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  1. I've just got to rank 28 on nightwave and got no extra cred credit as I've already own the emissary operator collection
  2. Yeah it happened to another game but I'll dowoad that over night but warframe reinstalled looks good to me at the moment thanks 😊
  3. Error code comes from the ps5 (ce-107938-8) when trying to download the update
  4. I'm redownloading now not sure why on your side Google the code and give you the answer if not are PlayStation on twitter
  5. You got same ad me I googled the code it says reinstall the whole game it happend to other games on ps5 this is first time for me that it has happen and it is very annoying I tried other way round but don't work best just to delete the whole game and reinstall and don't worrie update will come with it
  6. It's just ruined the warframe on ps5 can't download just get an error code googled the code and says redownload the whole game 😢
  7. Tryed no update on ps5 load game still get the same screen install latest version
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