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  1. Ember, is that like short for Thermal Sunder or something, you know one of Gauss ability that deal Heat damage, that also deal even more heat damage if a foe is already suffering from a heat proc? Did i remember to say it is pretty much Fireblast but with decent damage numbers, and mechanics that enhances if the target is already suffering from heat, you know unlike Ember who is literary held back by her own and her teammates weaker heat procs. I know i should not say it because you have to compare a entire kit, but Gauss would be a better fire frame than Ember if not for her one redeeming ability Accelerant. And do not be mistaken Accelerant is awesome, she is however held back by her own heat procs, low numbers, overlapping toolkit and if you or anyone on the team accidentally heat proc before you apply Accelerant, well to put it bluntly you are worthless.
  2. No doubt that Valkyrs exalted claws are better than Garuda Talons, one is the Frames fourth ability and one could argue the majority of her personality as well, the other got added as a afterthought as a melee weapon and are primarily there because she uses her Talons for all of her ability's one way or another so it is important to understand that they are supposed to be completely different. Valkyrs Claws are direct damage and critical peoples wet dream, and if you are building Garudas Talons like that you are going to have a bad day, especially if you compare them to each other. Now could i convince you to try status instead, her weapon is after all 70% Slash on the ISP distribution, now in no way will they kill things as fast as Valkyrs Claws, since this will rely on you hitting enemies and applying the status first and then letting the mobs die. However it will reliably apply a bucket load of slash procs with the right build. And as a final say i will have to remind you, that comparing something with Valkyr Claws are usually a very bad thing to do, there are after all very few things that can compete with there damage output.
  3. Mind Control You kinda missed the mark on why you want to shoot the mind controlled target, the target dying if you deal enough damage is both a blessing but also a curse. Since sometimes you find a really nice target that you want to keep at least for a while and sadly it dies after the duration, but back on point. The reason you shoot the target is because; "For the next 4 seconds after activation, any damage Nyx inflicts to the mind controlled target is absorbed and converted to increase the target's damage output." This can substantially increase the damage output of the target compared to equal targets, there is however still a issue. And that is enemies in Warframe have a disproportionate amount of Effective hit points compare to damage dealing capability's. This does somewhat make the damage a mind controlled target can do a bit redundant. Absorb Absorb is far from useless but it does have some issue no doubt, and i think one of the main reason you find it useless is because you have not used it together with the augment Assimilate. Assimilate is a game changer for Absorb and the one bad thing i would say is that it is kind of a mandatory, there is probably someone who play her a lot more who could tell me i am wrong. But there is also another aspect you are missing and that is; "Nyx's threat level is raised while Absorb is active.". This is a uncommon thing for most tanking tools, although defy is one of the other tools that also have a raised threat level, yet you should compare entire kits instead of one tool versus another tool. What make Absorb good is for instance that Arcanes and mods that proc on damage taken still consider any hit that absorb ..... absorbs, as a hit. This is also uncommon for invulnerability, a perfect example would be that you can build up stacks of Adaptation to full while you are effectively immune to damage, and then regain energy with Rage or Hunter Adrenaline.
  4. Applying it on allies should work, there is however a issue with the Saryn player not receiving a visual indicator for who they have buffed on all occasions, this is weirdly fixed by using transference, but it is important to note this is only a visual bug. The other players and companions still get the buff. Casting it on molt will weirdly enough drain energy and even make the molt appear as it got the buff, this can be seen by the molt having the same corrosive effect on there hands as both allied players, the Saryn player and companions get. However i did some testing and it has no effect on the molt damage, whatever this is supposed to be intentional or not i have no idea. And third the augment does not reduce the spread of spore, all the rules for spore spreading is still in effect. I will add a small note here that i did not test these things in the Simulacrum, but on live missions, it is not impossible that these are separate bugs.
  5. You can not use a player stats and take that as a direct link to how good a frame is. There are plenty of factors that go into consideration, not all being based on how good a frame is. Perfect example is right there, in your face. The reason Excalibur is so played is probably not because he need to be nerfed into the ground, but more likely one of the most used starting frames. ease of access Cosmetic Fun These are all factors this graph discard, sure we can look at it and assume certain things, but if you stop at the assuming part and dismiss all other factors then the quote "assumption is the mother of all failures" is very much true.
  6. I can confirm that this bug is still in the game and extraordinary annoying / game breaking. When it happen you can no longer use any Warframe ability, you can not use Transference, Melee stops working, you can no longer dodge roll or aim glide. Pressing escape to open up the menu does not fix it. Jumping out of bounds ( off the map ) does not fix it. Getting downed and revived does not fix it. Only way to fix this as of now is to die, something not that fun to do especially during example Arbitration, where you would be either in column A: A huge detriment to your team by not being able to use any of the previously mentioned tools, or B: Force them to waste time and added risk reviving you. This of course only temporary fixing it until the bug re-occurs. Would be great if it could be fixed as of now not only is this bug severely diminishing the use of Transference, but also all tools provided by it, be it amps, Arcanes or Focus School
  7. Need to point out that it is neither infinite life, instant 100% health/shield, nor is it 99.9% Damage mitigation. First of all Blessing is only up to 75% Damage resistance to herself and allies upon cast, secondly it has a 0.5 second delay cast. That mean it is neither instant and she have a gap in her defense as she dispel herself before applying the new one. I am well aware that a 0.5 second is a very short amount, but it can be more than enough time than enemies need at higher levels. And she only give herself 75% Damage resistance, Plus 75% Damage resistance, Plus her armor of 15 = (15/(15+300))*100 = 4.7619047619% Damage resistance. This adds up to 100-(((100*0.25)*0.25)*0.95238095238)= 94.0476190476% Damage resistance, assuming both Link and Blessing is always lined up for all damage taken, Link always have a target it is tethered to and lets be real it won't be as you can not refresh Link while it is active nor does Link have infinite range, some mobs are even immune to Link, Eidolons would be one example of a mob immune to it and all this before we even consider that Blessing has a 0.5 Second delay timer. Not only is ~94% Damage resistance not even close to 99.9%, but 94% Damage resistance, this is including her armor is less then what other Warframes have. Some with bigger gap in their defense, but also other with even less gap.
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