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  1. Trade bans can happen for many reasons. My guess is you had abnormal mission results somewhere and DE's system decided that a long as hell tradeban is the best course of action.
  2. Most people react in one of two ways when encountering a mech: Option 1: Leave Option 2: Can't beat 'em, join 'em.
  3. Does "none, because I won't waste time and ressource on a random buff I have no real control over" count?
  4. If your aim is good enough, go with Glazio. If you miss a lot, go with Laith as it's more forgiving. Personally I went back to using a Glazio as primary and Talyn as secondary.
  5. Ignoring the 4 month necro, I'd say it a problem with the integrated graphics you're running on. If the fix I linked in the OP didn't work for you, I don't know what to say other than "get an actual GPU" lol
  6. Wait, there's a time limit on the drops? Ah well, I never really cared about gunblades, anyway.
  7. Even if DE were to revolutionize PvP, people still won't play it. It's just the wrong game for it.
  8. Can't say, I never use them, because they've always been complete crap.
  9. Certainly hope so. Though I wouldn't even be surprised if they tell us "we don't have the systems in place for that to work" or "we're missing proper animations" with a straight face.
  10. It's the "cutscene pistol"-phenomenon. There's no explaining it, it just works™. Screw that, I want to be a corrupt bombard. One-shot sentients across the map.
  11. Oh brother This thread is definitely not going to backfire.
  12. For starters, tell us what hardware you're running. That is GPU, CPU, and the amount of RAM.
  13. As someone who bought the gun with plat: You're not missing out. It's a dakka dispenser but the damage output is sad at best.
  14. One does not simply add a toggle for first person.
  15. Eh, wake me up when the content actually drops.
  16. /inb4 someone tells you "Those are rookie numbers"
  17. Maybe. They're still memes, though. I mean, Xaku was literally proposed as a meme-frame.
  18. To be fair, Grendel and Xaku are literally memes.
  19. There's a way to bypass that one actually. Browser scripts, just google it. Honestly, better get used to it. Every damn thing wants your phone number these days.
  20. Easy. If the spine is pushed inwards, you just gotta kick it back from the other direction. Hey, Gauss! Come here a second!
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