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  1. That is not even remotely true, Maybe you do get one shot at those levels from a Bombard, but there are far more types of enemies, and even so. I doubt using level 200 mobs as the "baseline" is a good thing to do, since a lot of skills at that point does nothing, especially in Steel Path. I think it would be safe to assume the game is not balanced around level 200 Steel Path foes. Yes i am aware, but overtaking another frames role will impact said frame negatively. A perfect example would be if we turned this argument the other way around. By your logic, you would relish
  2. 500 Armor is not 28% 500 Armor is 500/(500+300) = 0.625 = 62.5% Damage reduction. At 2000 Armor, you got 2000/(2000+300) = 0.8695 = 86.95% Damage Reduction. And Trinity is not a Energy cow. Trinity is a defensive support frame with Energy restoration. Oberon grants Status cleanse/immunity, Trinity does not. They both have a defensive portion but Oberon have a different way of offering it, and provides more offensive support with Armor stripping, Damage based on enemy health and Reducing enemy output both by forcing Radiation Procs, but also by forcing Puncture procs. S
  3. I mean, you are half right. True, Armor does not rewards increase in shield. But it does reward increase in health. Likewise, you are not entirely true about Damage resistance rewarding shield (Always) Nova as a example, her Damage reduction only work on her Health.
  4. I mean it kinda does. Maybe it could use some minor tweaks, but 50% Baseline is way to high, you are overtaking Trinity's role here. I also do not understand what you mean with "300-500 armor basically does nothing in the higher levels." Armor is directly translate to damage reduction for health with the formula (Armor / Armor + 300), So it works exactly the same against level 1 mobs, as it does vs level 9999 mobs.
  5. Saryn works Perfectly fine. How do i know this? I did it with Saryn. It pretty much turned into a activate the encounter, use her three, use her one with Augment, Pew and he died. Hell i even admit that the first time i tried him i did like i did towards all the other Specters and went into melee, he froze me and killed me. So what did i do? I adjusted and learned from it.
  6. I liked it. Not to hard, not to easy. Never even noticed that the shield phase took that long, then again my AMP was hitting him for multiple 5000 hits, depending on how close he was and at what angle i could shoot, but the minimum was 2x 5000 hits. The damage was fine as well, It could deal some decent damage but only time i pretty much got one shot was if something else took down my shield and then i got hit by the big obvious laser. Sure he did a lot of damage but not terrible, last phase was also awesome as the sentient adds created a added threat until they died. In all honesty,
  7. I stand corrected, i even ran some test and some numbers and it definitely does look like Shield damage reduction is additive included in the maximum 90%. It was even more interesting to see that armor is not. Still, i stand corrected on the shield part.
  8. First of all, that is not how damage reduction work, at all. The only one Additive is Aerodynamics with Aviator and Agility drift. All other type of Damage reduction stack multiplicative. Second, there is no cap on Damage reduction, only on Airborne resistance mods, and that is due to them being additive instead of multiplicative. You can get up to 90% with Airborne mods, and then keep stacking with other means, such as shields passive 25% for a total of 92.5% And then use her Tribute for a additional 50% for a total of 96.25% Damage reduction on her shield, or 95% on health, before
  9. I mean i wont argue that Melee is stronger than Ranged weapons, for most parts they are. Clearly there are some exceptions out there, not like all melee weapons are perfect, that being said. No, there are plenty of weapons that are powerful enough. Currently my Corinth Prime is still one hitting Steel Path foes, sure i have not been passed level 130 yet, but even if they were to survive one hit. And then die in the second hit i would argue that is still fine. This sounds more like a subject for why certain guns are bad.
  10. Well yes and no to this. Corpus does have some units with armor, so it is not a straight up 10x EHP difference. Same with infested, if anything Infested might actually get some if their armor now when they do not fall over a second after they spawn since they get it from a buff instead of having it innate. But more importantly, not all factions are the same. You have to look at the faction as a whole instead of simply looking at EHP. What does Grineer have besides Health, Armor? Nothing really that impressive, everyone have Eximus so that is excluded. They do have the ability to
  11. Update 27.4 Archwing Gun stats normalized - space combat now uses ground “Heavy Weapon” stats. This also came with some minor buffs to most of them as well.
  12. Why is Nyx Passive even considered bad? Enemy being 20% Less accurate sounds amazing. It is effectively the same as 20% Damage resistance passively towards attacks that can miss, sure some are unable. But most attacks can. Only thing i find a bit weird is that while her Absorb is active it is deactivated, i mean if you want enemies to fuel absorb for damage it makes sense, but does anyone even use absorb for the burst damage it can inflict?
  13. So you want to Nerf Trinity into the ground, if so simply say so instead of trying to make it sound like a improvement. If not, then you probably do not understand her kit, or how it currently work.
  14. Working as designed. Critical Chance Bonus Sets critical hit chance to 200%, making all attacks orange critical hits. Also affects some Warframe powers. It sets the value to 200%, not increases it.
  15. And once again you are wrong. All enemies except the one considered triggering the Whipclaw+Strangledome Synergy get the 50%, that being the 1158. This is why with two targets you only get one 1158, since one out of the two targets are the trigger, or with the 10 target you only get 9 targets with 1158. That part is consistent in all pictures and testing. It is extremely clear at this point how it works, i am not even sure what you are having a hard time to grasp. 2315 Part is Whipclaw, if the synergy worked like you said it would we would see 10 of them in Picture 5. This is not t
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