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  1. This is a great guide and you're right, much easier/more efficient method! Going to have to turn on chat logging and report the toxicity, getting cursed out and having my validity as a person called into question doing this. :D
  2. Thanks guys! I appreciate your input and perspectives. I have Borderline Personality Disorder and I have a hard time understanding people and how to interact, so much thanks for this!
  3. I'm a perfectionist and cannot tolerate any sort of failure so I just avoid rivens all together, they're all "the worst" for me! 😆
  4. "Simply" says the spatial geometry savant! 😆 I know I'm not that smart or observant! 😁
  5. Touché! 😆 I guess both ways are being lazy and you're right, just have to accept the randomness of random groups. Thank you for your feedback.
  6. No one is forcing anyone to do anything, I was just checking my opinion and seeing what other people would call this behavior. So far I've changed my opinion from "griefing" to "leeching" though, but I still feel this deviates from what the majority of people expect when joining these missions; stab and get murmurs. Again, is it fair to subject people to that playstyle over the normal expectation? /shrug I guess this is just a quandry and both points are valid though.
  7. I like this is the best answer so far, it is leeching at best.
  8. Using your same argument; is it fair for people to subject a squad to their selfish/lazy/leeching playstyle while simultaneously depriving that group of the murmurs THEY need? I'm pretty confident in stating that the majority of players expect; stab > get murmurs. Honestly it only takes 3-4 missions to get all of your secrets revealed and send the lich/sister to the RJ chart.
  9. Is it fair that people who want to join and play as a group should have to contend with a self-serving playstyle though? All I hear when I read this is, "I'm too lazy to be bothered."
  10. It also gives a large amount of murmurs, not sure what you mean about the first part though.
  11. First, these tags only reflect a very narrow range of topics and need to be expanded. Now for the topic at hand. Should not stabbing liches/sisters be considered griefing? Personally, I think it is. People run this missions with the expectation of gaining murmurs and not making a parazon attempt deprives the group of a large amount of those which makes the grind take longer. So by their direct action, or inaction, they are negatively impacting the group's gameplay. Just curious on what other people think about this. It's not a flame or a rant, it's just a question with my own expressed opinion with the justification for said opinion and would like to read the opinions of others on this matter, so save the salt and post-shaming for reddit. Thank you for coming to my TEDTalk.
  12. Since this update I'm killing liches at only level 2/3 because they never show up! I grind all of the murmurs and after a couple of pokes I have it figured out. I've done 4-5 liches and I think only one has gotten to level 4. Anyone else experiencing shy liches?
  13. Well this was some BS! I have a shy af lich to begin with, it has been very hard getting him to appear. I get the sequence worked out, he finally appeared, I downed him three times and instead of getting the option to Convert or Vanquish he just disappeared! He didn't retreat, I didn't run out of time, it just vanished! Could it not at least say, "I'll see you in Proxima X, Tenno"? Not sure if this is an unpopular opinion or not but this is just bad.
  14. Void Singularity worked one time after I unlocked and maxxed it out, but it hasn't worked since.
  15. Odd that DE doesn't have a clear category for issues with Warframes. YAY we have Gara Prime now, but we still have this m-effin bug! Why in the world would they not have this fixed before releasing another version of a broken frame? I love you DE, but why?!?
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