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  1. My issue with the ghoulsaw was more the lack of movement that I was able to use during the animations in order to engage the enemies. Most of the animations feel a bit long, and while it is a big heavy saw, when I'm swinging it around I'd like to at least step forward so that enemy 1m in front of me actually takes damage. All I want is a bit more movement so that I can actually hit the bad guys.
  2. I seem to have figured out the cause of this. My own config had [Narrow Minded] and it was affecting the stats I was shown on the other player's mod config. This happens with EVERY mod config link I click on when I have [Narrow Minded] equipped. 100% reproduction rate. When I did not have [Narrow Minded] equipped, I saw the stats much closer to what the other players told me they saw.
  3. Came across a mod config in Region chat that does not show stats that match what the mods should be doing. Player says his gameplay feels like the stats I'm seeing, but his stats show up differently. He has gone to test them and submit a bug report of his own. I have uploaded a short video of what I see https://imgur.com/2pI550w
  4. Zykk

    Riven Toggle

    You can both whitelist and blacklist words. Hit the "Includes term" switch to toggle it.
  5. Zykk

    Riven Toggle

    I do use a ton of filters. I've put in an exclude rule for every prefix and suffix for rivens, and yet they still get through. I just want a simple Options-Chat- See Rivens [Y/N] Box for each chat tab.
  6. Zykk

    Riven Toggle

    Please allow us to have a toggle as such: "Don't show rivens in [Region] / [Q&A] / [Trading] chat channels" Since the ignore list is now limited to only 100 mere Tenno, I can't afford not to have this feature if I'm to use trading chat and Q&A chat at all. Alternatively, you could perhaps implement a "Rivens only" chat tab where people can buy/sell/ask about/show off rivens, and have an option to not show that tab at all in the options while disallowing them to show up in any other chat channel.
  7. Here's hoping the duplicate protection works correctly this time and I don't need to put in several support tickets again.
  8. I could get behind this idea. I like customization options and this would allow us to keep our builds the way we like them, since augments aren't usually giving us insane amounts of power. But where do we put it in the UI?
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