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  1. Kxevineth

    Warframe Builder

    Well, it is better, however I have two issues. One is minor - some of the descriptions are a bit different than the ones in game, thus searching for "toxin" doesn't work for example (I tried for melee mods only, but I assume it is the same for others), because the description in the builder says "posion", same with heat called "fire", cold called "freeze" etc. But that is a minor issue that is just a bit confusing at first, apart from that looking for elemental mods is much easier now, and that's great. Second issue seems a bit bigger - when I typed in "damage", I still got a ton of mods, as many of them mention the word damage. That means that looking for base damage mods like Pressure Point, Serration, Spoiled Strike or Hornet Strike still requires user to either type in the name or scroll through a ton of mods. While "critical damage" and "toxin damage" are obviously related to damage, I'd assume people looking for them would type in "critical" or "toxin", and the only ones looking for the word "damage" are those looking for base damage mods. Still, this is a great change in a very good direction and I'm thankful you did this.
  2. Kxevineth

    Warframe Builder

    Would really help a lot, maybe some sort of a tag system, I mean, it'd work if the name was one of the tags, right? I often have to browse wikia to check the name of a mod, as the names aren't really intuitive, even though I know exactly what it does. I wouldn't call it a "problem", it would just be so much more convenient.
  3. Kxevineth

    Warframe Builder

    Is there a way to filter mods by anything other than name?
  4. Kxevineth

    The Silver Grove: Hotfix 3 (Nekros Prime!) 

    Nyx Prime was supposed to be vaulted at 2pm ET, according to your post about vaulting. I'm European, I just googled the time zone to see what time it is. Well, apparently it's 1:15pm ET right now, so I guess it's your winter time. That wasn't a pleasant surprise, as I really wanted to use that hour to farm a few more Nyx relics.