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  1. Just asking for visual upgrades really. Wouldnt even consider it a major buff at all to change the way it fires or change the size of the magazine, but if it is it is. The retrieval would be cool if it happened.
  2. Spear guns are a pretty cool concept. I like them. I wish there were more. But I have a particular one id like to ask for changes for. Please hear me out. When throwing them, in general, being able to call it back would greatly improve playing with them...throwing them is fun. Its fun and thats just about it. I like nailing an enemy with it and seeing them hit the ground. But (especially with the Ferros) when you consider there is a timer on how long the weapon can stay out before returning to you, id like to just have the ability to recall it. Ferros specific: 1).Bigger lightning effect when it hits the ground after being thrown, please please. 2). Possibly change primary fire? More ammo or something like the arca weapons or an amprex rifle would be cool, but i just really want the shot to go "splat" in an electrical explosion when it hits. (?). Have weapon drain ammo to hold enemies in place instead of timer. Have passive ammo regen like that one secondary weapon. Plus can use regular ammo. Actually important: If anything could be changed, I would just ask it could be recalled with the secondary fire button. Firing a Ferrox using primary fire would cooler if it went sploosh instead of pew pew and throwing it would be cool if more electricity and if it came back. And hammer skin for it as well while we are at it. Thatd be cool.
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