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  1. Jadous

    Nekros 1 and 2

    You missed the entire point of this post. First of all I never said his 4 is bad and infact I do use it with it's augment. Second of all, my suggestion is for his 2 to still fear but with an added slow on top of the fear so they can't shoot u while they are feared and slowed. And lastly I'm advocating for his 1 and 2 to be useful not arguing about the benefit or lack of benefit of his other skills
  2. Jadous

    Nekros 1 and 2

    His 1 is useless 90% of time. Because you would use it to kill enemies by throwing them outside of map (and lose desecration on that targets corpse). And his 2 makes enemies run away from you making it harder to kill them. My suggestion is to make his 1 a command ability for his shadows for example it having 3 modes which are : defend/stay, attack, and follow. This will make the shadows more useful in various ways for example focusing specific vip enemies/targets or defending objectives instead of hiding behind cover while they should be bullet sponges etc. On the other hand his 2 ability just needs a slowing effect on top of the fear like a 40% slow so that it's actually useful. The reason why most games apply a slow on feared enemies because fear as a standalone cc is bad especially because it brings down your kill per second like in survival where nekros shines the most. If you agree or disagree please share your thoughts
  3. I would say it's kinda easy untill a certain point where only some frames that can tank have damage reduction invisibility/invincibility are viable because of enemy damage scaling.
  4. I see what you mean but Warframe in it's core is kinda a grindy game + these changes are minor so not mandatory in any way. Not nearly as strong or impactful as a riven or anything of that nature.
  5. Bro what do u even mean?? Warframe is literally a fantasy rpg action game lol
  6. Jadous


    Hey I know there are a hundred threads about focus but I think the current focus schools should give us more passive effects and less operator oriented gameplay. No one likes operators outside of eidelon hunting let's be real here. So it's annoying to have to exit my Warframe and remember that I'm actually playing as a kid instead of a cool Warframe. A few examples would be small effects, stats buffs, or something like for example the "Phoenix talons" skill seems like the best out of the others. And the gradually loss of combo meter skill (instead of losing it all). I think we need many skills of this manner which are interactive and passive without being forced to use operator mode. Edit: guess I'm the only one who is not that fond of operator which makes this my opinion.
  7. I get your point of view and you might be right. Unless the balancing for it is adjusted. I just gave a general idea of what the system could look like and it's purpose if there is a better way I'm all ears. For example the stats boosts could be capped but easier to obtain or would be a minor reward for people that grind and play alot. I just felt like its a really cool idea and worth sharing nonetheless.
  8. "Sees Warframe player charts for the last 2 months"
  9. I actually didn't know that it was from another game but that's pretty cool. If another game already has that system in place then Warframe can borrow that from borderlands while changing it to suit warframes style. just like the existing system which is heavily inspired by shadow of war/Mordor(kuva liches).
  10. I get what you are saying but the players and the developers make the game together. If for example all the players would quit or leave because the developers are being unjust/unfair and just abusing their power. Then the game will die. I don't think you should think in terms of "inferior player vs superior develper".
  11. Care to elaborate and share why? Just curious (regarding my suggestion not the other guys suggestion)
  12. lmao i agree this isn't fortnite XD
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