Room.
  7. This is an interesting change. I like that it gives us reasons to hold onto our older weapons when their primes come out. My immediate concern is how the Riven's stats will be displayed when viewed in a system that is agnostic to the weapon it is going on. the modding menu linking a Riven in chat perhaps most importantly, viewing a Riven in trade If you can find an elegant way to address this, I have no further concerns.
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