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  1. both cases can be bad. High GPU usage and lag may mean the game is doing more calculations than it should, low GPU usage and lag may mean the game is calculating too many things on the CPU. Honestly I never had lag issues before this last update. Always played on max settings at a perfect 60fps, but now every now and then it drops to 30fps for a second or so then goes up again at random times on earth tilesets where the new missions appear
  2. I'm getting high GPU usage even on relays without that many people inside lately. I think one of the recent updates broke something Never experienced that many lag spikes in the game
  3. You clearly dont know how games work. The game may not be procedurally generated, but(currently) it will still load textures and other things as it goes(its easy to notice the slow loading of textures, even when you've a SSD like me) because devs apparently tried to lock it ram at 2GB usage at most. So allocating more ram would at the very least allows for the game to look better when we're flying, since it would allow the game to keep more of the scenario cached in a much faster to read type of memory. On top of that, even mathematical calculations and an extra amount of variables could be kept cached with extra ram allocated so, again, there would be overall performance gain. About the lag spikes: it seemed to be happening because of Nvidia's previous driver update, which degraded overall performance a bit, and it seems to be fixed with the new update. I always play the game on max settings and it always runs perfectly well at 60fps, so no it wasn't a GPU/CPU problem.
  4. I think it would be interesting to add to warframe something that I've seen on custom minecraft launchers I used some time ago: Custom Ram allocation. Warframe currently don't seem to make that much use of RAM for caching even when there's plenty available(in my case, for example, I've 16GB and even when 12GBs are free, the game won't go above 2, not even on huge maps like the plains of eidolon). This causes the game to have a few lag spikes when actions happens and it also lowers the quality of the map when I'm flying in open areas. To fix that, while not making the game any heavier for anyone, it would be nice to have an option to allow the game to allocate more ram(or even pre-allocate it beforehand), having the minimum settings being the current 2GB and the maximum being something like 8GB or a custom number depending on the amount of Ram thats free when the game launched. This would allow for better graphical quality and for less lag spikes
  5. When it comes to raw resistance/survivability/EHP, considering my build bellow, whats the best element: Fire or Ice? From my calculations, Ice gives me 19,3x EHP while Fire gives 17,6x, but I'm not sure my counts are correct and also the fact that I'll have less life with ice than fire makes my arcane grace less effective, so I dunno how that would impact survivability.
  6. Thats nice and all but, when will we have NEW CONTENT? Cause, you know... the past year and a half has been meh. And there's barelly 30k people playing on PC rn(2 years ago there would be at least 60k) Its getting difficult to even sell stuff. If my price isn't the lowest of the market, no one messages
  7. you can get it on solo mode, but its less likely to spawn. I usually start killing everything around when the light flicks. It almost always makes the larvaling spawn
  8. The latency reduction thing you guys did really improved a lot the game overall. Far away hosts now don't lag nearly as much as they used to. I've no clue how you guys did that(though I would love to, to maybe learn something appliable to my own game project) but good job!
  9. Visual bug: After I use my parazon blade to perform a finisher, while using Sigma & Octantis, the sword disappears and the shield contracts until my next hit
  10. and I've reported this multiple times since the railjack update
  11. and I've reported this multiple times since the railjack update
  12. Chroma's second ability is still being turned off when I use operator mode
  13. Chroma's second ability still is turning off when I go in operator form
  14. Chroma's second ability is still being turned off by using the operator form
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