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  1. Any news on Zephyr deluxe? It's been literally years since you showed an early modelling of it being made, and was never mentioned again.
  2. Was going to point out how ridiculous the gild and forma challenges are, but I wouldn't be the first, nor second.... nor third. This is borderline stupid. As everyone else pointed out before me, this might be kind of OK with low MR players who are still ranking up weapons, but then you have MR 26 players as myself forcefully spending time and formas on things that don't even need them. Complete certain types of missions? Cool. Catch rare fish? Fine. Forma things just for the sake of doing so? Ehhh, what?
  3. This might have been asked before, but, what about the Corpus "Sentient beam" weapon shown in Valkyr Prime trailer? Is that ever gonna make it into the game? What's the reason behind the Corpus developing such a weapon, and how did they manage to do it? Thank you.
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