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  1. Just what the title says. The Kuva Brakk doesn't show up on the list of weapons when I visit Zuud to rename it. All the other Kuva weapons I own do, but the Brakk is missing. I tried unequipping it, but that didn't work.
  2. This is still happening. We can't build anything until this is fixed!
  3. For a few months now, my clan (Transient Shadows) has been attempting to downgrade our clan tier. However, there's been an error message that says that we have construction in progress, and so are unable to do so. Just recently, we discovered that there is a space in the dojo that we are unable to build a room in, indicating that the culprit is a room or object that wasn't properly deleted. We've been trying to get help from support, but so far we've been unsuccessful, with either support closing the tickets as "solved" or not getting back to us. This is incredibly frustrating, and the fact th
  4. When attempting to use the Galvarc, it will fire for a split second and then stop, preventing it from locking onto ships or dealing any damage.
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