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  1. Onestly I would LOVE if we could interchange pretty much everything between primes, umbras and normal warframes, ornaments, helmets, exalted weapons whatever.
  2. well it does have an exotic look to it, but I dont see it as an orc sword, as you do. The hook-like structure at the end gives it a more sinister look, then the normal exalted blade, which I do think suits him.
  3. I actually like the umbra sword a lot. However I do agree that normal excal and excal prime should get their old swords back. The physical sword kinda fits with umbra.
  4. Well you can always sell a maxed serration for platinum... Btw im all for sentinels having their own mods. Would offer some great opportunity to give them some unique stat boosts like increasing damage everytime it dies or drasticly increased status on the cost of most of the damage.
  5. I think "no boss fights" was meant to be listed as a problem, so he wants boss fights.
  6. That would be incredible. While we are at it we could also add the ability to use skins on zaws. Saying "its a skin for all swords" is quite far from the truth when you cant use it on arguably the best swords in the game. Same for other weapon classes.
  7. I have a similar riven for akmagnus. The flightspeed doesn't affect it at all so i think yours should be pretty great as well.
  8. I could imagine something fluid and lighweight, like running against a wall would make you lean against it and if your standing close to a corner aiming past it would make you lean out of cover. I think Crysis 2 had something like this and it felt pretty good. that would be a nice touch and allow you to quickly enter and leave cover without pressing a dedicated button. Also cover can fit into a fast paced game. Vanquish has a cover system and that game is still fast as hell.
  9. The whole story with rell confirms that they are not immortal. Otherwise he wouldnt have had the need to transfer his mind into his warframe. Maybe they live longer then regular people (which already is a long time if you consider corpus normal) but that doesnt necessarily mean they grow up slower.
  10. well aging in the warframe Universe doesnt look like such a big deal. Darvo is what? 150? and he still looks like 30.
  11. Well yes, but the tenno would grow up with it, which is a different thing from just being thrown into all the void stuff.
  12. Foreword: Personally ive grown to like the operator as a Way to supporting my warframe and it really does a great job at that. However: Even though it created a beautiful moment at the end of the second dream it disturbs the feeling of power I enjoy in warframe, because a teenager, even one in armor, doesnt really come close to the pure badassery a warframe radiates. The Concept: A great and immersive way to deal with that problem would be to have our operators age over time. If you just take the day and night Cycle of POE you could say that one day/Year in Reality equals 8 days/Year
  13. Very nice, I could a actually imagine that to become canon.
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