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  1. Then you didnt understand... if they start plague star thats already finished they can focus on those and players will be ocupied...
  2. Its quite some time since the last plague star event. I guess its about time se were taking on infested on plains again. With the rework PoE recieved... And its great thing to fill out emty time before tennocon that could give DE more time to work on New War and Railjack. What do you think?
  3. You do realise every enemy has different resists to elements right? If you used radiation build velocitus on Profit Taker of course it was performing badly...
  4. Actually I was just trying to help author see that some parts are simply debatable (I admited which parts and wrote it in my posts - not demanding any change or anything (syndicate weapons,..) just pointed out that they are something thats not how it was done untill now but that I understand the reasoning behind it. But some things in the concept like the quills leaving Unum just seem a bit too much far fetched to me thats why I am trying to show there are most likely others that can fill the role that author of this concept has given quills. (half sentient weapons on fortuna -> propably some scientist who understands the sentient technology, Ballas himself, Alad V whos now our friend and so on). Not trying to hurt anyone just showing some things that dont make much sense. Ahh no need to feel ofended. Still I think those Tau unique rewards by the syndicates are kind of against what syndicates do now but ok. And I still dont get why would you have to take them from vendor on Tau base. Since you can acess syndicates from both Relays and Orbiter why not just lock it as Tau exclusive with some kind of new recourse? Some new Eidolon shard or something. This simply doesnt seem right but still its just a concept and its yours. To amps having AoE I can say only try them against Batalysts on Lua first of all operator wont survive long (even with all focus passives - armor, health) and they do very little to no dmg. And we can do DMG to sentients much more effectively with other weapons only problem is their adaptation to that dmg so something that gets rid of it would be much more usefull (like Umbras Howl, Paracesis with 5 formas). Maybe some mods or gear items that can do it who knows but amps arent really much usefull for other things than stripping eidolon shields and even that is extremely tedious without Void Strike. As I said I could understand why the Quills could be the ones who warn us and the ones who might give us some new Amps from Unum. But ultimately the Amp isnt really the best weapon choice against them from practial poin of view (taking 1 Batalyst lvl 50 down with it without using Void Strike is almost like fighting Eidolon alone). Since only thing that Amp can offer against sentient is void DMG which they cant adapt to. So please try to consider what I said about someone else being the one providing the anti- sentient weaponry you could even make a new NPC and none would get offended since its about a new thing entirely (Tau system). As you said it yourself: With Natah/Lotus using us the whole time I was trying to say shes well informed about our current weaponry, and our numbers, friends, etc. Basically she even knows we have Umbra and only thing she doesnt know is that we have Paracesis (if that Ballas looking at us with her eye in Chimera doesnt mean she knows even that). So she will most likely prepare defense based on this very knowledge so we might see new enemies (maybe some of the concepts here) that will have new kinds of defenses even against our Amps, Umbra and so on. So in terms of our new invasion it could be slaughter just like in the Mag Prime codex entry if we dont prepare before going there with new stuff that Natah/Lotus doesnt know about. Even thouth we would me most likely much more powerfull then the orokin army was when you dont know anything about your enemies foces but he has every detail about you its kind of suicide or at least very desperate. Not saying theres anything wrong with your concept in this regard you saying we might need something new before we even decide to go to Tau (maybe something from Fortuna, maybe Railjack maybe something of your own desing here who knows). I have never tried to tear down your concept or say that its wrong. Just tried to show you that some of those things might be a bit outdated with current progress or might be less likely to happen now. I never said that theres something directly against lore or game mechanics just that some of the things dont really add up that well with what is most likely to happen. Its still a concept and can be changed thats why I tried to propose some constructive criticism (thats what people sometimes need and not only praising). Yes your concept has many nice ideas as I said in my first post thats why I am trying to help you with my sceptic and not so all taking and welcoming point of view. Sometimes it takes person that idoesnt agree with everything to help you improve and thats what I tried to be. If you dont want it just say so.
