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  1. PhotriusPyrelus

    Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation][*spoilers*]

    Keep repeating this, maybe someday it'll be true. Every primary source that I've seen talk about Excalibur Prime always - ALWAYS - qualifies their "never".
  2. PhotriusPyrelus

    Tennobaum gifting center

    I am a simple Tenno. I have only two things on my wish list: Weapon Slots and Warframe Slots.
  3. PhotriusPyrelus

    New Contest: Carol of the Tenno

    I may edit this in the future, because I'm not super-happy with this entry (really wish we weren't limited to one. =(), but I want to get *something* in lest I forget. It is a longstanding tradition to commemorate great battles or accomplishments to song, in that spirit I have recorded the finale of The Second Dream quest in short verse meant to be sung to Carol of the Bells. I advise passing by if you've not done the quest.
  4. PhotriusPyrelus

    Last Chance for Saryn Prime!

    There are three tiers of four Endless mission types over which to spread the 105 Relics (not to mention the Ostron bounties), and the number of relics could probably be paired down significantly, since some rewards are found in upwards of 10 different relics. It could probably relatively easily be done. I'd try to work out a system myself, but it's not my job. :shrug:
  5. PhotriusPyrelus

    "Hey kiddo"

    There are - as far as I've noticed/can remember - only three times the word "kiddo" is used in this game. The first is when you're resisting the Queen's mental assault, in The War Within, remembering words of your father on the Zairman. The second is when you choose what to do with the Kuva you remove from the staff. *Regardless* which option you choose. The last is when you find your doppelganger after Chains of Harrow. There are many diminutive names you can use to refer to children, I have a hard time believing these are coincidental. So what's the connection between your father, your "inner demon", and The Man in the Wall? Is the "inner demon" The Man in the Wall? If so, why was he in your head while Rell was supposedly still holding him at bay?
  6. PhotriusPyrelus

    New Contest: A Voice In The Void

    Yeah, that really, really, really should've been edited into the first post. I thought the whole point was to take a screen shot of being surrounded, I didn't realize 'til I started looking at others' screen shots that the extraction ships's 'body ports' were probably meant to be visible in the image. Now I wonder if I can even put up another image, or since I screwed up unknowingly, am I just SOL (because one entry per person).
  7. PhotriusPyrelus

    Update 7.10.0: Weekend Extermination Event!

    Why would we? I have a Frost warframe, Prime is same thing but better, right? So my Frost warframe will be replaced. If someone doesn't have a Frost warframe, why would such a person want the Frost Prime? I say this as a free player.