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  1. ---- Astral Awakening ---- -- Extremely Active Rank 10 Mountain Clan l New Player Friendly -- -- Researched l Awesome Community l Events -- -- Discord Mandatory (MIC optional) -- -- No MR Reqs! -- Who are we? Astral Awakening is the academy/casual branch of the Astral Clans, we are dedicated to helping newer players become more efficient and reach their full potential in warframe. Once we have taught you all we can offer and made you guys lean mean killing machines, you might want to join Astral Ethereum, which is our Competitive/Active Storm clan. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/950911-astral-ethereum-recruiting-l-competitive-storm-clan-l-247-active-discord-l-friendly-community-l-come-join-us/ What do we offer? We have both experienced and new players, so if you need someone to help you or if you want to help you’re welcome either way. You can basically find someone any time you want, since we have members from almost every time zone! An active community full of awesome people, you’re not gonna get bored hanging around with us that’s for sure! A 24/7 active voice chat in our discord with all kinds of awesome people. We host quite often events which have fantastic prizes! These events range from Captura- to Fashionframe- to Speedrunning- to Endurance-Events with large Platinum prize pools. Lastly we offer some of the most willing veteran players and leaders to help you guys on your epic journey that is Warframe (#grindframe). Our dojo is followed and built by our official dojo build team (who knows…if you like these things and prove capable you may even be able to become one). Our dojo is complete with 99,99% of research, obstacle course, dueling rooms, a “trade center”, gardens and more!- We also have a Discord server! Where you can share builds, fashion frames and capturas, doubts, experiences, memes and more (we might even have a 18+ section). Well-designed clan emblems by our very best graphic designers. Open minded staff to share your ideas with! We always appreciate having clanmates come to us with concerns or suggestions and we do always try to solve them together! Although some decisions made by management are final. How can you apply? First and foremost you need to know that you are welcome to join without worrying about your experience and rank. We are also looking for higher ranking players to come and show the ropes to newer players (but we still have older vets teaching). We’re constantly recruiting! Below you can read on what we require of you guys to give us in order to join! Mention the things below in your forum clan application: A small introduction of yourself: Ingame Name: Discord Tag: (e.g. ThatBlue#2517) MR: NOTE: If you are MR 15+ and have 500hrs ingame. Then you might want to have a look at our recruitment ad for Astral Ethereum, Link to that below. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/950911-astral-ethereum-recruiting-l-competitive-storm-clan-l-247-active-discord-l-friendly-community-l-come-join-us/
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