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  1. Any chance we could get a fix for Vauban Prime's coattails and Mesa Prime's Regulators not properly applying skins?
  2. For reference, here's how the Orb Vallis looks in missions at roughly the same time of day:
  3. Both the Plains of Eidolon and Orb Vallis Captura scenes have had their lighting broken for quite a while now. The Plains has been broken ever since the weather update, which has made permanent rainy fog, even when it's a bright, clear day. The Orb Vallis broke when all the lighting changed after the metallics rendering update, and is still very dim and de-contrasted now. These issues are notably less severe in the actual missions, but in Captura, they're very noticeable. While I know this probably isn't a big priority with the entire lighting engine getting overhauled soon, it's really frustrating to try to take Captura pictures with bugs like this!
  4. Still no fix for Conservation animals being unspawnable in Captura and the Plains of Eidolon Captura scene being too foggy. 😞
  5. Still no fix for the wildlife Codex bugs:
  6. I've noticed two issues relating to conservation animals and the Codex: -animals from the Plains of Eidolon are listed as unscanned in the Codex, regardless of how many times I've scanned them -animals that have been fully scanned can't be spawned in Captura mode I'd greatly appreciate it if these bugs were fixed, as I want to take some nice wildlife Captura shots!
  7. What's going on with Limbo deluxe? Last we heard it was "finished," and that was weeks ago...
  8. Any news on the Limbo deluxe skin? It's been quite a few weeks since we saw it finished in-game, and myself and a lot of other people are anxiously awaiting its release!
  9. I'd personally recommend going for a more Fortuna/Solaris aesthetic than purely Corpus on the Mesa skin; that hood gives off more of a Solaris vibe to me.
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