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  1. Don't you freaking dare propose a nerf to status shotguns. Those things are the true gift of the Lotus!!!
  2. Shotguns are probably one of the top primary weapons right now. Are they good for everything? clearly not! But compare them to most bows, most assault rifle or even most snipers and they are performing way better. Are there exception? clearly! Some bows are amazing, i would argue most of those bows have some type of AoE, but i am sure some will disagree with me. Snipers same to be honest, outside of Boss hunting i do not really see a use for them. Generic assault rifles, honestly i have no idea why someone would use them, i mean beside to get the mastery or simply because they enjoy them.
  3. Then you are not playing Gara correctly. Gara have more survival and scale way way way faster than Saryn. Gara's downside is range, so yes you would in comparision to a Saryn not get as many kills, it would take way longer before mobs even would be close at being able to deal damage towards you, and once they are in range you pretty much instantly deletes everything, be it a level 1 mob or a level 200 mob. Then you were not getting a lot of kills with Saryn, due to how affinity is distributed. Kill an enemy with a Warframe ability. All of the Affinity goes to the Warframe.
  4. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Damage/Corrosive_Damage Warframes health type is Ferrite, meaning they do 75% more damage and ignore 75% of your armor. Not more to say without a video clip of you showing what was going on.
  5. Then i would recommend you try some other Frames out. There are plenty of crazy frames out there with both more survivability, or with about the same. All of them have some advantage or disadvantage compared to the next or as you would expect since each frame are kinda "unique". Ember is a good competitor, got great survival got decent damage and even better at striping armor. Her downside is LoS restriction and her survival is based on a ability forcing you to be good or suffer the consequences, a bit energy hungry but can be overcome with a good build. Garuda is another competitor, She got around the same survival as Saryn, her survival toolkit is better in some places and worse in other. Her damage is way way way higher done in burst, scales faster and in a better way. Her disadvantages is a longer buildup and limited FoV on her AoE(This is not limited by walls). Khora is also another great competitor, she got almost the same armor as Saryn. Saryn P with 300 vs Khora 275, and this could change once we get Khora P. She deals way way more damage and require a fair bit of mission time before she becomes irrelevant She have a Pet Kavat that can aid her or allies with healing or disrupt enemies, She also provide great crowd control. Downside is that she is a bit more immobile due to her preferably want to use her Strangledome to help pull in more enemies for the AoE, but can still work ok AoE without it. Requires you to know how to build her as it can litterary make or break if the weapon will one shot level 150+ mobs or struggle with 50+ mobs. Does not scale so once she does fall off damage wise there will not be a lot more to do this will however happen way later than any current "endgame". Gara is a weird mix but i still think she should have a honorably mentioned. Got way more survival, can share the survival with teammates got way way way more damage, scales way way way faster and can provide some crowd control. Her disadvantages is the buff is annoying to keep active on teammates, her damage has a low AoE radius unless you do share in on teammates and even then is kinda mediocre. These are the frames that simply pop up in my head when you ask for Frames with decent survival and great AoE i have no doubt there are plenty of others.
  6. I have around 2000 hours played and i play a bucket load of solo and this have never happened to be. Sounds like you should record it and report it as a bug.
  7. I do not use any of these in my current favorite frame, and it is not Inaros or Nidus. And in fact, i would probably never use Redirection with the Exception on Hildryn, and Primed Vigor / Vigor i would also almost never use as well. And i have several builds with weapons where i do not have any elemental mods, i will agree those are closer to mandatory but even then my favorite weapon currently do not have any slots for elemental mods in the build i am doing. I would argue the only one that is Mandatory in these examples are Serration and Hornet Strike. And even there one would argue that Amalgam Serration null the Serration part. So no, i disagree. These are not mods that should be made baseline.
  8. The Reward for hacking a derelict will show up as a bonus reward together with all other rewards, usually the last one but i can not confirm that this is true 100% of the time as i've had to little sample size yet, but so far it seems to be the case in all derelict i have done. It is however important that you do the Derelict before completing the other objectives, as of now if you complete the hack after doing all other missions objective (Kill Fighters, Kill CrewShips) it will not reward you anything. Currently the rewards are. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Veil_Proxima#Caches
  9. Pretty much been going to the node that is flashing red in the Veil, and it never spawned once so far.
  10. Are you guys getting the Sentient ship? I have done like 8-12 missions so far with the red blinking light on the node and never seen it yet.
  11. The Forward Artillery is also not meant to trivialize crew ship to none existence, You can still use normal guns to damage them and apply status effects, as long as the final damage is done by the Forward Artillery it will obliterate the Crew Ships. Me and my friends are doing exactly that, we damage the ship down with the normal guns and then blast it with the Forward Artillery, working perfectly fine and we do not even have the Avionic for it. My main complaint about the Forward Artillery would be that it does not have any punchthrough, so a single fighter flying in the way can block the shot or even worse / more likely the freaking crew ship engines block the shot and thus not killin it.
  12. Honestly this is both good and bad news at the same time. I thought it would pretty much be a auto aim feature so you would no longer have to care about aiming, it is a relief it is not. But at the same time it does feel underwhelming for 512 Intrinsics.
  13. I can assure you that Baza can compete with way higher enemies than level 80 if you mod it correctly. And my counter point is that you may not like a lot of the upgrades, but there are a substantial upgrade if you compare the Baza vs Baza Prime.
  14. I did not even see it had better status, but it did. So yeah it even got 10% status vs 14% status. To me this all sound like you did not get the power creep you wanted, but the Baza was already a really strong Rifle. Now you may not like it, and you are allowed to not like it. But that will not change that it is a perfectly viable weapon, and getting substantial upgrades in areas despite you not caring about those are still substantial upgrades. And as of Aksomati, the Wiki have not yet been uppdated so hard to say how good or bad it is.
  15. Baza vs Baza Prime Magazine size 40 vs 60 Reload time 1.4 vs 1.1 Crit Chance 26% vs 28% Full damage up to 22m vs Full damage up to 30m Min damage at 34m vs Min damage at 60m Sounds like a substantial upgrade to me, perhaps not all weapon upgrades have to be status or damage?
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