  5. Two problems here. Okay Unum could maybe order the preemptive strike on the Tau. But quills and cetus in general isnt very technologicaly advanced so they would have to be aboard the the tenno ships which can be done OK. But of what use would they be there? As I said all they are able to do is to give us the stuff that was most likely inside the Unum tower (Amps) they are no warriors and surely dont know how to build sentient or antisentiet weaponry themselves. There could be maybe some blueprints and stuff inside Unum that they could potentionaly reward us with (anti-sentient weaponry). But given that Unum only had power to imprison the remaining eidolons on PoE with help from Gara and Revenant I doubt it has something so powerfull it could be of much use to us. So yeah I could see the whole Quills warning us and wanting our help but not traveling with us really. Yeah we now have more Tenno and warframes but about what kind of antisentient weaponry are you talking about? Excal Umbra? Skijati? Paraceisis? Well theoreticaly those are frome lore point of view only held by one Tenno. (not saying they couldnt be coppied by others but thats really all we have right now and I doubt that its enough so we are most likely getting some anti-sentient weaponry vendor in future) Only other thing than that are Amps that could be surely considered anti-sentient weaponry but its not very effective against high number of enemies (batalysts,...). But dont forget what Ballas told us in Chimera. Natah/Lotus might have been just using us the whole time. "I saw lover. Those Devils (Tenno) saw Mother." Not disagreeing with that Tenno have much higher chance to get to Tau. And with Railjack we might even have Tenno fleet soon. (potentionaly much much bigger ships than those in railjack meant for interstellar travels and with huge weapons against those sentient bases showcased in Devstream) The thing with weapons is you need some gunsmith to make it and I dont know if syndicates have someone like that (might have IDK). I am not saying its wrong or anything just that untill now every syndicate weapon was adapted already existing weapon. So it kinda steps outside the theme but it certainly isnt wrong just weird and new considering how it was untill now. (dont forget you can buy everything from syndicate in your orbiter) (concept art on tenno cruisers)
  6. So to adress the first Quills. I dont know if you realized this when writing this concept but Quills are very few (even considered fairy tale by the Cetus inhabitants) and they are protectors of the Unum (tower next to Cetus, their "god" and protector). I get that you were thinking of someone that can utilize sentient technology against sentient and help Tenno fight with them. But honestly I doubt that quills would leave earth. They might give you some new stuff for some new sentient "trophy/recource" but their goal is to protect Unum. We already know that others were able to utilize sentient technology (sentient/corpus weapons in the Fortuna update). So I guess for this there could be someone entirely new we maybe havent even met yet. Maybe some kind of scientist or even Balas himself who knows where the story will go in the new war. Mag Prime. Yes I read her codex entry. Its about soldiers and one warframe (mag) entering solar rail and traveling somewhere where they basically get slaughtered. We dont know if its Tau system and I certainly wouldnt call anihilation of many ships (as described) and few survivng soldiers with mag fighting till death a good example of fighting on "sentient turf". From what we know from this entry they are able to slaughter whole army with most advanced weaponry of the orokin empire without problems. So I doubt there could be any base in the Tau system or sentient controled teritory to be honest. ( but that could be maybe solved by some oversized ship made by tenno some cruiser of sorts that would be our new base of operations there) I get that those are new types of weapons but what I was trying to point out is: a) the weaponry of the syndicate is usually tied to their lore and origin (example: grineer weaponry for steel meridian) which looks good in the concepts so no problem there b) they use altered versions of already existing weapons (they dont make their own weapons just alternations of already existing ones) so you should also make normal variant to those wapons and that shouldnt be problem so you breathe the new life to the warframe in already used way
  7. Two problems with all this. First one quills. From what we know not even orkin set foot into Tau system. So dont expect anyone to be there not to mention whole city (if there isnt some twisted slave colony that sentient made which is higly unlikely or if there isnt some secret grineer or corupus base). And second is less of a direct problem as it is kind of how it was untill now. The syndicate weapons are upgraded versions of already existing weapons (with syndicate passive or with special passive if its melee). I am not saying those concepts arent nice ( I would love to have some of them in game) but given how it was untill now its higly unlikely. Otherwise there are some quite nice ideas.
  8. Ok if you think its close mined do me a favor ok? Go through other treads... you wont see so many newcomers even on PoE. But ok. And no I am not paranoid. And no I am not giving you life lessons Im telling you to move on you wont change anything anymore thats why. And last thing I am not attacking or defendign anyone Im just saying what I think about whats going on in this thread and responding to people that seem they arent informed on everything or say something that doesnt make much sence but ok. Decide what you are on your own Ordis wanna be maybe? As you wanted to give that job to me? If you want it take it its yours all I care. (also please stop being arogant and thinking its only about you would you please? thx)
  9. First calling someone kiddo is pretty impolite. Second of all they didnt need to bait people for stream with anything many would watch it even without added bonus including myself just because NEWS. And yeah many watched it from start till end exactly for that because for that was stream meant not for giveaway that was just cherry on the pie. So nope its really not about money since they actualy taken some from people that had sets to sell in game... So it was offering gift for participation just like the party not offering payment for participation since it originaly WASNT (anounced 1 day before the stream and stream was anounced way before that without what exactly? and how many people were already saying they will watch exactly? ) to even happen. See the difference? So yes I am able to tell the difference the question is are you? Or do you push it just because you feel like your example was pay to get and mine was yeay cherry on the pie to the news about my favorite game? So if you really though it was something for something it wasnt. That would be the case with watching partners to get unique items after sacrifice. There I would agree with you because you couldnt get those items any other way and you truly had only chance to exchange your time watching. Here? Nope not the case my dear salad not eating friend. So not recieving ash prime isnt really anything to cry about since the main thing you were to recieve and received were news.
  10. ahh maybe that you complained about something in not exactly the most informed or polite way? hint your previous posts? Also I said there are people that are legit and I feel for them I really do. But then there are the others as I tried to explain in another post to ADHDoug. Also the life advice isnt really advice its just me trying to tell you to get over it which aparently you cant.
  11. Nope thats not the one.. I know how trading works in game pretty damn well.. I meant selling whole account. And believe me its pretty comon with other games. People get something for free on new account and then sell it to someone for not much but still heyy free profit. I have seen such things with for example LoL accounts so thats what I suspect someone was trying to pull here be it 1 person only this ammount of new forum accounts aint normal.
  12. Then you are one of very few and yes it is sad but then there are many others. Some seem to not understand the conditions, some try to blame DE for unexpected technical issue that they try to repay with giving the free gift to even bigger ammount of people you could argue deserve it more for recently playing even though it wasnt what the gift was for... And then there are some that founded account just for this and some that I personaly suspect are trying to get ash prime on new account to then sell it ( few but I am sure somebody with that idea posted here aswell). So after understanding the mess you cant be much surprised they propably wont want to be involved in this any longer. I feel for you but really you are in the minority in this case sorry. PS: If what you said is all true you have every right to be toxic and salty even if you arent and that I apreciate.
  13. Just what I am trying to say the whole time good job you propably said it even better.
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