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  1. Thanks man that makes alot of sense. So it mostly Depends on weapon base stats+ faction mods are pretty much mandatory (for pure slash build) if I already have high base +crit c/d
  2. Ok so basically I know that slash procs damage is affected by 1 base damage mods 2 crit damage 3 crit chance 4 faction damage mods (And viral makes slash procs deal more damage but let's exclude it from this equation) My question is of the above 4 which matter the most and which matter the least in enhancing the damage of the slash procs? Preferably in order
  3. I have problems making it work in real missions so here is a bump
  4. So basically I have 2 questions. 1. what warframe specter is the tankiest/most useful for steel path (highest scaling armor and hp or amazing reliable abilities) 2. if I give my specter sancti magistar or hirudo will they become immortal?
  5. I meant to say that not all weapons are made equal. Even with best modding the rusults will not be even close. Some fully modded weapons with god riven can be weaker than unmodded weapons. I say this unironically if you compare the best weapons to the worst. thanks bro i will try it. I appreciate it.
  6. This made me sad because deep down I know you are right yet I love heavy blades and axes. Guess I have to wait for heavy blade stance rework (with forced slash). I have to give up a slot for weeping wounds to make it work. So I'm at a disadvantage already
  7. Cleaving whirlwind is actually the worst stance tbh. 1. You can't perma spin /self stagger (lol) 2. spin does 2x less damage than all other stances. So even if you could perma spin it's still meh 3. Reduced combo counter on spin
  8. Even the sancti Tigris only has 15% cc with 1.5x multiplier (lol) And the highest status is the normal variant tigris. Feels to me that these weapons are unmoddable even with a good riven. No reliable status or crit Thoughts?
  9. Do you think it's worth building a heavy blade with 0 slash in the stance for example the scindo or galatine? (since all heavy blades have useless stances) I will have to use weeping wounds to be able to proc slash and I'm going for a heavy attack build. Is it worth it for long steel path survival? Or is it not that good?
  10. Because having an opinion is controversial. Nurfing melee is needed to buff guns in their eyes. In my opinion it makes no sense. Why not just buff guns to make them on the same level as melee. It's a p v e game anyway. Why would they nurf some core fun part of the game. Now meta melee will become more meta and weaker melee will become more trash as the gap between them grows.
  11. Sad that everything fun must be useless or nurfed to the point of being unplayable
  12. It would probably still be weak in steel path anyway. Compared to the best guns
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