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  1. First RJ mission of the day. Pluto Proxima: Exterminate. Derelict Freightlinker loot dungeon completed. Secondary Loot Dungeon entered and completed. 1 crewship and multiple fighters destroyed. Approached objective. New objective says "Destroy 2 security nodes and 2 crewships" ONE crewship spawned, and was destroyed. Security nodes were also destroyed. Many many fighters spawned and were also destroyed. No more crewships have spawned and it's been over an hour. I only stayed this long to make sure I didn't just miss out on a crewship spawn timer or something. I was unable to ac
  2. TYPE: UI DESCRIPTION: When returning to my orbiter from a mission. If another squad member starts a mission vote before I have loaded back in, my squad UI disappears. I can interact with the Navigation panel, but there is no Alerts Bar, no planetary nodes, absolutely no information or anything to click on. Resource drones and Episode Status do not work. I can zoom out from the planet showing, but cannot click on any planet or see any associated text. I cannot zoom back in. The chat panel still works. I am able to see my boosters icon and mouse-hover over it. I can still
  3. Why did we simply cut and paste ground missions into railjack? I know the team is working from home, and you may not have all the resources you normally do, but this just feels... bad. We have Core Warframe Experience missions via regular archwing missions, why did we not draw upon anything there? Nodes for Rush and Pursuit are unique to archwing, as is the Balor Fomorian fight. But we get to go inside a ship and do a regular ground defense mission, which I can find plenty of on the 233 star chart nodes already. Do the corpus have no shield technology that could stop us like the Grineer Ze
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