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  1. And it was an invasion, not alert. Edited original post.
  2. W/e dude, not going to argue over the minutiae. I was merely suggesting it would be nice if they posted same rewards for AM and PM players alike, equally.
  3. Good thing they have NA and EU servers, huh?
  4. I caught the earlier 2 and I remember thinking, "wow those are short". I'm fairly certain they were not 24 hours though.
  5. So I get up this morning to find I had slept through an invasion with a reactor reward around 11 PM EDT. Would be nice if invasions/rewards were equally available for AM and PM players. If a potato invasion pops up in the PM then maybe another will pop 12 hours later? Something like that.
  6. Anyone know how long it takes to get the items when you purchase the vault packs? Chomping at the bit for these two frames and Edo Prime! I got the plat right away.
  7. DE has acknowledged this issues and are working on a fix. Thanks for the response @[DE]Megan!
  8. Can't believe this S#&$ is not fixed yet! Makes stealth almost unplayable! Has DE even responded?
  9. Don't worry, War sucks anyways! 😄
  10. Has happened twice this evening. Pretty sure happened after last update as well in fissure missions.
  11. Selecting a Primary color and clicking Random Colors will only select colors from the chosen palette. Thanks.
  12. I actually dropped the quest and picked it back up, went to Oxo again and got back-to-back spawns to finish it. Not sure if it was massively bad RNG, which is normally a disability of mine, or if it was in fact bugged. *shrugs*
  13. Thanks for the feedback! I'll keep at it.
  14. Yo Tenno! So Iv'e ran several missions where Corrupted Nullifers are known to spawn (level 30+ Void missions) and after 12 runs there have been no spawns. Simaris isn't doing his usual "I am detecting a synthesis target" and there are no breadcrumb trails anywhere, nothin. Is this somehow bugged? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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