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  1. My build is a Kuva nukor(Fire) fully upgraded with 3 primed mods, Madurai, Inaros Prime with roar on his 3rd basically immortal(have had 0 deaths in the mission), carrier prime with more damage than you and Hirudo with a riven to ensure I kill enemies within 1s and never stop being full health. Seems good enough? I've solo'd all of steel path with it Also, how is the drop of LIFE SUPPORT related to my gear? Do I need to play nekros on every survival? Can I not have freedom to play whatever frame I want? Cause again, I had no difficulty killing enemies what so ever,
  2. 1) Enemies do not drop enough life support on high levels. Twice now I struggled with keeping life support above 20% even when killing over 1500 enemies in 30min(Steel Path MOT). 2) Having everyone and their mom invading me every 3 minutes is painful(Again SP MOT) 3) Fix Malice. That THING makes me fly for half a minute when it shows up, and at high levels it takes some time to kill it, which means I fly for 30s, FINALLY go back down, do a bit of damage and repeat like 3-4 times. This isn't fun, its annoying.
  3. Are you telling me you don't love being staggered/stunned/flying for half a minute non-stop in a high level survival when Malice invades you for the 20th time in the past 10 minutes? Why is that? -Warframe devs seriously DE, do you guys even have game designers?
  4. varies from frame to frame(Try overwelming an inaros or nidus with their death passives and see how it goes) as for mortality, in lore they *SEEM* to be mortal on early quests, but really are not. Its stated by Teshin "Oro is the binding force for an enemy who like the Tenno can survive death", and its stated in other parts of the game that all tenno possess oro, and the only way to kill someone who possess it, is by having it yourself and absorbing the other person's oro after killing them(I believe teshin says that in conclave matches) And while warframes can be compl
  5. I believe that on an all out war, the tenno would do what they currently do in the origin system: Learn about this "new world" they found, pin point important targets and kill them. Considering how the tenno are immortal and completly safe in the orbiter and the warframes can revive several times, heal, etc and theres a huge variety of frames, each having different, OP, powers, a squad of 4 could definitely track and kill any one target they desire in WH. And doing so, considering WH's numbers, chaos would spread VERY easily. Factions already hate each other in-lore, so without their comm
  6. We already do make use of spectres for battles(remember solar rail wars between clans). Also, although 40k do have greater numbers, remember that we've both grineers AND sentients on our side here, both of which can not only fabricate more units to eventually match WH's but also have a lot of power in space(with the upgraded formorian ships that can one shot ships the size of cities, sentient mothers and Murexes deploying dozens of Condrixes at speeds fast enough to destroy gigantic ships while also deploying a number of smaller units that adapt to everything,etc)
  7. I found both a visual bug and a invulnerability bug? with the profit taker battle the visual bug is this: the invulnerability bug is related to the fact that, apparently, I cant use my mech's 4th ability to damage that thing no matter what phase its in.
  8. Found similar shader problems in the railjack
  9. I've a question regarding the public tests: In case I get a key, can I stream/record the gameplay? Or its not allowed?
  10. DE for the love of whatever god you guys believe in: after half an hour of the player searching, PLEASE MAKE IT EASIER TO FIND THE GOD FORSAKEN CLUES. I always take AGES to find the last one because its a small piece hidden in a dark corner I cant see or it looks exactly like a normal part of the scenario
  11. oh so you guys are the people I heard about that defend DE with all their might. No point in arguing, I'm ignoring your comments from now on
  12. just because they didnt say I promise, doesnt mean they didnt promise. They said "We will work on this", how is that not a promise??
  13. I literally said I've many friends that want to play again, on PC, because they dont have a console or dont want to use it due to, you know, long loading times
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