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  1. Have searched twitch, Did the relink as was shown. No Warframe to get the monthly drops in the Loot drop down crown. Why should i use twitch ? I don't only for the drops don't like twitch. Never got the last monthly cosmetic for the operator and have tried several times relinked several times says that i claimed it but it's not in my inventory for my Operator. Checked all the areas. This isn't the only time this has happened and have reported all this many times thinking DE just ignores you. So the Feb. Loot i can't get, due to no way to find where it's at now. I play PC only. Don't do o
  2. When will Warframe show up in the Twitch Drops drop down category. I relinked as your instructions and just checked to see if warframe was in the drop down but still isn't there. I claimed the last reward and still never got it, the 3 piece cosmetic for your operator. Have asked about this before but seems to always get overlooked.
  3. Having done the first 10 now nightwave doesn't give any new missions. This is since yesterday 2/3/2021. Today same done missions. Shows that they are done but nothing new at all. So missions aren't rotating through. This is for PC don't know about other Platforms.
  4. I was kinda surprised by all this myself. I Have had a lot of problems just getting the stuff from the monthly Prime drops as it is. The last thing was the Veyas Operator Prime accessories. It says i Claimed it but it has never shown up in my Operators stuff anywhere. Typical Warframe Bugginess. And it's not the first but going to support is a Joke. So i quit even trying as it takes a month to just even get a reply. And then they just close out the Ticket. So there isn't any real help from DE when you have a issue.
  5. Ok i farm the Eidolon for Brilliants, some times alone or with clan mates, lately we have noticed that after the Capture and the kill No Brilliants spawn. This has been getting worse since the update. Today every Capture and Kill No Brillants, Just regular Shards. This kinda breaks the idea of Brilliants to access the second Eidolon, and for Focus And a suggestion Make the regular shards worth something for Focus, Other wise they just sit in your inventory and do nothing and can't even be removed. Once you complete the Quills they have no other use except one weapon. If a Player goes to t
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