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  1. The only thing I see here in regards to the updated drops is filler content and nothing that anybody would find rewarding at all.
  2. I've gotten riven cache three times as login reward, but since I was already at the 90 cap I wasn't given the slots that are supposed to come with them. Will these be given out retroactively after this update?
  3. Phase 1 of the melee changes have now been in the game close to a month and I feel that's enough time to give feedback on it. This is my personal experience and feedback. I'll try to list what I feel is good and bad about it, with my thoughts on how to improve it as sub bullet points, if I have any such thoughts. The Good (With and without "Melee with Fire Weapon Input") Directional ground slam is a great step in the right direction. But it doesn't feel finished. The speed seem to have little or no acceleration which feels off. The animation at the end of the slam is too slow. Many times you're better off just falling and landing like normal. Does it have to be all or nothing? Some abilities will stop the animation completely (which I think is a bug or oversight) What if we could do a second jump to break the animation and then slam again? I think that would enhance directional slam overall. The Bad (Both modes) The auto-block when you have your melee weapon out (now? don't remember it slowing you down before) slows you done while jumping. This feels really bad. Suddenly the range of your jump will decreased and I won't end up where I expected to. This especially harmful when jumping over areas where if you fall down you'll be despawned. The Bad (Without "Melee with Fire Weapon Input") Smashing E to use melee feels weird and clunky and since the stance applied I kept doing weird moves I did not wish for. With this enabled I found myself constantly doing spin attacks instead, since that what was what felt the least bad. I switched to "Melee with Fire Weapon input" to get back the ability to use melee with my mouse button again. The Bad (With "Melee with Fire Weapon Input") I constantly find myself using the wrong weapon type since I just did an aim glide, so the game switched weapons for me. I've tried to aim glide less, but it's such an integral part of the movement, that it severely slowed me down. And even after close to a month of trying to change and get used to it I simply haven't been able to. The directional ground slam is a step in the right direction in my opinion. I think it just needs a few tweaks to feel great! The quick switch melee on the other hand is not, and it's hurting the fluidity of the movement and melee system. We've also lost the ability to quickly use our melee weapons without having the drawbacks of melee combos. Many of said combos will catapult you several meters forwards, often into a despawn spot which severely punishes you. Overall my enjoyment with the game has decreased since these changes where implemented. I wish DE would remove fast weapon switching completely, and give us back quick melee attacks. Then just decrease weapon switching times across the board. This would prevent confusion from having the wrong weapon after doing an aim glide and the bad feeling from having to smash E to melee while still retaining a fluent melee combat system.
  4. Here's my feedback for Nightwave as i've experienced it so far. I've done everything the game has to offer and own most things farmable. So my perspective is based on that. The Good There's actual progression and you're not bound by the mercy of RNG. Some of the challenges you'll complete simply by playing the game. The "Complete X mobile defence" weekly is usually completed just by doing sorties over the week. For the first time, as far as I know, in the history of the game you could farm for slots. The rewards up until rank 30 are pretty good. The Bad Nightwave made the game kind of feel like a second job for me, which is a horrible thing. You certainly don't need to complete every challenge. But for a lot of people it's a psychological thing, and the need to check all the boxes is strong in many of us. Myself included. Why are we forced to go to specific places? Let us choose where to complete X bounties, mines, fish and so on. All challenges involving using forma, sculptures and guilding are bad. Why are we forced us to waste time and resources on this? The time you get for completing the challenges is too short. This cause a lot of stress for players who can't play every day. I can do that, but not everybody have that luxury. At the end of the season it will be impossible for a lot of people to spend all their creds. Yes, they'll be converted to credits but if that's a 1 to 1 ratio that's pretty bad considering the time investment in getting them. There will be less aura's in circulation. With the alert system a lot of people would get extra aura's whenever one was available and the mission was easy. Only to later give it to a friend or clanmate or sell it. I doubt that many people will use their hard earned creds on spare aura's. Getting 15 creds for every 10'000 points you earn after reaching rank 30 is kind of insulting.
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