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  1. For third i think this shouldn't be an augment, this should be base of the ability that if you hold it, you throw up more enemies. For 4th ability i was thinking too about something like you can roll on things without bouncing around it is just annoying a sticky rolling ball would be fun, going on ceilings, etc. or being able to hold RMB(wall latch) to stick to surface. Also about first ability. Well, limbo still exists and rolling isn't a hard task to do and the players can ENTER grendel, not him consuming them. Similarly to volt shield augment.
  2. Elastic Cheek(Feast) - When you hold down the ability, allies are allowed to get inside your belly for 10/20/30 seconds. They cannot shoot or interact, but every mod they have on their weapon, warframe and parazon will be added to your list for the duration if you don't already have those mods(2 serrations won't stack) also they can use any ability which doesn't require you to stay still. They can exit any time by rolling out. Has a cooldown of 90 seconds. The duration timer is stopped while in pulverize. You can also spit them out. Efficient Digestion(Nourish) - When you nourish any enemy, every ally within ability's radius will also receive 10/15/20% efficiency.(can be increased with power strength) This lasts for the duration of the nourishment. Enzyme Cover(Regurgriate) - The enemy you turn into a projectile will bounces up to 3/4/5(power strength increases) times, each time dealing the damage upon impact multiplied by the times it bounced.
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