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  1. Introduction The Hidden Shinobi is an elite clan with all MR16+ players! We have consistently been the #1 most active moon clan on Xbox One for over 6 years now! Our clan strives for a safe and friendly atmosphere for all members in the clan. We accept anyone that is Mastery Rank 16 or higher that would like to join. As long as they can be active and respectful to everyone here. We do not tolerate any racism, harassment, scamming, begging, trolling, insulting, arguing, spamming, etc in the Clan. Members are encouraged to help one another and to answer any questions a player may have about the game. We hope that with us you can finally find the clan that you have always been looking for! Clan Goal Our goal in the Hidden Shinobi is continuing being the best we can in as many things as possible! We currently hold the title for being the most active and sought-after moon clan on Xbox One. In addition we plan on getting many more gold trophies and 1st places finishes from future events! What is a Clan? A clan is for a group of people to join, play and interact within a friendly social environment. We are here to provide you a place to trade, get any blueprints from our 100% researched dojo, answer questions, get price checks, assist with missions and make new friends! To Join The Clan ~ The following name's listed below are for you to contact to join The Hidden Shinobi. Forum is checked multiple times throughout the day, so getting an invite or any questions you may have will be answered / replied to very shortly! Contact Info Clan Info Dojo Ranking
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