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  1. Why not enable drops for all warframe streamers(or at least those who have, say, the loadout extension or drops 2.0 enabled) on twitch? It could give some random drops such as mods(not any primed), credits, ayatan stars, resources, etc every so often, each one with a certain drop % based on how important/rare the item is. This system would help non-partner streamers to grow and maybe eventually become partnered, on top of helping players a bit with the grind. On top of that there could be one rare drop every so often(say, 20 plat? a veiled riven? or something similar once every 1-2 hours
  2. Reading some responses here, I can only say some players are beyond pathetic with their comments. You all complain theres no content, then whenever anyone asks for any new content, thats not even OBLIGATORY btw, you guys are agaisnt it. A shame, warframe's community seems to have gone from one of the best to one of the most... welll... can't find a better word to describe other than pathetic.
  3. I know theres an update coming, or at least expected to come within the next month, bringing new content to the game, but PLEASE bring raids back. Its been 3 years they've been gone with promises of being redesign, but as per usual got [DE]layed. I would love to have them back, even if they were the exact same way as before with maybe a few changes to the drop table(for example, not including the same badges, but instead new ones, and some more updated possible drops and findings). They were fun, required organization and coordination, and tbh were the BEST end game content back th
  4. the wings you guys made last update are still broken
  5. You got it wrong: Warframes are invulnerable to the infestation, since they are MADE using a specific strain of it, but aren't invulnerable to whatever TOXIN that infestation can produce. All survivals and the tunnels in deimos say the same: The toxicity levels in the air are being increased by the infestation, and thats the thing killing our warframes. The infestation consumes entire city-size-ships in a matter of few days with just a few spores, if those ships dont have whatever tech the corpus or god knows who made to combat/slow it down
  6. The wings are disappearing randomly at times and it occupies HALF the screen when not aiming. It needs a lot of fixing
  7. The wings DEFINITELY need more work, but overall are good
  8. you know.. it would feel more like a season pass kind of system if nightwave wouldn't give you a YEAR to get level 30 and then re-offer all the rewards from it again in the next intermission or so
  9. A lot of what you mentioned exists in the warframe universe or could be countered by something in it. They're made of living metal? Warframes and a lot of other stuff are made of living nano machines, so more or less the same. They can atomize stuff? Many enemies have shields that could stop even if just one hit of that, or regenerate right after losing a limb or something. Chaining weapons? We've lots of those. I myself love using one (Kuva nukor) lol Melee that goes through dimensions? We got the same on excalibur and on top of that, we got guns and war
  10. Was excited thinking it would be a content update...
  11. My build is a Kuva nukor(Fire) fully upgraded with 3 primed mods, Madurai, Inaros Prime with roar on his 3rd basically immortal(have had 0 deaths in the mission), carrier prime with more damage than you and Hirudo with a riven to ensure I kill enemies within 1s and never stop being full health. Seems good enough? I've solo'd all of steel path with it Also, how is the drop of LIFE SUPPORT related to my gear? Do I need to play nekros on every survival? Can I not have freedom to play whatever frame I want? Cause again, I had no difficulty killing enemies what so ever,
  12. 1) Enemies do not drop enough life support on high levels. Twice now I struggled with keeping life support above 20% even when killing over 1500 enemies in 30min(Steel Path MOT). 2) Having everyone and their mom invading me every 3 minutes is painful(Again SP MOT) 3) Fix Malice. That THING makes me fly for half a minute when it shows up, and at high levels it takes some time to kill it, which means I fly for 30s, FINALLY go back down, do a bit of damage and repeat like 3-4 times. This isn't fun, its annoying.
  13. Are you telling me you don't love being staggered/stunned/flying for half a minute non-stop in a high level survival when Malice invades you for the 20th time in the past 10 minutes? Why is that? -Warframe devs seriously DE, do you guys even have game designers?
  14. varies from frame to frame(Try overwelming an inaros or nidus with their death passives and see how it goes) as for mortality, in lore they *SEEM* to be mortal on early quests, but really are not. Its stated by Teshin "Oro is the binding force for an enemy who like the Tenno can survive death", and its stated in other parts of the game that all tenno possess oro, and the only way to kill someone who possess it, is by having it yourself and absorbing the other person's oro after killing them(I believe teshin says that in conclave matches) And while warframes can be compl
  15. I know this has been discussed in the past, but with the changes over the years(on warframe's side for example: we now have Warframes with access to the Adaptation mod and Battle ships like Railjack, the quills who can see the future,etc), the original topics wont do justice to both sides. So, scenario: Full out war. All the factions of Warframe VS all the factions from Warhammer 40k. Both sides have every weapon, skill, power,etc at their disposal as they would be within their respective games. There are battles happening on both space and on planets. Who do you think would win, h
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