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  1. yazginki

    Analog sprint remove

    Allow us to remove sprint from tilting analogs on controllers. Right now it works ok most warframes but ivara which makes prowl useless. For an easy comparison take the ps4 version(since im using the same controller) it doesn't have the tilt sprint ivara can jump on walls with ease while in prowl then the pc version ivara no longer registers the wall that it can be climbed when you tilt the analog more to make her register the wall it triggers sprint and disables prowl. One fix would be to use the actual ps4 controls when you use that said controller. Another fix would be give us an option to disable it like the toggle sprint switch.
  2. yazginki

    The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.5.3

    does that mean we get that 3rd drawing soon and the proper end text?
  3. yazginki

    Hotfix: Lunaro 1

    i agree they need a server so it balances out the host lag. very fun idea. another idea would be to add it as a joke weapon for the normal missions. I'd probaly play it longer then the 10 minutes. just the lag adds more confusion then anything.