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  1. Amm: 1. For a standoff against eachother, the corpus could have partial-terraforming on the surface and the grineer an underground base with an elevator being the entrance.(would kind of make sense) with that sense of logic we could even ask how the galleons are not being scorched with it's crew with it near the planet? It should be similarly hot after a while considering that mercury at night can reach temperatures of negative degrees, which is just affected by it not being lit by the sun for like 12 hours. 2. Who talked about grineer gathering the resources? What about just taking
  2. Soo the same could be done to mercury. I mean it would be much easier to terraform mercury than venus. Mercury: Very hot, close to the sun Venus: Very hot, has gasses all over it's surface, close to the sun I could even imagine a "dyson sphere" method where the sunny side of mercury has a big half a planet-wide device that rotates like a sunflower to always face the sun and the energy it harnesses from the heat would allow it to on the other side simulate a fake sun. Also since they can "rework" the story anytime they could implement it.
  3. Well if we were to consider everything real, we wouldn't even have others neither. I mean, I have no idea who had the idea that orb vallis is a cold place because in reality on venus, there are tons of winds rising up to 400+ °C yet in the game it is cold with cycles, in real life due to the heavy winds the difference in temperature is just barely a 30°C on both sides due to the gas particles transfering the heat to the other side of the planet as well. Also a half infested area would be pretty hard to implement, considering that deimos is lore-wise a hostile area. Yeah, i could also imag
  4. I think it would make a good point to include corpus and grineer in the game as of "factions" as well by planetary means. And i have an idea/concept for that. The idea is the following: Similarly to plains of eidolon, vallis and deimos there would be a free roam place on mercury, HOWEVER that is one step closer to the original tilesets. When playing on mercury the bounties are actually missions from the star chart. When you enter the open fields, you can either use an archwing to fly up to a galleon or do "bounties" on the ground regarding those missions. I would even dare to say to
  5. It still is underwhelming in my opinion as well. You can just use basically anything else in the game. 150 lvl enemies is nothing. The only level 100+ enemies i use for damage testing are battalysts because they are the only one with enough hp and damage reduction to stand it and they are easy to kill as well most of the time. Concentrated arrow is fun, but not technically strong. If you can one-shot a battalyst lvl 100+ with concentrated arrow that is a clap tho.(no naramon void crouch!) I think it would be more interesting if only headshots would remove punch through at least. It serves
  6. I never mentioned insta-kill. Instantly explode is not the same. What i meant is that is it would work the same as it works now, but instead of exploding anywhere on body it would be able to use puncthrough anywhere on body except the head part, if you shoot the head then it would INSTANTLY explode. Not kill, explode. The 2 are not the same in warframe. I was thinking about that because it would make a good combination with piercing navigator as well as make her bow more useful.
  7. I think that concentrated arrow should be kinda/partially reworked and this is the way i think it should work: Your artemis bow gains infinite body punchthrough(not wall tho), however hitting an enemy in the head with a shot should blow the arrow and their head up with 50% extra crit chance and in a 7 meter radius. So let's say you shoot through 5 enemies with navigator(augmented) get 50% extra crit chance, then shoot the 6th enemy in the head to gain another 50% extra crit chance and the arrow will disappear with an explosion. However if you were to shoot your first enemy in the head wit
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