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  1. this is from the best enemy designs and the animations looks awesome too! good job guys cheers
  2. I believe that from here http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Felidae there can be found many cool names, pantherinae,neofelis are some cat family names that sound good to me cheers
  3. When you get the cure and he weaponises it to cure us from our powers the karak may be usefull :p
  4. Very nice, seems promising.looking forward for more immersion enhansing additions keep up the good work
  5. i think red text knows cthulhu and megan knows tselotu so... skree is more likely :P
  6. life....draining....slowly...need new toys
  7. Surely there will be a quest for the raids too ,with vayhek apearing
  8. What about passives are they comming soon?
  9. Still no fix for hopeless panthera! Also cheers
  10. Twitch:Dakkadakaa Pc username:infernogr Perhaps gifts
  11. with mesa we saw some passive abilities that from what i'm aware of are now disabled, will we see passive abilities return to warframe and if yes will they be retroactive with older frames? is the sentinel ability mods removal planed for the near future? keep up the good work cheers
  12. Did someone mention fomorioan *.* ? Hopes die last Cheers
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